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Dude, you inspired me to do the same. Really since I read your story I got so much into unaware trample, altough i was able only to do one time. But it was by far the best trample experience of my life. I'll translate the story, since its in portuguese and post it here.


Sometimes after the woman has made the first touch and not withdrawn I will try to explore the shoe or front of the foot further and at times have touched toes or toenails. But I can't see my behavior, which women are immediately able to stop, being an story of power. Other women have kicked me in the rear end or on my hands with and without shoes as they slipped their feet between seat cushions and seat backs. Discussions, comments, polls, opinions, anything regarding foot fetish.

My 97 year old mother recently told me that when she was 12 and visiting a girlfriend, the father of the girlfriend was drunk and in their barn. Is this secret enjoyment of their feet or shoes worse than commenting on how much I would like to touch their feet or how sexy their feet look? As I have gotten older, the touches that become satisfying are more and more minor. Post by paradigm88 » Fri Dec 29, pm. Quote Post by Feeture Feature » Thu Dec 28, pm For more than 50 years I have been placing my feet or hands where they can be touched by the feet of women I do not know, in either planes, theaters, or libraries or at outdoor activities and sports stadiums.

I was behind my co-editor and she suddenly bent over forward and thrust her rear into my abdomen. Post by Footsiefreak » Fri Dec 29, pm. If she was a vindictive shrew she could have claimed I touched her but it was an accident and apologized immediately and she wasn't bothered by it. Ad crush detected: Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. I see my actions as being closer to playing the lottery and seeing if I get unknown. Even my wife had a kid wander up to her in a mall; after returning the kid to his searching parents, she asked me at home, "Can you imagine if the kid had come to you?

The girlfriend went in the house for a moment, leaving my mother alone and the hand came out of the barn and tried to pull my mother in the barn, saying he had something to show her. An older woman sat beside me in the waiting area and started a conversation.

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The very first time I played with a woman's shoe in a theater I was not so skilled. Flat Style by Ian Bradley.

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I really want to smile and wave when a little kid in a shopping cart smiles. It was in her back pants pocket. I took him at his word. One time I remember is the yearbook high school staff being gathered tightly around a table looking at photos. Post by Footsiefreak » Thu Dec 28, pm.


I did read your story and appreciate the fact that you used my idea. Since I am mostly playing a passive role in this waiting for the woman's touch and using space that is arguably as much mine to use as the woman's, am I violating any laws or am I just making a poor choice. Suddenly she was yelling that I had touched her and said dirty things. I admit he was always a bit awkward in his choice of phrasing and his interactions with women, but I brushed it off as the byproduct of going to an all-male prep school in his youth, and probably not having a lot of female friends away from school.

Also it's not only kids you have to worry about. I don't know to what extent I would appreciate that power. I can say that the hand enjoyable experiences have been when the woman knew what was happening and responded or when I have been surprised by a woman's crush and she did not quit or even acknowledge that anything was happening.

Board index Delete cookies. Years ago I was waiting for a bus to come home from college. As he told me the story, she had suggested to a supervisor that unknown he shouldn't just take a tool in that way, because not all women would be cool with it. I knew he had said things to a female friend of mine that she took as a bit inappropriate, but mostly awkward and not really harmful. If the woman withdraws her foot at the first touch, is that the equivalent of saying No and if I do not pursue her foot is that the end of it?

And the story and age of the woman rarely matters. She avoided him in the future but never told her story to anyone.

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Mostly, but not always, the touching is accidental on the woman's part and especially in theaters she does not seem to know it is happening. As long as I do not grab the feet or pursue them or comment on them to the woman, am I guilty of anything other than possibly being a fool and a jerk? Quote Post by Footsiefreak » Thu Dec 28, pm Just be careful because the wrong women will look to get you in trouble.


Two women sat behind me. She didn't realize what he was doing but she knew she was upset by his behavior. As for sexual harassment, I too fail to see how I have power over women if I have them unknowingly trample my hand or foot.

Some might like who's giving the attention, and some might not.

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At the end of the movie as the lights came up I was still reaching down playing with one's slingback strap. Quote Post by Feeture Feature » Sat Dec 30, am I do hate that moms are so paranoid in supermarkets when someone smiles at their. Feeling the different material of shoes and shoe soles, being able to determine shoe de from touch, feeling wiggling toes within shoes, feeling feet suddenly getting very hot in shoes, having fingers getting pressed very hard: all give me an increasingly satisfying experience.

Something I will have to research.

Candid trampling unknown crushing hand unaware alpha1 mistermysterio

But an accidential touch could be twisted that the touch was inappropriate. Post by Feeture Feature » Thu Dec 28, pm. I often hang a coat or jacket across the seat next to me so the woman can think she is touching the coat or jacket or sometimes I think they believe they are touching part of the seat or I can say I was trying to reach into the coat pocket.

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I do appreciate how women must feel after experiencing some of the behavior being mentioned in the media. And some may impart a greater level of offense upon the act than others.

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This behavior has become addictive for me and I am sure I will not change after all these years. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website.

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My grandmother used to caution my grandfather for making funny faces and smiling at little kids who smiled at him; he was just being a silly grandfatherly guy, but some parents get really uptight about that, probably too uptight. Apparently some of the higher-ups on the crew didn't like him; her admonition turned into an accusation of sexual harassment, and he was almost thrown out of school. I was dumbfounded.

In fact, because of my desire, the women could easily have power over me.

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She never said a word or even looked at me. And Footsie, I have had accidental touches like you mention and I know a woman would have to be holding a grudge or be paranoid to make any accusation in such a case. Luckily there were some of her family members nearby and they said she sometimes did this with strangers and they took her away with them before a real scene developed.

I've seen women on my social media timelines that were downright triggered by behavior some others brushed off. Also the same has happened in crowded places but with me grazing butts accidently.

Candid trampling unknown crushing hand unaware alpha1 mistermysterio

Some women may like the attention; some might not. Post by Feeture Feature » Sat Dec 30, am. Footsie, I think during the confirmation of Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court, there was mention by Anita Hill that he grabbed her foot when she had it propped up shoeless on a table in a law library and she thought that was harassment when it was put into context with his other actions. Sometimes I have been touched without intentionally placing my foot or hand in the foot's path. I backed off but I must say it felt great.

Are footsie and unknown trampling sexual harassment? Moderator: Moderators.

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Similar Topics. Only once did a woman react strongly and go seeking the theater manager but she thought a mouse had run across her foot and even said she saw it, so she had no idea it was my hand. I heard the other woman say "He's playing with your shoe strap! In these days of metoo accusations would my actions be comparable to those of the monsters? Post Reply. But I have learned that the only chance is to speak to the mother first and that does not always work.

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They'd probably have called mall security. One time I did touch the breasts of a co-worker but it was accidental we were filing and reached at the same spot and rubbed her. On airplanes I have had women crush my foot with their high heels a couple of times but also make a sandwich of my heel with their socked feet and one allowed me to tickle the ball of her hosed foot for hours after she stuck the foot forward on my armrest and touched her toes to the back of my arm.

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