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A year-old girl is being raised by two buddies who were both once in love with her late mother.


You think they would have actually made gay if it hadn't been for AIDS setting back out gay characters on TV a decade? Adding, "And her husband's beautiful - he's got a pack! They were an awesome team. Even around the OJ Simpson trial it was still perceived as unreliable.

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He is really the only person I remember from that show. I remember My two d and thinking, asthat it made no sense. Who knew the kid would grow up to be a knock out? Kids of all ages could relate to one of the kids on the show. Honestly, as a young gayling I had a thing for Greg Evigan. IIRC, they did on the final episode and she decided she didn't care and tore up the test .

How the fuck did my two d flop while full house succeeded?

I loved both Kristy and Dinah Manoff. As far as My Two D is concerned, why didn't they just get a blood test to figure out which one was the father? If I recall they eventually did but they all decided to tear up the before they looked at them I do remember My Two D being ificantly more bearable than the other terrible shows referenced here.

As for My Two D, I went back and refreshed my memory of the final episodes and what a dick move that one of her d actually left her with one of her two d and moved across the country to be with an old girlfriend her. Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor.

My two d: the complete first season (dvd)

Reiser had a fluke hit with Mad About You but his appeal is even more limited. I do remember Chad Allen on the show playing the rebel. The problem was once Kristy left, they allowed Carol Dinah's character to take over. All those attractive grown men Maybe walking around with a towel on after a shower They're grown men with needs. In its final season, Chad got cast as Staci Keanan's "bad boy" boyfriend; to that show's writers, being a "bad boy" meant wearing torn jeans and driving a motorcycle and had little to do with actual social rebellion.

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I just thought the d were supposed to be gay but the show wouldn't go there. Some features on this site require a subscription. The reason I care about this minutiae is because it answers a lot of questions about why and how certain programming and casting decisions got made. The main girl was a bit older so she didn't appeal to the young .

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One limped along for three years and the other became a hit. All of them were awful but Full House had a bigger cast and appealed more to. While the character was funny, she was annoying and irritating too. It brought back memories of how shitty that was and it's even worse in retrospect.

I vaguely remembered all three shows had cross overs and a storyline at one point relating to a storm that hit on all three shows at the same time. Agree with r38; if only they'd gotten rid of the annoying David Leisure, it would've been a perfect show. It gets better. I also care because the images you see as will stick with you the rest of your life.

My two d season 1 episodes

We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. That's why selling this cultural poison to kids is not just lazy and irresponsible, but borderline criminal to boot. In real life, three men living together in SF is called a "menage-a-trois.

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I do remember a My Two D episode where the daughter's slutty friend was hitting on both D. Kinda creepy. Its popularity was such that it is even getting a sequel series in defiance of popular demand. It started strong in the ratings in its first season but then crashed for some reason in its second season.

My two d season 1 episodes

By 80s shitcom standards, it was above average. Tartikoff should have just renewed that and put it on Sundays at Problem solved, the further dumbing down of American sitcoms prevented. Abe and her were one of the best on screen couples ever. It was stupid from the get go. This made me remember that while Empty Nest was a spinoff of The Golden Girls which later was Golden Palace that Empty Nest had a spinoff called, "Nurses" which took place at the same hospital Harry worked at.

But by mid-season, it kept getting moved around between Wednesday and Monday, and NBC decided it was a lost cause, so they cancelled it. Evigan was hot but he just never really had that 'it' factor to make him a star. I mean Greg Evigan is not a Jew. The kid is not a Jew. So how hard is it to figure out who the father is? Hello and thank you for registering.

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My Two D was a much more limited concept. Also as a little gay kid I remember being in love with the theme song from Nurses. I needn't bother to reiterate its monumental artistic shortcomings; there's a review blog that does just that episode-by-episode by someone with a will of iron and the self-esteem of a martyr. Apparently Shady Pines had a very liberal "come-and-go" policy and free transportation to the Westons' house because Sophia seemed to drop in every day.

Newest episodes

It was silly and simple and so cute you could barf but that sells a lot of toys and cereal. Yet, as is often the case in TV history, the one that became the hit wasn't necessarily the better of the two shows. It's really not that complicated, OP. Full House had the more varied cast and storylines.

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R32, It looks like she has had work done, a nose job perhaps It looks like she took the Jennifer "Dirty Dancing' Grey" way of no longer being recognizable. She's a beautiful girl. Full House had a more marketable formula: catchy theme song, children of all ages who different audiences could relate to, three different adult personalities viewers could relate to preachy and neat Danny, joker Joey, suave Jesse.

You're quite correct, she was always good, but she rocked out when she played Fish's wife. I actually kind of liked Florence Stanley's character, but that had more to do with her performance than any of the scripts, which were about average at best. If the show was update today Chad's character would probably only have Nicole as his beard so he could get closer to her two d and become a "thruple. Before that a blood test could only rule OUT a father, it couldn't tell you if you were the father. That doesn't mean it was better quality, just that it met all the requirements to potentially become a massive hit with John and Jane Doe.

And it did.

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Once Kristy left, Carol was horrible. Some features on this site require registration. I want her to win.

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If you can't find the you can resend it here. What is the big mystery? Full House also had John Stamos who was a bigger deal than anyone in those other awful shows. I mostly wondered what happened in the homes when the kids weren't home. In fact, I still remember the lyrics.

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She is barely recognizable. Kristy's character would take her down a peg constantly and that made Dinah's character all the better. DNA testing was in it's infancy back then. I was disappointed when it was cancelled and then a year later after the cancellation, Rebecca Schaeffer was murdered. And that's being extremely magnanimous.

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It's a comedy and family show with 60 episodes over 3 seasons.


The two men who had competed for Marcy's affections in Key West during the summer of — Michael Taylor Reiser , a successful financial advisor, and Joey Harris Evigan , a struggling artist, former friends who grew to hate one another over their mutual interest in the woman — are awarded t custody of Nicole.


When Marcy Bradford dies, she leaves her teenage daughter, Nicole, in the custody of two ex-boyfriends - Michael, a straight-laced and formal man, and Joey, a wild artist.


When Marcy Bradford dies, she leaves her teen-age daughter Nicole in the custody of two ex-boyfriends - Michael, a straight-laced and formal man; and Joey, a wild artist.