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Mindy doesn't think her ''innocent'' cousin will fit in.


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He managed to get the t off over her head and pulled it up and off her arms. As they did in, their wives looked at them crossly. He stood in front of her and raised the hem above her breasts. Not too many people were there.

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John came up to Molly and looked intently at her chest. What do you think guys? She had been like a wild woman in bed fucking my brains out, but also sucking me, and all sorts of other stuff that she doesn't normally do. A few other couples and a few guys from Cyn's work that had come stag.

Once he had that hem to her neck, he leaned her back and raised her arms by taking a thumb into his mouth and pulling her hand up into position. Ted turned up the music and I squirted the girls down.

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In fact, that had been the night she let me put it up her ass, and she hadn't let me do that since the first time we had tried it and she said she didn't like it. She examined him in a clinical, appraising manner. She cried out a bit in pleasure because he had 'accidentally' gotten her nipple in with the hem. Again the guys whooped it up, with a few more ing in. John voted for Molly. Then Judy herded us to the wall and instructed us to remove our pants. They admitted that they had been hit on a lot after the contest was over.


All of us gathered around as Ted started the procedure. They saw our stares and explained that they didn't want to ruin those clothes with the water. Everyone else looked at John dubiously. The thing that shocked us was that they all had removed their skirts and so forth and had just their panties on. He was going around hanging on everyone. As they talked about the night, I started to remember what had happened after Cyn got home that night.

Jill and Stacy came over on either side of me and said in unison, "Our hero" And both kissed me on the cheek. sociální síť pro dospělé

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Greg voted for Cyn. And both Rick and Steve voted for Judy.

It was getting quite exciting and I could not hide my enthusiasm. He must remove it using only his teeth.

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The girls were turning red and we knew that John wasn't making something up. Off with it fellas. They would each cast a vote and the winner would be decided by them. Molly backed away from him, and Ted, her husband stepped in front of John. Just in case we weren't getting the full picture through the wet t. She reached down between her legs and moaned again.

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I stepped up and said, "John, I think that you probably should be at Charlie's bar. Molly pulled John over to the couch and went through the same process. Then the one with the biggest cock is to be the one to win my victory t-shirt. Due to human nature So, it was decided that the four guys who had come stag would make up the committee. Each of the ladies was especially attentive to the judges. He can take it off me and keep it as a souvenir, but there is one restriction.

Before I knew it the girls were upstairs ransacking Ted's closet for t's they could use for the thing.

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They didn't win but they should have, don't you think? They explained that one night when it was girl's night out, they had done it. She went and sat down on the couch. Then to our surprise, she reached out and took hold of Ted's dick.

He leaned down over her and took the hem in his teeth again and pulled. They had gotten a little drunk, and then urged each other to participate. And then did the same to me. While he had been working on the back hem, the front hem had worked it's way to her nipples.

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She moaned and it was obvious that she had cum. Showing off, and every once in awhile one of them would flash us a little. Then she and the other four girls started doing their dances. As they were talking about it, I started to get turned on!

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Cyn looked at my hardon and winked. Then he moved behind her and raised that hem. The guys that had come stag started whooping it up making their appreciation of the idea known.

Judy stepped up to her husband, Tom. Judy perused each guy thoughtfully. They stayed there gripping my arms as they looked over at Judy and asked, "What does the winner want fulfilled? She gave us the visual once over again. Cyn and I were at a party being thrown by one of her friends from work.

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I piped in "Anyone could have won it because Jill and Stacy were both great too. The girls all cheered this decision.

Then she asked me, Ted, and Tom to step forward. They left soon after because the heat was too much for them. When she was that wild in bed, I had asked her about it, but I figured it was just the alcohol causing it. Soon they came downstairs each wearing a white t-shirt. I couldn't explain that, but suddenly the thought of lots of strangers looking at my wife's tits caused me to get hard.

I understand they have a contest like that. The guys waited patiently in the living room for the girls to get into their t-shirts.

Wet t-shirt contest — a free short story 4 you!

We did and she looked at us with disapproval. I think all the guys should line up on that wall, and take down their pants.

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And that hushed them up. Judy looked thoughtful for a moment, and then announced, "I think the tables should be turned a bit. It seemed to have the same effect on several of the guys there. Perhaps you've had a little too much to drink. Most everyone had been drinking a bit, but one guy seemed on his way to passing out. The group had decided that the winner could have any desire fulfilled.

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Janine, Heather and Wanda thought it would be a great idea for us to participate in the wet T-shirt contest at this bar off campus; but when I ed up for it they backed out and left me to do it alone.


We had been partying at a friends house and the topic of the wet T-shirt contest at one of the clubs came up.