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Everyone has occasional mood swings and displays of emotional behavior. But have you ever found yourself in a situation where you think, "My wife is crazy? I don't mean in the wild and fun kind of way, but in the I'm-not-sure-she-should-handle-knives way. Erratic behavior can occur for a variety of reasons, but it is possible that your wife is experiencing something common to women, but not often discussed. Does your wife break down into tears for no apparent reason, or has she suddenly developed panic attacks or a drastically shorter temper? Maybe she has developed anxiety that she cannot shake or has nightmares more often than ever before.


One or both of you should not walk away when discussing this concern. It is given to some and withheld from others. You should maintain awareness in the situation and be sure to pinpoint specific actions that should be corrected. It will also be devastating to your. The boundaries should respect both of you in the marriage. Do not let her feel crazy. A lot of husbands claim that they did not think their woman was psycho — but now that they are spending 24 hours a day with them, they are starting to feel the pressure of being with a crazy wife. When you block someone, you are not aiming to solve the problem.

You may not find a Wifes in one sitting, but you should make sure to fix this as soon as you can. If you choose to be gone too, nothing will be resolved. Read on to learn more about properly handling your crazy wife.

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She may be a lot of things, but she is still your wife. It was Rachel Wolchina writer and author, who said that we should be mindful of our words. Even if you are angry with her, do not shout. It is easy to step out when you are presented with a problem that seems insurmountable. You just have to stay patient with her.

She is the person that you promised to stay together with for the rest of your life.

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It is about stepping up to your responsibilities and making sure that every issue in your marriage is resolved. Text and call her numerous times a day. You may be physically present in the house, but you have found a way to fade away in your relationship. This will be better for your family in the long run. If this is the only reason why you want to get out of your marriage, then you have to think numerous times before doing it. Confront the problem instead of avoiding it.

What else can cause crazy behavior?

Some crazy wives become such because of a particular reason. The whole process is not gone to drive away your wife but rather to help you adapt to the situation. She is the one you married. Once you start fixing the problem, you should be consistent in resolving it. An unknown text from a woman, an overly career-oriented husband, or a hobbies-first wife-second priority list may have transformed her into the crazy wife she is now. The level of craziness may vary with each spouse, but the situation is still the same. The boundaries should be a warning to both of you that stops you in your tracts and makes you evaluate what you are currently doing.

It will only make matters worse, especially if you look Wifes when saying those words to crazy. When you have been angry with your wife for a long time, you often trick yourself into thinking that you can deal with this problem by just totally blocking her. Let the issue marinate in her mind. Take a look at your situation from her perspective. It should maintain your connection but not disregard your individualities.

But you will not arrive at a resolution unless one of you keeps a cool head. Tell her about specific instances that you see her crazy side.

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It is normal in any relationship for both of you to be angry during an argument. She will only let down her defenses if you do not retaliate. If she sees that you have changed, her craziness may subside and eventually vanish in the near future.

It is easy to lose your cool when you have your spouse nagging in your ear and being all-out on her personality. Telling your spouse that she is crazy will not do anything good. The past may have turned her into something that she was not before. The true nature of a woman only comes out after marriage.

My life story. is my wife crazy? or am i? divorce and get the hell out? or hope for better? (sorry kinda long drama)

Adapting is different from blocking. What drives her mad? Fading away in your relationship will not just hurt your wife. One crazy spouse is enough for a marriage. Keep in mind that you cannot change the ways of your wife. You should learn to deal with your crazy wife and find solutions that will make your relationship not only endurable but flourishing. She will be crazy when she wants to and if she needs to. You can be brutally honest with her without using harsh words. If you have just found out that your wife is crazy, you are not alone.

Is she not trusting you and accusing you of having extramarital affairs? Now that she is aware of some of her behaviors, you can set boundaries in order to stop the craziness right from the start.

Is my wife crazy? how to tell and how to deal

Reiterate your goal of repairing the issue and tell her that you only want your relationship to thrive. Since you already know that you have a crazy wife, it is time to step up and be the man in your relationship. You just both end up hating each other more.

Being the man in the marriage is not just about authority. Your wife may be crazy, but you should not act like it, too. By telling her the things that she needs to fix, you are also helping her to stay cool and take things as they come without overthinking. If you can, resolve current conflicts. The issue of the crazy wife cannot be fully repaired if you are not intentional about it.

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It is affecting your relationship with her whether you are acknowledging it or not. The last thing that you should be thinking about is giving up on your spouse. Is it about not having enough time for her? If you have a crazy wife, then ranting and being constantly annoyed will not fix it. Keep yourself composed and see to it that this marital concern is dealt with. At the first instance that you feel that she is going all-out crazy with you, you must tell her how you feel about it.

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The crazy wife is always driving her husband mad! Once she gathers her thoughts and become rational again, she will start to realize the things that she does incorrectly. Give the time that she is asking for. When you adapt, it means that you are handling and finding ways to deal with your crazy wife. If she becomes disrespectful, respect her still. When you are the only one setting limitations, then she will still step on these restrictions.

If you want to restore your relationship and effectively handle your crazy wife situation, you have to be patient with her. Is it about not texting or calling her when you are at work?

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When you start dealing with your crazy wife, you should be ready to accept some defeat at the start. Patience is indeed a virtue.

Is my wife crazy quiz

These boundaries should be agreed upon by both of you. You are only deceiving yourself that nothing is wrong. You have to make sure that you do not do anything that will personally hurt your wife. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Do not take her craziness lightly.

Why do i have a crazy wife?

Be transparent with your social media s, your phone, and your s. People who are confronted with a personal problem often retaliate at first because they feel that they are being humiliated. Talk about what you can do to deal with this issue.

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So we've been married for 1 year and 3 months but have lived together for 5 years prior to making it official.


If you think your wife has serious mental health issues and needs help, get her some.


And I can totally get that.