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  • Years old:
  • 20
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  • I'm indonesian
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  • Lady
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  • Taurus
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  • Lager
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  • Classical
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  • Oral piercing
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  • No


I Sameer Sharma aged 30 working with a Government company for surveys and other social works. I was amazed to see that even boobs could stand so straight even without bras. We are married for three years and everything was fine. Due to survey work we have to go out of the city, accompanied by several Government officers. While staying at hotel and lodges they hire girls for night. I was never involved in any such activities but they always forced me to try at least once.


I let myself get talked into it. He is also something of a male chauvinist pig.

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Only a few of them though, most were still urging him on. A lot of the guys also had custom motorcycles and they were a growing part of the show as well. It was actually a beautiful car, I was surprised. I have had slave girl fantasies since I started stumbling through puberty.

After the car was complete we started going to shows. I had by then, because of all of the reasons that I just listed, and because of all of the beer, given up. That came in handy. Until you end up being pulled into the lap of a man who is twice your age and who has been divorced for more than a year and has a very good idea of what he needs a woman for.

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By the time he ordered me to get us each our first beer I was grateful. I should mention here that owning and showing classic cars can be an expensive hobby. Even my husband, who had no idea how much trouble he was in when I got his ass home! I am not sure who started it, but I suspect it was Glenn. I am twenty-four years old and have never been camping out.

It was in pieces. We had been married for five years now and he had gotten lucky when he graduated from college and gotten a good job and progressed rapidly. My husband seemed to be enjoying the show as much as anyone else, the bastard. He is funny and personable and pretty easy on the eyes.

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I got up and looked through the coolers until I found the right brand of beer and as soon as I returned he pulled me right back into his lap and took up where he had left off. They kept talking it up and trying to figure out how it was going to work and before I knew what was going on that son of a bitch I was married to had offered to put me up for auction.

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Right now! But over the next hour I had to get up and get us both a beer twice. There followed a bunch of crude jokes about the kinds of things I was going to have to do for Glenn this weekend, and everyone but me seemed to think it was exciting. Now I found myself sitting in front of my friends and my husband with a friend openly groping my breasts.

My hubby sold me for night

I looked at Dale, wondering what the hell he had gotten me into. It appeared that some of the women were beginning to get uncomfortable with what was happening right in front of them. Even the women were encouraging him. He was just so fucking proud that his wife had produced such heated bidding and such an outrageous winning bid. They had set up a communal shower using some pallets and canvas and hoses. He pretty much behaved himself at first.

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My husband, Dale, wanted it because his father had owned one when he was a kid and he had always wanted one. Even the other women! I was having fun with it too. It was being held at a fairground and we caravanned up there with our cars and motorcycles on trailers.

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It would only be between the other members of the club, of course. Each wife would be auctioned off and then she would be the slave of the person that bought her for the entire weekend.

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I like Glenn. I had stopped fighting and made the decisions to teach Dale a lesson. There was one other thing working for him as well. A lot of these guys had a lot more money than sense. I have competed in wet t-shirt contests and gotten a kick out of it. They had brought in a half a dozen port-o-potties and lined them up nearby. Still, I was shocked when Glenn finally won me with a winning bid of twenty-five hundred dollars! It was a Dodge Superbee. The car club was a pretty close knit group and we did a lot of things together and I was kind of glad that we had gotten the car.

Then there was the fact that Glenn was, as I said, pretty good looking and in very good shape for a man half his age. They had a lot of sentimental value for him. I thought that I would still be spending the night with my husband.

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I personally thought that was pretty demeaning, but a lot of the girls thought it sounded like fun. At first he just held me there with his arm around me and teased me about how much fun he was going to have this weekend with his sexy young slave. I had no desire to start. We were shown to the camping area and it was pretty primitive. I thought he was pretty silly, spending that much money for a car that was almost forty years old and in such horrible shape.

Mainly because the way it was described to me it sounded like it was going to be one big two day party.

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I tried to discreetly discourage him, but not only did he ignore my protests, the rest of the club was watching us and they kept insisting that I was property now and could not object. Everyone was laughing and joking and having a great time.

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In other words, the idea of being totally submissive to a dominant man turned me the fuck on. So Dale and I went shopping for a tent and sleeping bags and all of the assorted paraphernalia required for civilized people to go camping. I was pretty nervous, and more than a little pissed at my husband.

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All I saw was pride. I guess this story all started a little more than a year ago. Glenn is almost fifty. The bidding started out pretty low, and pretty intense. This time, however, instead of staying at local motels as usual, we had planned on camping on a portion of the fairground that had been set aside for us.

They started talking about having an auction, and trying to think of what they could auction off. I had some pretty mixed feelings about that.

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Someone had been nice enough to stack up a bunch of firewood for us though. We left after work on Friday and got to the fairground in about three wives. In fact, I won one of them, and I believe that I would have won another if my B cup boobs had not been competing with a set of double Ds. I do it because my story gets a kick out of it, but sometimes I get turned on by it too.

We finished our beers and Glenn was about to take me to his tent. My husband bought an old car that he had found for sale on the internet. Here is where I need to mention one of my favorite fantasies. He is one of those people that always seem to be in charge, and always the center of attention. Somehow we started talking sex doing things for charity, doing things like raffles and the like to collect money over the year and at the end of the year turn it all over to a charity in one lump sum. They had local car shows about once a month and we often drove to nearby cities to attend larger shows.

The beer was flowing pretty heavy and I guess that was why so many people thought it would be fun to auction off the wives for the weekend, one wife per weekend that we went out of town for a show. The other people in the club were urging Glenn on. I was dressed in a loose fitting crop top and a pair of loose terry cloth shorts and panties.

Not even my husband knows about it. Besides, as I said, I was story turned on. I had never intended to explore those fantasies though, in large part because my conscious mind was fully aware of sell how demeaning they were. We drove out with a friend to look at it, and when I saw it I thought he had lost his mind for sure. By the time we had finished the two beers that I had gotten for us, Glenn had pulled my top sex over my breasts and when he was encouraged by the men gathered around watching, he slipped it over my head and sold it away.

Glenn came up and claimed his prize and led me back to his chair and pulled me into his lap. We had our own trailer by now and Dale loaded up the Superbee and we all met up at the local K-Mart parking lot and then headed for the show. He insisted that I keep up wife him. We set up the tents and rolled out the sleeping bags and then we built a campfire and we sat around drinking beer and talking and joking and relaxing before we went to bed. I suppose one of the reasons that I objected so strenuously to being auctioned off was that my most erotic fantasy is that I am totally under the control of a man like Glenn, someone who is strong and, not to put too fine a point on it, selfish.

He was a very dominant person. It also sounded great, and it was the most powerful car that I had ever ridden in. I imagine it has been a long time since he had his arms around a girl my age.

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My so-called ever loving husband returned home early from his work last Friday and immediately poured himself a large drink!