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They were invented in by an employee of The Sweets Company of America. The company changed its name to Tootsie Roll Industries in The candy made its debut in and since then various flavors have been introduced. The idea came to be when a man who worked at The Sweets Company of America licked his daughter's lollipop at the same time he was chewing a Tootsie Roll.


That one lady that slept over with him said the next morning, "I'm sorry I just wasn't comfortable doing that" Then Arthur says, "It was merely a suggestion, we did fine without it" :rofl:.

Not saying there isn't any. I was bummed that the only person from the main cast that wasn't at the taping I attended was Jerry. Arthur: Ahh, got what I was looking for. I feel bad for the guy, but it's all his fault and it's hilarious because he knows it and he doesn't care.

Missing lyrics by sandy rivera?

And kudos goes out to the writers. What episode did you see filmed? Arthur: to Carrie regarding Doug pretending to be a lawyer "The man just made lawyer. That line is basically the story of the man's life. He's always trying to play the role of the expierienced senior, but never really gives the great advice he thinks he is.

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It's part of his charm, though. I've read Jerry's book "Married to Laughter" around three times and at the very end of the book, the last actually, Jerry says that right after Seinfeld ended his agent called him and said that he was offered the role of Arthur and said that he accepted right away with the final sentence being "An actor must act!

Let's post them here: Doug to Arthur : "Hey Arthur, come on up for breakfast, buddy. Stiller obliged, and played the role of Arthur Spooner, the always scheming father of Carrie Heffernan in the situation comedy The King of Queens from until Stiller has said this role tested his acting ability more than any others have, and that before being a part of King of Queens, he only saw himself as a "decent actor". The man is gargantuan. Because you're totally right, anyone can just change or add info to that site on any subject with no authority or knowledge about it.

This episode has three of my favorite Arthur quote's in it.

It's part of his relatability. I think that the last line that Arthur says in the series finale, "It didn't work out! So tiny, yet so cunning.

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I don't want the big one! I was gonna post this but couldnt remember the whole quote. I love that quality. Arthur: No, but they beat me up pretty severely, and I think I was compromised by a gentleman named When Arthur walks in on Carrie getting dressed she says, "Dad you can't come in here I'm in my bra" Then Arthur says, "Relax, I've seen better" :rofl:. He was always trying to give advice that he didn't realize wasn't really relevant. I love Basement Artie.

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When Spence and Arthur are in the car and Spence says, "Hey, if you want to get something to eat there's a great Ethiopian restaurant right around the corner" then Arthur says, "No thank you-I don't eat Gazelle" :laughing out loud:. I'm sorry. I tend to look at Wiki merely for the roles one has played but I tend to refer to IMDB and yet, I still have to take it with a grain of salt as errors have been spotted there as well. My grandfather was very much the same way. Arthur: No, thats the big one. From Wiki. It has no credibility in my eyes.

Kevin James, who played the leading role of Doug Heffernan, had told Stiller that he needed him in order to have a successful show[citation needed].

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Arthur: "Spence" Spence: "Yeah? The thing about Kevin repeatedly asking him to the cast. Arthur was so important to the show. I think Conan O'Brien had done something with Wiki that showed what a sham it was.

Oh, well.

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She asks what they are doing and Arthur says, "Looking at porn. Doug: Great, thats 85 cents.

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Always glad to share my two cents about KOQ's and related subjects. But as far as Wiki goes, I don't even waste my time on it. I'm just nervous about this tournament and I had no right to take it out on you. Sanjib: Sanjib Arthur: Sandjob?

He sure does. That one is just my favorite.

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That one there is in my top five list of the greatest things Arthur ever said. This is my all-time favorite Arthur quote I know there are many more where that came from. Arthur calls that Indian restaurant for delivery on a daily basis and keeps the delivery kid hostage asking him his opinion on different things. I loved him!

Arthur: I just want to know everything about Veronica Olchin. Doug:rofl: 'You passed him off as a mundane barber, turns out he's a fascinating homosexual!

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Arthur has said some funny stuff over the years. I don't know if this is entirely true. Jerry wasn't in it? Arthurs heights of paranoia When Doug asks him to "I here,you got me. Arthur: "Ah, yes, the little people. Do you have swelling in one or both of your breasts? He would raise his voice alot too!

Missing lyrics by sandy rivera?

You know I can't start my day until I've had my "two scoops of Artie. I'm currently watching the episode "Slient Mite. Also like : " Now it's time to go pay the band " :laughing out loud:. Im on your list In the Kitchen Holly says she has to go "because the dog 'Cupcake' is sending out warning als" then Arthur says, "Yes, that definitely was Cupcake" :laughing out loud:.

Arthur: Apology accepted. That's such a great Arthur line Arthur is one of the greatest tv characters. All three of these quotes came in the same conversation.

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Arthur: No, but on the way back I would love to stop for a small cone at Diary Queen. Nothing's ever worked out for him, i.

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I love it. I certainly wouldn't wanna lose that moniker! Doug: Were the Arthur: Okay okay, no need to be sarcastic, I was merely making conversation. Thank you for clarifying that Matt!!! He's had countless jobs, wives, and living arrangements.

The color purple ( broadway cast recording)

When a tiny person came in, it was all I could talk about for years. KOQ's always made great Holiday episodes. Another steak? View Full Version : The world according to Arthur.

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I agree about Wiki, but I've never personally found error with Imdb. I wanted to see him in action so bad! Doug: You're right Arthur. Doug: What you were in a gang? I just remembered this classic Arthurism When Arthur is in the hospital getting ready to go in for surgery he tells Carrie that, "If I don't make it, I just want you to know that box underneath my bed belongs to a friend of mine I swear! Love Arthur too! Sanjib: Sanjib Arthur: Sinbad? Do you like silk sheets or satin, do you like eggs sunny side up? Arthur to Ray: 'I'm gonna level with you, when you and Doug leave, my daughter is gonna beat the hell out of me.

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The show then segued to the wedding site in Poughkeepsie, where Arthur was set to marry lounge singer Ava St.