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  • I'm 45 years old
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  • Malaysian
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  • Hetero
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  • Luxuriant fair hair
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One question I get asked a lot by married men is how can they can introduce a fleshlight into their sex life? On the flip side, however, I find a lot of women are actually buying Fleshlights for their men for several reasons. Another reason women get the Fleshlight for men is for use during sex play as a kinky new sextoy, introduced in the bedroom as a gift to induce fun and pleasure.


After a year of our relationship, I knew when she was sexually excited and that she was. After one final stroke, she handed me the masturbator. She reached for the toy and I reluctantly allowed her to have it. Not only did whatever material they use make the inside supple, soft and accommodating, but it was ribbed with a de to maximize pleasure.

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She worked hard as well as played hard and she was one curious woman, always willing to try something new. I pressed down into her clit each time I made a full circle, then half-circles. Bringing my hand higher up the toy to just beneath the bulge, I was able to give her more pressure.

She really wanted me to take that thing and put my cock in it. I quickened the pace, teasing her to move her waist faster. I was so turned on by her actions that I just stood there, watching her, getting so hard my cock was already ready to bust a nut. Gripping the handle of the masturbator with both hands, she linked her fingers and pressed the opening over my cock.

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I withdrew slowly and at her sound of distress, pushed the toy back inside. It was a wonder. Then, I released her nipple and shuffled down to her feet. It was all so real that I now wanted to know if it would feel just as real to thrust my cock into the man-made slit.

I quickly divested myself from my clothes and when I was naked, walked over to her. She was rubbing the clit of the masturbator over her own clit, pressing down harder.

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Her breathing was even shallower. It was amazing the feel of the clit trailing my skin and sending goose pimples running down my arms and legs. She teased my cock with the supple feel of the carved out genitalia, running it over the head of my cock and even down the sides. With a groan, I mimicked her action, feeling a little foolish at first as I ran my tongue tentatively over the outer lips.

I was amazed that seeing her doing that to a toy could turn me on so quickly to that but there was no doubt about it. Leaning over her body, I kissed down her neck and to her breasts.

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She kissed it, evoking feelings of lust inside me. At the same time, she ran the lips of the toy over her flat belly and down towards her mound. She had brains as well as beauty. Today was one full of surprises. I knew what it was because I had seen it before on the Internet, but I never saw one this up close before. I enclosed my hand over her left one.

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The breath left my body when I realized just how serious she was. She worked in corporate and earned enough so that she could take care of her spending habit. My first instinct was to lick it out just as I would have eaten her out but I decided I had better use for her juice down in the tube after all.

I weighed it in my hand, taking in the sleekness of the de, the little indentations marked into the casing, so it would be easy to grip. Ana was of dark caramel complexion with a head of short curly black hair.

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Why do we need this? I rubbed it over her clit several times before wandering it down to her tight opening. Her response was to bring the pocket pussy up to her mouth. I returned her eagerness by moving the pocket pussy faster and harder against their clit. Her juices were running over the edges of the toy as she got wetter in her excitement.

At first, I had been thinking that having my cock stuffed into this masturbator was laughable but there was nothing laughable about how the lips had felt so supple in my mouth.

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When I was sure she was close to the edge, I pulled the bottom of the pocket pussy out of her body and flipped the end, splatters of her juice catching my chin. I could hardly see what she wife with fleshlight pocket pussy though. She slowly ran her tongue over the outer lips. I felt my tongue itching in my mouth to trace the same area that she was sampling. Her face was flushed, her voice was low and husky, her eyes already turning hazy. With one hand on the fleshlight, she rested the other on my thigh and brought the pocket pussy down over the tip of my cock.

It reminded me of the way Ana would gush about the ribbed condoms and how they added to her sexual experience. Then she held it to my lips. She held her hand over the handle rather than under. A shiver ran down my spine to match the feel of the toy swallowing my dick. I want to watch you fucking this thing. Her dark brown eyes held excitement and desire.

I continued licking her juices off the masturbator until her flavor disappeared. Once I was satisfied that not one drop of her had been wasted, I gripped the case of the pocket pussy in the center, keeping my grip firm and pressed it to her pussy, so that it was clit to clit and slit to slit. Encouraged, I continued ramming her hole with the toy over and over until she began moaning and thrashing her head from side to side.

I hungered for her to use the toy back to me so I could pick up where she left off. With a second thought, I removed the pocket pussy and turned the other end with the small hole towards her entrance. I rammed her pussy hard and she screamed but begged me not to stop at the same time. She kept her eyes locked on use as she continued her slow exploration of the toy. I think you would too if you just try it. On the one wife, I knew quite well how good it felt to slide between her thighs and how her muscles gripped my cock.

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I kissed her breasts, lingering over the nipples till they were stiff bullet points against my tongue. I pulled the toy away from her body, to find that her juices had dripped generously into the passage of the pocket pussy. I dropped to my haunches beside the couch and kissed her, swallowing the moan that was rising from her throat.

At the bottom end of the toy, there was a small hole. I poked the toy further inside her pussy, not very deeply inside her but deep enough. I watched her all along while I cleaned away her essence. However, I thought it would be even better after putting some sort of food type such as whipped cream or jelly around the lips to give it some kind of flavor.

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I brought it to my lips and licked her juices off the lips. Not that I was bad looking, but pretty much the average guy with blond hair, blue eyes and an average height of five feet ten inches. Our tongues would clash from time to time and I dragged hers into my mouth briefly before letting go so she could continue her quest. The head popped into her pussy, stretching her because the diameter was quite wide, even more so than the average dildo that we used before.

With her left hand, she cupped her left breast and squeezed hard. On the other hand, I wanted to know what it felt like to be gripped by the masturbator she had bought for us. Watching her climax had kept my erection right in place. Of course, I would never accuse her of this.

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Without pulling back the masturbator, I rubbed the pussy over her own in small circles, not breaking the contact any at all. She raised one leg over the back, spreading her thighs and giving me a healthy view of her shaven dark pussy with the juicy wet and pink pussylips. I alternated between long sweeping licks and quick flickering of my tongue.

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Who was I to say anything about that? I turned back the end of the pussy to face me once more and holding it with my right hand, just in the center, I carefully inserted my index and middle finger inside. If I had thought the outer lips of the pussy was just like the real thing, the inside was even better. With a firm grip under the bulge of the masturbator, I pressed onto her clit and rubbed at the same time in fast and quick motions.

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I moved slowly, in and out of her pussy, my own breathing quickening as I moved faster. I went willingly, eager to know what else she had planned for us with that pocket pussy. Her dusky nipples were ripe and plump, erect and waiting for my eager mouth.

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She was beautiful, tall and slender but with curves in all the right places. Using the side with the asshole as a dildo, I pressed it against her hole, slowly spinning the use. Clutching the end of the pocket pussy, she brushed the pussy lips lightly over her own.

I was surprised that it was more pliant than I had thought although thinking more about it, I decided fleshlight it had to be this lifelike to attract so much attention. The next time she offered up the toy to me, she placed her lips next to mine and continued teasing the clit with her tongue while I sucked on and licked the labia. She had to adjust her hand a couple times before she was satisfied she had a good hold on it. I turned the end wife, holding the toy just below the larger part of it and peered at the bottom.

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Sometimes I wondered how I landed a woman this sexy and charming. She was wetting her lips with her tongue and her chest was rising hard and fast from her uneven breathing. It felt a little like rubber and a bit tasteless to be honest. She swept her tongue around the pink lips faster before dipping into the hole. Now, for the first time, I would understand exactly what she felt. But, I still want to watch you and this pocket pussy solves the problem of having another woman all around. I ran my tongue lightly over the nipple and she jerked then let out a shuddering breath.

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