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The Strange Rubber Object is an hidden object located in the Master Bedroom in the right nightstand in the top drawer. It is an object some people have laughed about or get confused with and does nothing to either of the players, if playing either as Daddy or Baby. This object has no roles which means it does nothing, but it does have some physics and has been tested with crazy experiments as well.


The Experimental branch is now closed. This feature can be disabled in the game-play settings if desired.

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If you were part of our playtest on the experimental branch, you already have access to this playtest as well! our Discord to vote! This is especially noticeable with a full inventory Characters can spawn in any available room Daddies now have a 5 second immunity after slipping unless they pass out from health loss Daddies can now remove babies from vehicles When outside, Daddies now sprint Daddies now revive with health ly 75and a max of 25 sickness ly 50 and energy ly 50 Babies on fire now spawn fire less frequently Updated Mix!

Sounds are now balanced much better! We left US east as the default, but this will enable players outside of this region to have better server connection when playing with players from the same region. Energy Recharge rate is now based on health instead of sickness. It's that time of the month again and the May Playtest Update has just been released.

Want to report a bug?

Strange rubber object

Items placed in the bag are no longer accessible by any character. There's so many reasons to our Discord! They just cause a slip. Mommy Milk: There's nothing like Mommy's thick and warm milk. Keep an eye out for tomorrows announcement! Requires a key to operate Keys: Keys are used to operate certain objects, and can open any locked door.

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The update contains the first part of the outdoors area, including 8 new items, such as the Pool Noodles, lawnmower and Baby Car! Weve composed a daddy trailer with some of the new stuff in the May June update. Hello babies and daddies! Trampoline - Bouncy! It's that time of the month again and the July Playtest Update has just been released. While the developers are crunching on the upcoming monthly update, we're having yours flashback round! Have a great suggestion? Update your game and start tracking your little baby boi Fudge the bulldog: Ride Fudge around the house.

Fruit tree - Endless fruit! Laser Pen: Cloud daddy's or baby's vision. Hello everyone! Rocks: Rocks can be eaten or used as a weapon Woodchipper: Destroys items thrown into it Pool Furniture: Sit on it and hop around!

Fixed object related to Water bottle's Water appearing outside of it and getting stuck when switching between it and another item Fixed bug that allowed T. V menu to fall over within menu screen Fixed bug related to Light Flame staying active when put away Daddy and Baby's arms will no longer break items like the flour pot during stretching to reach for items Fixed bug related to dropping an item you are moving, while holding an edible, you will eat the edible Freezer door colliders now block characters as they should have Fixed a bug that caused a blender strange to play when picking up the cable Fixed an issue with Whos freezer shelf collider that hid the ice tray Fixed a bug that would mess collisions up after dropping an item.

Want to test the next Experimental Branch? Update your game and start playing with your favorite pet! Watch out daddy! Weve composed a little trailer with some of the new stuff in the July update. Who's Your Daddy Linux Depot [ Submition needs to be reviewed before it it will show on the game's web! This buff lets a player roll and bounce around the house. Daddy Drinks: Have a good time with Daddy Drinks and learn the rubber meaning of projectile vomiting. Healthy players recharge energy much faster now.

This can be used to block off the hallway - Physics enabled ceiling lights - wow!

We unlocked the best hat - the object hat who's your daddy funny moments #55

Daddies no longer drop items when tripping Only when knocked out Fire extinguisher can now be used for up to 12 seconds. Made furniture harder to break Vacuum can suck babies around again Character's once again look towards the camera direction Fixed a bug that caused players to teleport to the living room when ragdolling on certain vehicles Sugar rush is much less likely to launch players high in the area Especially after consuming a lot of sugar Fixed a bug that caused players to be unable to detect items after throwing them Fixed a bug that caused players to hit themselves when throwing an item sometimes Players can no longer jump if they can't stand Fixed a bug that caused you to freeze while ragdolled next to the fridge Added a speed limit to the lawn mower Fixed a bug that caused missing text for some users, especially those using a non-english keyboard Special thanks to Cagkan for helping us fix this!

Weve composed a little trailer with some of the new stuff in the May Playtest update. Laundry Room - Washer - Dryer - Garbage Bags - This is a great goto item to clean up dangerous items within the house. Added description when "Lock Room" is used in online lobby.

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You can see the detailed patch notes below! It's that time of the month again and the June Playtest Update has just been released. Fixed a bug with hanging on the ceiling fan.

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Lawnmower - mow the grass and characters! Test your skills against the developers [h3]Now's your chance to play with the developers behind Who's Your Daddy. The purpose of the experimental branch is to allow players to test new content and provide valuable feedback before the actual release of the content. Be sure to use quick short bursts!

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When the weekend is over, the poll will end and the nerds developers will start working on the item with the most votes. Baby Restrainy: This item can be used to grab items and babies. Fixed a bug that caused daddy's neck to stretch underwater Fixed an issue that allowed babies to be vacuumed through certain doors, causing them to fall out of the map Made some changes to network syncing, let us know how it looks!

One new item will be released every Friday, and you get to decide which items!

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Batteries Blender can no longer be used underwater Room name updates if Party Leader Changes Bug related to glass table shards breaking the game has been fixed Added some functionality to plugs that allow them to unplug after moving a certain distance, One can also now plug into outlets with the move function if they desire. Mommy's Milk: There's nothing like Mommy's thick and warm milk.

The weekly item even will be running on our Official Discord Server. This update contains a bunch of bug fixes, balancing and a new global chat system! Baby car - ride around in style!

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Meatball: Throw meatballs at dad or the baby and cloud their vision. Fudge will eat anything he comes near, and what goes in must come out. Headcam and Tablet: Place a headcam on the object and watch what the baby is watching on the tablet. the other d and babies. The item will be released on the subsequent Friday and we'll start a new poll for the next item! Events that effect these stats are strange now shown on screen. Toaster now explodes as intended Ketchup and bean residue now make the player ragdoll as intended Fixed some issues that caused babies to remain on fire after exiting the pool Fixed a bug that caused the pool noodle to make players fly around Passenger seat now works for the Baby Car Items once again collide with the outdoor terrain Fixed some issues with the daddy's sickness animation Fixed controller bug for split-screen players.

One new item will be released every week, and you get to decide which items! Unfortunatly the September Update has been delayed, but don't worry - the experimental branch now contains most of the content from the upcoming update. Wash your baby in the washer, clean up the house with garbage bags and nail daddy in the back of the car Needs a key! Detailed Patch Notes Added a global chat system that shows players names, and skin Made ificant improvements to spectating Players can now chat while spectating Fixed a bug that made Whos mode not accessible if you are using a custom name Fixed an issue that caused some hats to daddy up the online menu Fixed an issue with the gas can texts Added an option that let's Players choose their region.

The update contains the first part of the outdoors area, including 5 new items, such as the Riding mower and the Woodchipper! Fixed yours audio bugs that caused a volume spike Added a sound for when a baby "wins" The map menu is working much better now. It's that time of the month again, and the August Playtest Update has just been released. Improved the positioning of the in game menu Outlines now render as an overlay Added some new background shots Fixed some issues with cloud saves Added PS5 Controller support Fixed a bug with the trash can Fixed a bug with the radio Made a change that should help prevent characters from rubber around after exiting certain vehicles Breakable items now break when thrown at a baby.

Looking for someone to play with? The update contains the the Trash Can which the community have chosen on our Discordthe reworked Vacuum, tons of bug fixes, and the Community Cone which was created on our Discord. The experimental branch will be updated daily with the missing content for the duration of next week.

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Whos Your Daddy Game is a casual 1 on 1 video game featuring a clueless father attempting to prevent his infant son from certain death.


Players can choose to play as either the daddy or the baby.


Many children become attached to a blanket, a teddy bear, or some other "lovey" that they use for comfort at bedtime and in other situations when they need soothing.