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About turned into a

She left me alone and turned into a woman, if Senator Crowley hadn't found me I don't know what I might have done! She was an Amazon all right! I groaned, "This is all too weird for me! But the magic that made her what she was infected me. They both had witches give them sensual bodies It was just a small problem for them about full moons. She clicked her fingers and we were back at my house Unfortunetly she'd blown yet another hole in my roof! I frowned, "Well, I'm not really sure how but a In fact she's not even a she Her name was Crowley, only she looked like Marilyn Monroe They were a whole group of guys like me, well girls at the time!

The next thing I know I'm standing on a stage before Some seem pretty normal I stood on stage before the ladies of this weird support group feeling very She looked remarkably like Anna Nicole Smith from the Playboy shoots. I approached the little girl, Mort.

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She told me you never even flirted with her, not that she didn't try to draw your interest! Suddenly I realized that I was bitching about my roof to a woman who'd appeared out of nowhere! But wait. She was wearing a Grateful Dead tie-dye and shorts and looked like some pre-teen hippie!

She made sure I was taken care of She smiled then looked at her watch, "Well we've got to get you home James, I think your girlfriend's spell is deed to wear off at dawn. She was smoking one of the most disgusting cigars and seemed to be reading the Sporting News! When I had sex with Marilyn she bit into my shoulder slightly, not enough for me to even notice.

I had no sense of balance at all!

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She put down her Sporting News for a moment then frowned, "Yeah, can I help ya? I'm a fitness instructor downtown, and I've Gotta go everybody, tip-off's at noon tomorrow! The feeling of having these jiggling, fleshy mounds growing on my chest was so utterly strange! Why not!? It seriously meeses us my love-life!

Gender-benders anonymous!

I watched my chest begin to inflate into breasts in fascination! And Gina walked in about an hour later. Apparently she thought I'd be horrified by my change into a beautiful woman I'm not gay, nor have I ever even thought of wanting to be a woman After a few hours of I mean a real thunderbolt! So exactly what did you guys I went to talk with her while you had your night as a babe.

My male genitals weren't disappearing I could only stare at my rapidly forming vagina, hoping that Gina hadn't decided to screw me over more so than usual. I took the small card she offered and gaped, "Gender-benders anonymous!? As I lay stunned, and amazed that I wasn't dead, I saw a woman form before me, in fact it looked like. She got pissed at me one night and zapped me into a real-life Wonder Woman, minus the superpowers of course.

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He's their best outside shooter! It turns out one of my students five years ago was a powerful magic-user. I'd rather be a babe like you than a kid! I groaned and turned, only to fall over due to the unfamiliar feeling of my hips.

She smirked at my stunned expression. She chanted and I prepared for something decidedly nasty, after all Gina is a full-fledged witch! I groaned and plopped into the easy chair, at least that meant I had until midnight before the change occured. Turns out she called the witch who'd changed her in rage about my change. Didn't you ever notice how different Marilyn was from before she came to Hollywood?

Man turns into woman – tg tf – man grows breasts

I have to admit, curiousity got the better of me as I walked amidst these women. Then I felt the pain kick in as my groin exploded in agony. I checked the clock again at P. But when the clock struck midnight I stayed human, although I did change! The three-point champ!? Wait a minute are you thinking what I think you're thinking!? They all wanted to talk about my change, and I was intrigued to find out about theirs! Marilyn watched me turn into her in shock then called somebody. As Crowley had predicted I was a man again when the sun rose.

She'll think it was all some demented nightmare when she wakes up tomorrow, although I imagine it will curb her lust for you! Can I just talk later or something? My head was beginning to hurt from all this weirdness, "Are you saying. She started to smirk at me until she looked up and saw two huge holes in the roof! She had to stand six four in her heels! She probably just wanted to scare you! It's no fun being a ten-year old brat all summer! It's perfectly explainable! She smiled, "Yep. She turned herself into this form quite often when we made love, but after a while this is all I wanted her to be.

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I was so stunned that I just stood there before her as I changed! I wandered into the crowd, still naked, and noticed that many of the ladies wanted to talk anyway. I had a great time talking to all of them, hell I could write a book with all their stories!

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I was looking at a girl who couldn't be more than ten smoking a cigar! She opened her blouse and took out a piece of paper, "Actually we just call it the GBA, we have quite an extensive membership! I mean A pretty little ten-year old girl smirked, "Ain't that how it happened to most of us! I myself was bitten. I was one of her bodyguards so I was there on the next full moon I was fascinated, he'd been bitten by the actual Marilyn Monroe!

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Now every year I turn into a ten-year old girl the day after school ends and back into myself the day before school starts. You see my wive wasn't a witch but a full-fledged sorceress. You see under a full moon magic is hard to control. She got pissed at me when I failed her in History and cursed me.

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