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Some time after that I received an ed from Virgin Mobile customer service stating I will not be charge automatically anymore and apologized for the incident. I have been having many problems with my phones and service and. I was late to a doctor's appointment today Oct.

So I pulled off the road and called Virgin Mobile to ask why. The set-up went fine but there has been a problem with billing ever since. Second problem, if Discover receives a complaint like that about charges and if the company that originally made the charges denies them, there is really very little you can do.

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Virgin Mobile was a no-contract cellphone service provider. The charges were credited to my. I complained to Discover Card and they removed the charges from my bill--until October, virgin the charges were renewed because Virgin said that they did not make msid mistake. I said I didn't want to top up but cancel the service and get my money back. Today, I got my latest Discover bill and discovered that Virgin Mobile had denied the credit and debited my again!

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I went into my online and cut off the auto debit program, I hope. Sound quality wasn't very good on this phone. We waited a long time to buy a phone and service for our daughter.

I asked him if I called on the 3rd and you say, I did not talk to a msid advisor per your records, then who did I talk to and why was I able to use my phone and still as of now have money on it if it did not go virgin like the female said it did?

I do not use the phone every day, the last time was about 5 days ago. So on Sept. My Tracfone sounds much better. So the next day, I called Virin Mobile. I have one of their most expensive phones, which will also now be totally useless. I tried several times to enter the money per my phone but kept getting a text back saying that the data would not process, so I went back into the Target store to ask if I was maybe trying to input in the wrong top-up code s and the manager mobile tried to do this top-up on my phone and he was getting the mobile text that the data was not take.

What the guy told me was that it showed that I had called them on the 3rd but they had no record that I talked to the female advisor so my top-up did not go thru. Because I am disabled and only use it for emergencies, such as if I have can trouble on the highway and such, I have to top-up with 20 dollars every 3 months to keep activated. When I complained to them, they did not do anything. Virgin Mobile customer consistently refused to address my questions I listed in my s.

I have been with Virgin Mobile for a year.

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I checked the "use it only when I tell you to" button. I tried several times for over 35 minutes to get through to their live advisor so I could get an answer to if the top-up card amount went through and I have service to use or can I just give them the information and top-up cards s and be on my way. I have been arguing with Virgin Mobile and Discover for months.

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If the phones and virgin worked, I would not be complaining and having to get adjustments. Its location on this may change next time you visit. I have sent registered letters to the president and CEOs of both Virgin Mobile and Discover and I am now waiting to see what they do next. The manager of Target let me use their store phone and I called Virgin Mobile at and had to go mobile a very unhelpful recorded rep.

Virgin Mobile lacks professionalism, knowledge and customer service skills. I thanked her and took out for my trip. So, they put me on fraud alert, saying they give me too many adjustments. Virgin Mobile customers in the U. A link has directed you to this review. So now, a week and 3 days into it, its doing the same msid my phone did. I deleted my credit card information and talked to a live representative, who kept ignoring that my credit card was used without my permission and wouldn't response why it was used automatically.

I wonder if Virgin Airlines works as badly. First problem, there is no way to talk to anyone at Virgin Mobile. Well, when it was shipped, it wasn't shipped right, it was just thrown in a box but I tried with it and after just a week of use and proper handling it would power off while texting and wouldn't let me on the net, it would also power off.

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My money, which I was planning on using for other things that has nothing to do with the cell phone, was wasted. During a four- or five-day period, Virgin Mobile's computers had gone haywire and overcharged everyone. It seems if we put money into thethey start taking it out even though it's not time to take the monthly payment out.

Htc evo 3d not connecting to virgin mobile network to activate.

I have had Virgin Mobile cellphone service for about four years. How is that legal? Sometime in August I switched to one of the monthly plans. This Virgin Mobile is a international fraudulent company that needs to be stopped! I immediately shipped back to Virgin Mobile with several incident s, s, order and investigative from Virgin Mobile.

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I called 12 times and would ask for an specialist since my case was under investigation. I had the same experience when I talked to a representative and a supervisor today and I ended up so upset that I was just about shouting on the phone. This is especially upsetting because this is a pretty expensive investment. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review.

I also didn't even used up all my minutes and didn't used much of the other services that came with it because I was not planning on using the plan.

Secret dial codes & sprint hash codes (complete list)

This I do faithfully and they will not let you forget as they call and text your phone any time it gets even close to your 3 month date. Two and half weeks later, my phone charge was never refunded. It was a locked phone. This profile has not been claimed by the company.

How do i set up a virgin mobile ?

She loves the phone rumor touch and uses it a lot to keep in contact with her friends, plus, we can contact her more easily. To date, I disputed the credit card charge of the phone. Again after 10 minutes trying, I to get through to a real person. When I called Discover to get the charges removed from my bill, the person handling their complaints said that Discover had received thousands of complaints about this same thing.

It wouldn't power on, all the way it just went to the hello scene then would flash that.

Virgin mobile reviews

Target had no pay phones and I did not want to start out on my trip until I was sure I had a phone to have for emergencies. All they do is send used phones to replace there faulty phones. About 3 weeks ago, my Rumor 2 malfunctioned just 4 months after purchase. This has happened at least twice.

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Nevertheless, every time, the rep would place me on for 15 minutes prior to forwarding me to the specialist that I would request every time. I went to Target and bought a dollar phone card and tried to add the money like I always do using the phone key pad inputting the top-up s.

I finally got through to a female agent and went through all the stuff I had been trying to do and she said it looked like the data did go through because before I only had a few pennies on the phone now as she was checking, it showed I had a little over the 20 dollars. I virgin use my cell phone when I am traveling on business, but it so happened that in this instance, I used minutes worth of calls to keep in contact with my home.

I haven't been able to utilize my service for even half my bill cycle and my bill is due tomorrow Oct. All they offered me was bonus minutes and will send me another replacement and refused to give me management. When I called them the first time, I talked to an overseas operator who said there was nothing she could do. It is supposed to be automatic via credit card. This is quite possibly the worst company to have phone service through and the phone can't be switched from Virgin Mobile's service. I have had Virgin Mobile pay as you go plan.

They mobile, they were sending me a free phone no worries. Supervisor gave the same story. I have been a loyal Virgin Mobile customer for four years, but Msid am sure fed up with them now. My husband has ed and talked to Customer Service and come away frustrated and exhausted.

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Over the next few weeks I had use the phone and everything was okay. I was hung up on for like I said 35 minutes right after their recorded agent said I was being transferred to a live advisor the line would go dead. In September my credit card was illegally used automatically without my permission!

Virgin mobile cell phone plans – prepaid/monthly/pay as you go plans

I tried everything under the sun. I complained about the problems more than once and they must be tired of my complaints and readjustment. I started my Virgin Mobile with no contract agreement about four years ago. They sent me yet another replacement and now that replacement sent to me turned out to be still active with some other.

Well, now in OctoberI get a message from Virgin Mobile on the cell phone stating "monthly charge didn't go through," which shows that if I didn't delete my credit card information, then it would have been charged automatically again.

I'm deeply disappointed with Virgin Mobile.

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Virgin Mobile is a prepaid cell phone company that runs on Sprint network.


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