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Relationships. Female led relationships are the type of relationship where the woman is the one who is in charge of things and has full control over the relationship. If this kind of arrangement happens in a marriage than it is called a wife led marriage and the woman is the one who is in charge of all the decision making, while the husband stays at home and does the chores that women do in a traditional marriage. It is actually about establishing a female dominance in a relationship which, according to some research, is the key to a happy marriage.


We have three—Sophie, 12, Luuk, just turned 9, and my youngest girl, Lotte, 6 years old. I will also tell you about some of the changes that were decided upon as a result of that meeting. Female Superiority - Conversion Experience, Part 1.

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I had been browsing on the Internet for information about female led families, or matriarchal families. This has been an ongoing process for the last 9 years.

Where does the wife led marriage lead?

A Romantic Fable of Femdom Fiction. Believe me, compared to the way it was before these stricter rules were applied to Paul, it has worked very well for all of us. First, to provide a wife bit of background. Now I will speak of our female-led family. In the meantime, I am pleased to offer readers the first of what I hope household be quite a few guest posts by an online friend and correspondent of Mrs.

Amanda mentioned Ms. She also runs a female led household Although Led is not Ms. Here is her first post. Six Steps. So when I describe some of the female-empowering guidelines that we follow, please do not suppose that I am offering these as prescriptions or as an "exact model" for other families.

Eventually, I decided I should take more responsibility over Paul, even though that would mean he would be relieved of responsibilities and thus rights.

I'm a man living in a female-led household with my wife and our 19 year old daughter. my daughter ass me chores and punishments. i'm willing to open up about the lifestyle.

Not long ago my daughter Sophie became 12 years old, and I viewed this milestone as a crucial turning point. Add to this the fact that I have always been the dominant type. I told him, as his behavior is childish, his treatment should reflect that.

The mainstreaming of the concept of female-led relationships is an exciting thing to watch, and also to chronicle, especially for us self-ap The Secret Brotherhood, Part 1. Having recently published a collection of my own femdom fictionI have found myself scanning the related titles grouped by Amazon on my pr I'm privileged to work at a Woman-run business and have for ten years.

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She had been asking for more responsibility within the family, and I decided that she should get comfortable with increased responsibility. In many ways, however, my Paul is like another .

A day in the life of a wife led marriage

While I do believe strongly in female-led families and a female-led future, obviously no two people, and no two families, are quite alike. I was especially interested in the posts by Becky Sue on female superiority and matriarchal family guidelines, and by certain comments by Siobhan to Ms. I also received some valuable information from comments by other dominant wives and mothers which Mark Remond kindly ed to me at my request including from Ms. In my next post, I will share a little bit about my first family meeting on this important topic, in which I talked about some of these ideas with my husband and Sophie and the two younger children.

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I can remember vividly the rising arc of emotion, Point of No Return. So far I am talking only about our female-led relationship.

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But he is relieved of any meaningful decision-making. But here I would like to add a note of caution, which I may repeat in later columns. He is frequently very childish in behavior and thus irresponsible a trait which I have come to recognize in many men and, frankly, less intelligent than Sophie, for instance. I do not come from a female-led family, but from early on I became aware of what I would call the higher potential of women. As a result, Paul has grown to be more and more off a brother to my children rather than a father, even though he still displays fatherly love and, as I said, does practically all chores.

Worshipping Your Wife.

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We are a small software company that is not only women-run, bu Powered by Blogger. Car Shopping, Then and Now. A Modern Galahad. What works for our family may not work for another. He works two days a week as a way to supplement my full-time income. Paul is a very soft, loving, caring and loyal guy.

Making wife to do household work is not cruelty, rules hc

This allows him time to do all the household chores and to help with the children. A note from Mark Remond : I many of my readers in lamenting Ms. I, too, hope that Ms. Amanda will consider posting here in the future, if circumstances permit.

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My conversion to the idea and practice of wife worship happened about a dozen years ago. That does not mean that I love my husband the less; I am merely stating the reality.

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Five Food Groups vs. All kind of rules that the children abide by, my husband has to abide by as well. Copyright Worshipping Your Wife is proudly powered by blogger. My husband is happy and works hard, even though he sometimes has trouble coping with having to keep to the same rules as the .

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I'm a man in my 40s, living with my wife and 19 year old daughter.


Hi - as always thanks for your very sincere post.


To explore decision-making in the typical American home, a Pew Research Center survey asked men and women living in couples which one generally makes the decisions in four familiar areas of domestic life.


As the name suggests, a female-led relationship or FLR is a relationship where a woman takes the lead and serves as the dominant partner, while a man serves as the submissive one.