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  • Age:
  • 29
  • What is the color of my hair:
  • Short crisp chestnut hair
  • What is my body features:
  • My body type is quite overweight
  • What I like to listen:
  • Techno
  • What is my hobbies:
  • Blogging
  • Smoker:
  • No


Jask kinda smutty. A Love of Bondage smuttish. Please Forgive Me. Their princess. The Red Dragon. Originally posted by darkewish.


In case you were curious. Anonymous asked: hey bb! I wrote a, um.

sluts escorts Salem

I wrote, a third fic? So in his blunt way, when Geralt goes to drop off the bike he asks to suck him off. I am kinda happy about how it is now, each feel like a complete story, but I wrote a few thousand words about a story adding Eskel to the mix, what do we think?

hot bitch River

Will never not reblog this. Bucky and Tony together have the same self-worth issues, the same desire to live in a world they no longer have access too. I obviously cannot post a link here because Tumblr Algorithms are like that, and I have to post it in a reblog.

naughty latina Daleyza

Dark, like him, but longing, like him, for a purpose in the world. Posts Ask me anything Archive.

The smut mistress

Both are looking for individual power Yenn with chaos, Jaskier with musicfor fame, but realize that they are looking for family, for love, for acceptance instead. Yenn and Jask are the same side of two different coins.

single girlfriend Jaylah

Steve and Tony have history too, stubbornness and passion and a desire to fix a broken world that many have abandoned. Rated E Keep reading.

cute housewives Angel

Would people want more from the Discoveries series? If you go just based on the show, I love looking at young Geralt. See this in the app Show more.

Writing a bit — the thief and the witcher: part 2

Thinking about starting to write Witcher fanfiction…. Yennefer is the love of his life. Instead of letting them languish in my hot, arid state, they are now available for sale! But you know what would be amazing? Rated E! Remember that Witcher fanfic I said I was going to write?

sexy personals Alicia

If you liked dandelions as a kid you're gay now. Keep reading.

Syd — geralt discovers jaskier's prostate - bourneblack

Originally posted by mystery--box. I'd love to hear you gush about em'! Oh hey, guess what I just started doing, that I would love you to share around? About witchers and their prostates? Anyway, feel free to read about Geralt discovering his prostate!

— the girl next door

Details under the cut! Yo, actually look at this.

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Both search for something beyond the world they were born into, both go about it extremely different ways.

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So, my lovelies.


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Writer Silmarillion and GoT Fandom!


She catches the eye of one of the older daughters who just happens to be the same age as her.