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  • How old am I:
  • I am 45
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  • Namibian
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  • I prefer male
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  • My figure type is quite thin
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  • Pop


And you always thought you were straight …. But here you are ….


Victoria Ponte in Publishous.

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She almost caught me once when She came home early and i quickly learned to be teen aware of the time of day and to have a watchful bois. While i was attempting to dry off, i began to get curious as to what Megan had in Her drawers and closet. She reached out with Her open sissies and under the wig, grabbed an ear on each side of my face as She parted Her lips. Megan was my best and only true Female friend. The sensations i felt as i pulled the tight gartered girdle up over my plump little ass cheeks, past my swelling sissy clitty, were exquisite; and by the time i was carefully slipping the silky stockings onto my legs, i always had a swollen hard-on pushing the spandex panel out in front.

Open in app. Perhaps this is where I first developed my shoe and high heel fetish. More From Medium.

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OMG, i loved the restricted sensations from that tight white girdle! A practical guide to using a butt plug. A practical guide to choosing a clit or pussy pump. We were about the same size and height and on the days when Her house was empty, we hung out and flirted with each other, while we did our homework together.

Liz Klinger in Lioness S explorations. Frankie Palmer.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. look no further; this list is the fashionistas guide

I Have No Shame. She was really cute, and somewhat awkward like me. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house excitedly, closed the door, and with Her arms folded across Her ample chest, She stood in front of me and just stared at me. But i did like playing in the mud, and with toy trucks and G. Joe, and Barbie was also in my toy box. She would sometimes change into different outfits, just to get my opinion, and i think also to tease me.

In the beginning, i had very little body hair and my skin was soft and smooth. A few minutes later, i heard the sharp click of her heels striking the hardwood floor and then could smell Her standing close to me as my wrists were pulled behind me and locked together.

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All i did was darken my eyebrows and lashes with Her makeup, and apply a layer of gloss pink lipstick. Maddyness UK. A Portrait of the Artist.

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Mother raised me as best as She could, by working many different jobs, some at the same time. in Get started. The bottoms flared out, just barely allowing a peek at the sexy white sandals on my feet.

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The air conditioner was moving cool air over my shoulders. This excites me! Again peeking in the mirror at the completed look, a peaceful calm washed over me. Angela Castillo.

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We lived a block away from each other and first met at the bus stop during high school. In Her drawers, i found a sexy pair of sheer white nylon thong panties and a lightly padded white bra. It was very hot one day in the southeast when i was visiting, 98 degrees with percent humidity, and i had just stepped out of Her shower after mowing the backyard.

While Mom was at work i would sneak into her room and rummage through Her garter-belts, girdles, bras, stockings and panty drawers. More from Desiree Ribald Follow.

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We kept in touch after graduation, but Her family moved and we attended different local colleges. The tight garment was pulled further down and snugly around my neck as i heard a click. Double-Teamed on a Dare. Part two cumming soon! Is Kink the New Pink? Nothing for a few minutes, and then i heard Her firmly tell me, from Her room, to stand up, go into the kitchen and stand facing the door to the garage, and keep my eyes closed tight!

Desiree Ribald.

Desiree ribald

Her commute was horrible, so eventually She rented a small house with a backyard closer to Her college. Get started. She was outside, on the curb, chatting with the mailman, when i came out of the front door, and walked toward them.

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At one time or another, i guess i must have tried on all of Her sexy undies. Rosa Schwartzburg in Secret Structures. Megan was squirming in her sexy white heeled sandals and soon made up an excuse for the mailman. How i became a submissive sissy!

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Get started Open in app. We speak to the first brand to specialise in sex toys for people with disabilities.

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This felt natural for me. Her sexy silver high heeled sandals with the tiny buckle straps were too small for me, so i would place them near my feet and stare at them and pose in the mirror as though i was wearing them, and wow, did that excite me.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. look no further; this list is the fashionistas guide

With Her eyes wide open, she pulled my mouth to Hers, and i opened my mouth as i sucked Her tongue deep into my wanting mouth. in. Next, i felt the wig and earrings being removed and then something being pulled down over my head, completely covering my face except my mouth.

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And you always thought you were straight ….