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  • How old am I:
  • 20
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  • Kazakh
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  • Redhead
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  • My figure type is slender
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  • Dance


Although I don't know about how practical it is for me — a total klutz to wear white! But Abrams is also no klutzso there is no danger of «Star Wars» stumbling out of the gate like «Phantom Menace. He's a klutzhe has no friends, and he has an unhealthy obsession with the web-slinging hero. I had walked quite a ways and passed the 12k mark when I decided to stop watching my feet I'm a bit of a klutz and actually look up. I can guarantee you I will never be a recipient of a «Dinner en Blanc» invitation because me eating while wearing all white and surrounded in all white sounds a bit like a nightmare for this klutz.


She's not even a true moeblob amongst the positive majority; she has a reason for existing beyond being a 'moe.

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However, moeblob is typically used as mentioned by a few above - to mean a vapid character within a show. So yes, I find it pretty derogatory to say that Mio is a moeblob. Is there a way to tell what is what? I mean their faces do kind of look like a slimeblob or jellyfish or some sort of marschmallow with this impossible face physics to make them look cute. In time, you'll learn the story value behind K-On! Would you know if K-ON had story?

It means "any female character I don't like" or "any female character less badass and independent than Revy from Black Lagoon. Interestingly this is where KyoAni start to develop it's form of Moe. HA Story! If I didnt know any better I would salute you now for starting this in the other thread and continuing it here, just to be able to post this message and "ruse" me, but I am pretty sure you just did this right now on a whim. Anime Discussion.

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Enough with the hostility! Now, because being klutzy is often seen as cute, it's hardly uncommon for Moeblob characters under both definitions to be such. I remember they established the concept even before the Lucky Star era aroundwhere they gained prominent usage post Haruhi Asahina Mikuru. She's naive and sensitive, not stupid, you retards. This has been on my mind recently, but I'm starting to feel these are pretty becoming the same for some people. As opposed to someone like Lala TLR whose an airhead, but isn't one.

Of course you will find that Airhead and Clumsy as a common trait to moeblobs or even moe in general, since it is easier to draw emotional feedback from a character weakness or naivete.

Using a dictionary and thesaurus

But isn't this a moeblob too? And yeah, imo moeblob just refers to the eyes and the mouth if they are being drawed as though they look like a mass of fluffy-glossy-cutie-like blobs. She's caring and kind-hearted, and I hate every single person out there who wants to get a piece of her. They often comes as two dimensional character, their personality remain unchanged throughout the story.

So it does not equal anything, not even ditsy or cute characters or anything else like that.


Moeblob, Its like a cotton candy, sweet but lack of substance. I don't see it on your list at all, not even that you attempted to watch it a little. ErwinJA said: Near as I can tell, the term "Moeblob" started as a derogatory term for a fairly specific style of character de see: K-on that many find to be cute, in a stuffed animal sort of way.

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Even when I had hated K-On! That said, it's not fair to say that Mio is a dumb fool - she merely has her focus on more practical stuff as a pragmatist.

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But this doesn't apply in many cases which, in those cases, just refer to the above "girl I don't like" explanation. Nothing is shallow except for yourself! I compare moeblobs to marshmallows: they're fluffy, squishy, and only come in sweet flavors.

You are the airhe, not her.

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There is depth to be found in many anime! Moeblobs are more Easy one: Asahina Mikuru. Still at least this time you showed some humor :. Anyway, much like what TallonKarrde23 has stated - a moeblob in the broadest sense is usually used on characters that have no point to their existence beyond the portrayal of moe But moe often has connotation with 'good feeling,' so let's go with that: a moeblob is a character who exists to bring good feelings to the hearts of many. They would not develop depth, or grow as a character, a static individual who will always moe at all times.

Did you just mention story in connection with K-ON? At least, from what I've seen. However, trying to equate one to the other is like suggesting that all cars with a back seat have 4 doors. Like a character like Yui K-ON! They claimed her as a studious person without any knowledge of practical stuff, which though true to some extent, is not enough justification to label her an airhead. She's called a moeblob because she's ultra cute and called an airhead because she's stupid. God, you K-On! Same reason why I hate Sayaka-haters.

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Any character whose primary trait is to act cute. They had no role in show but to act cute or moe. People were using the term to insult Mio as a character, when there is much depth to be found beyond your shortsightedness, oh arrogant humans. It is what differs them from 'normal' moe that gains the attention through character growth or plot engine like: break the cutie. Airhead just means stupid or slow.

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I think the moeblob originates from the concept of the character personality more than appearance. Mio is not a moeblob the way the negative majority defines the term.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It just isn't so. I almost never put dropped shows on my list, I dont see why to bother, but I did watch about 10 episodes of it, and if by then the story didnt kick in, then well its bad anyway Edit: Put it on my List just for you darling. Studies are not everything, and Ritsu is an exemplification of wisdom in the youth, more capable of grasping the more important values like friendship and trust, not just studies. Fui Offline ed: Mar Posts: I was like you once.

She even plays a crucial role in taking charge when necessary.

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Well that's, like, your preference, man. And I am not one of theese to show off with my list, the only reason I did it is to have an overview of what I have watched cause I started to forgett the shows I watched so much that I started to watch them again not knowing I did so, but I always noticed about 3 episodes in and realised I just wasted 1 hour of my life, cause I never rewatch shows. Somehow, it now appears to have expanded to cute characters that do nothing other than be cute.

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Bayek Offline ed: Dec Posts: Shocked Offline ed: Jan Posts: Zalis Offline ed: Jun Posts: BBCode The most important things in life is the people that you care about. Near as I can tell, the term "Moeblob" started as a derogatory term for a fairly specific style of character de see: K-on that many find to be cute, in a stuffed animal sort of way. What the Hell's wrong with that?!

What did the airhead klutz look for when he first went waterskiing?

Don't worry. Yui's from a moeblob anime, so that's why. Really many users should stop pandering about the list, the list doesnt say anything, I could just put shows that I havent watched on there and that doesnt make me more experienced or better. Blog Profile GraphAnimePlus. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

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The reason why I didn't like the usage of moeblob on Mio was because it often carried a negative context with it. TallonKarrde23 said TallonKarrde23 said: baki said: TallonKarrde23 said Anyone can be a moeblob Moeblob could very perfectly be used to describe a trait of a character, but since the word has been filled with negative connotations its use only reflects hate against the character in question.

Hide Up. Forum Settings Forums. I always thought moeblob stood for the artstyle they use in K-ON and similar shows? Nothing wrong with that. Not their personality or other traits about them, just that they are, as a character, pointless aside 'being moe'. What are you, a sociopath?!

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Okay now that gets interesting and I would want to actually ask a rabbi whether that would be a thing.


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