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Guys don't you enjoy getting the view? It's awful.

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Y eah I was strolling around one afternoon last summer with a cup of coffee in hand minding my own business and enjoying an otherwise lovely day. I popped out to get us both a latte and have a puff or two on a cigarette - on my way to Starbucks I was surprised by an air con vent - my skirt was sent flying up.

CaptainHarley adores his life penguin. I will give you a fantastic view and you will have a long time to look too.

In pictures: dresses gone with the wind

A skirt like that is an indecent exposure waiting to happen so don't get mad if someone gets a look at what's beneath it. I've never figured it out, but I'm guessing that the wind gains velocity as it whips between the cars. I t wouldn't happen; I would be wearing a business suit to an interview not a flimsy frock ;0. I've never heard anything from a bystander except once in a grocery store.

Suddenly, a light gust of wind lifted the skirt above her waist.

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W hen I was a punk kid pervert i climbed down into the tunnels under downtown Dayton Ohio and watched the ladies walk over the grates on the sidewalks above. Asshole - I yelled out hey pervert! T oday was my turn - I went with my friend Hannah to her place. Now the real issue here, beside the fact that she may or may not have been wearing panties under the skirt, was that she had the nerve to get indignant with me when I got a full view of her rosy ass. I got cured of that when some woman dumped hot coffee on me for it.

I try to accept it as just one of those things that's going to happen from time to time and not get embarrassed about it. I 'd laugh, smooth my skirt, and hope that no one noticed. It was neither too warm nor too cool and there was a breeze that kicked up every once in a while.

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Y es, it has happened to me a few times, but I'm not sure if anyone whistled. Were you embaressed or not? Meg is feeling Christmasy. I HATE it when that happens.

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I don't remember ever getting whistled at. Y es, that happened to me years ago. I think I would just laugh and tidy myself up it would not affect the interviewmy nerves would be shot anyway, it may help me relax. I t happens to me a lotin fact I go out of my way to make sure the wind does hit me just right so my skirt does fly up high and show my panties for the day.

Sunshine1 Profile bio tidbit goes here. There has been a couple occassions where it happened while I was wearing stockings and garters. L adies? Walking several feet in front of me was a young looking girl, wearing a black sleeveless shirt and a white 'Paris Hilton' mini skirt.

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For some reason, a gust of air wind?? I was approaching the checkout counter and my hands were full. I t often windy where I live so it's happened to me on several occassions.

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I shreeked and as I wrestled to regain control of my billowing pleats the end of my cigarette was knocked out and burnt my skirt. W ell, at least they whistled instead of shrieking in horror and covering their eyes. It wasn't a windy day and I thought it fairly safe to wear my knee length black pleated skirt. Would you laugh? If girls are going to insist on wearing 'Paris Hilton' skirts they should, at the very least, wear something under them that covers their ass.

Discussion of suicide or self-harm is not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban. Come on girls, I know you really do, unless you are very young like a pre-teen. H ave you ever had the wind blow up your skirt ladies, and did anyone whistle? W ould you be embaressed or not? Wish I could a photo to show you. Bullying, racism, personal attacks, harassment, or discrimination is prohibited.

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Oh we did laugh. I like being looked at and fantasized about. Jenn really misses her boy. She immediately grabbed it and yanked it down, but not before I got a good look at her naked rear end.

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The girl immediately crossed to the other side of the street while holding down her skirt. My skirt was quite full and a very light material. W hat are your thoughts on cancer? H arold says it be a great sight to see if my skirt was blown up from a windy day.

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She glanced around, at first embarrassed by what had happened, then when she realized I saw the whole thing, glared at me as if to say, "Did you get a good look pervert? Legend In Your Own Mind. Lets Go Sharks.

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This question has made me inappropriately erect. If I'm carrying something at the time I usually amI can't do anything about it. Please seek professional guidance. The most embarrassing instance I can think of was when I was walking through the parking lot in front of a very crowded restaurant that had many windows.

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Ganja Girl. I continued on my way, sipping my coffee and thinking, "What the hell did I do?

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The whole thing might have been embarrassing, but at least now you know you definitely got it goin' on! I was so embarassed! AK First Blitz. C an you recall a time this happened?

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On one of the occassions another lady near me commented about 'Someone's feeling sexy today. I say Harold, come watch me when it does the next time. Answerbag is for entertainment, so please be civil. T his kind of thing actually happened to me twice, both times in downtown Chicago. I always wear a slip under my dresses and skirts, so I'm generally "covered" so to speak.

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Have you ever lost anyone to it? My boyfriend was a few steps behind me and said it was quite a show, LOL! I t happens to me often enough - usually as I approach my car in a parking lot. And that in particular has never happened to me, but in college I did trip going down the stairs in front of a building and landed at the bottom, skirt over my head, at the feet of one my professors.

It seems most men try to act as though they didn't see it when I know they did. I usually try to get the wind to lift my skirt when some guys are around. I couldn't look him in the face for the rest of the semester. Have you had your dress blown up from the wind on a windy day? Coming out of Water Tower Place, where it in notoriously windy, the wind totally blew up the pleated skirt I was wearing. I used to go to the gym religiously and had pretty nice legs and wore skirts on the shorter side, and I was pumping gas one day and a nice breeze came by and blew my skirt up.

And I was not wearing my most attractive undergarments that day. O ooops!

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In fact when they look and whistle it makes me feel even more feminine and sexy. My full hands prevented me from pushing my skirt and slip down and I heard a woman not a man exclaim "ohh - what pretty panties!

Wind blowing skirt images

Have you ever had it? What a nightmare! Sure you do.

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The wind can be our friend, it helps cool us down especially during the hot and humid days.


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