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  • My age:
  • 35
  • Tint of my eyes:
  • I’ve got clear gray-blue eyes
  • What I like to drink:
  • Cider
  • What I like to listen:
  • Pop
  • Smoker:
  • No


When I was 27, I found a job in Dallas working as a retail associate for an adult store, where the walls were adorned with boxes of various dildos and vibrators, an assortment of condoms and adult films, and things that I had never heard of before such as penis pumps and pocket pussies.


The door behind us closes and my eyes adjust to the dim light. Followed by a bump against the wall as the man pressed his body closer to get more of his cock in her mouth. The cock twitches and bobs, so close but needing just that inch more.

Tara is quick to lower her face and extend her tongue collect the cum on your thigh.

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Obviously satisfied, you must have lessened the forward pressure as Tara pulls back. Ignoring it as it drips down, her tongue moves to finish cleaning you, and I'm thinking, "This little bitch is good," as your fingers again in her hair pull her up. If I am to fuck you, you must take this now.

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A touch at my shoulder brings me around and I see you holding another plug, one that matches my own. Then with one of your hands holding the plug, the other caresses her face as you whisper in her ear, "Do you want this Tara? His eyes widen and I look back; your hand gripping Tara's shoulder firmly as you slide the plug ever deeper in her tight ass. Fingers locking full of Tara's locks, she's pulled off and away; the cock angry and purple sways in the opening.

Tara feeling your eyes, looks to you; her nipples so perky and visible through the light, tight, fabric of her top. He tries to force the issue my moving himself but your grip is firm and any movement within it slight.

11 adult shop workers reveal their most interesting story

She wants it now, I can see "that" look. Your hand at the back of her adult, pushing her towards the cock. Tara's nose flares to gather in air as his cock enters her throat. I moan and sway next to you with both you and Tara smiling approvingly. His fingers tug at his zipper, finishing the closure, and its not until he takes several steps that he notices us; a look of shock, then slight embarrassment as he looks at me.

The hole large enough for both his tool and his balls; his sack hangs below his cock, tight and full, and we see he, or perhaps someone else, has shaved them. Her lips level with, then past, the boundary of the wall as her lips go to his base.

She shakes her hair out and proudly displays her firm, full breasts. Tara's lips stretch and pull as she sucks the cock. Careful movements about us as individuals, all of them men but all single, either slowly return to their search for an open booth, perusal of the video offerings, or moving closer to see us better. Your voice has just a hint of store, from tale intact, "Either hand or mouth, they all go to the booths for release don't they? Tara's hand cups them but you pull her hand away and whisper, "Just your mouth.

Her mouth tasting of cock and cum, Tara slides her tongue in my mouth sharing some of the cum with me.

Working in an adult store: tales of a retail associate

Fucking her ass with it now and then after each new inch is introduced. Not really a question, so Tara's response did not involve words. Tara's eyes dart to your left as light suddenly exposes the hole in the wall between the booths; a light blocked by a shadow moving across it.

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Even with the video playing, the zipper opening is clear, distinct, unmistakable, eliciting a gasp from the adjacent booth. Momentarily blinded by the colorful stars bursting before my eyes, I twist between you and Tara, finding her face then yours.

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Tara is distracted and gazing at the state of two men in front of us; their cocks thick and stiff in the tight confines of their trouser legs. Brushing her hair aside, I kiss her neck and whisper my thanks for earlier.

Her hand rebuffed from his cock, Tara drops it down upon your leg then reaches over and caresses my bare thigh. We stand there amid the sounds of sexual acts; familiar sounds, barely muffled by the wooden doors, of men and women taking cardinal pleasure in their bodies, or in others.

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In the confusion of sound, I'm startled from my reverie by a hand finding the base of the plug and giving it a quick thrust upward. We're way past the point of turning back; actually when she followed us in here, whether she realized it or not, she crossed into that territory.

Tales from the sex store

Reluctantly, Tara and I part. She turns her back to us with her butt inches away. My tongue swirls around and around the wrinkled flesh, fingers gripping her firm butt-cheeks and pulling them open so I can have it closer. The confines are very tight, certainly not intending two bodies let alone three, we squeeze in together from Tara pulling the door closed. Some of those sounds not coming from videos, but rather from live parties hidden within the booths or perhaps a darkened corner.

I know "that" look. She faces me and I'm kissing her long and deep before I realize my intention to do so. Sounds of protest and frustration now coming from the other side are only met with a wicked smile as you look away from it and gather Tara closer. She begins to unzip her skirt when the cock is thrust through the hole adjacent to your arm. Do you want to be fucked? I find your eyes on me, confirming its your adult that awakened me a second ago. Her mouth opening soundlessly as the plug is twisted around, readying her tight ass for the girth to follow.

Doing so, she is rewarded with the second string of cum striking her cheek. She's clenched tight but I work it, managing to enter as she shakes and jerks before me. I open my mouth and wet it for Tara; just as she did for me. However, before he can tale us, or say anything, I'm pushed forward and we enter the now vacant booth. This process repeated over and over until the man announces he is ready to cum.

Shafts of bright light appear suddenly, shooting from the cracks in the booth doors, which stores give the room some definition from the weak bulbs focused on the video offerings hanging outside each stall. She brings the straps off both hips simultaneously, revealing a small patch of fur on her mound; the patch dyed a bright pink, making it visible in the dimness of our cell. I look down, her fingertips curling and circling on my flesh, and as if by magic, causing my legs to further part.

Before any of us can move, a door swings open and a man emerges from within a booth; a video still playing but his needs now met.

Tales of a year-old adult store worker

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Rising up, my arms around Tara, I kiss her back until I reach her shoulder. Tara remains with her back to the door while you and I sit on the bench. Halfway in, I see you coat the cone with lube to ease its entrance, and I know she needs it.

Tara's hands immediately go take hold of her tee and pull it up and over her head. Then holding her in my arms, her face against my chest, she is impaled slowly and deliberately. Then I see your fingers tighten and the muscles of your forearm flex, as you push her back down upon it.

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Another five count and a stream of cum shoots through the hole, landing on your legs and Tara's arm. I can hear Tara moaning so I increase my pace; wetting my tongue for another assault before wiggling the tip into the very center of her ass.

Smiles on several of the men support your statement and one begins to move closer. As the video continues to flicker behind him, he moves past leaving the open door in his wake. Its then that I realize Tara was frozen in place with her zipper in her fingers but not lowered. A matching door to its right then opens and another man departs; he has a slightly sheepish look on his face and I don't think he even saw us as he rushes out.

After examining it, appraising it, I watch your hand rise and wrap around it.

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In a daze, my legs wobbly, requiring you and Tara to support me, I barely notice the people examining us as we enter. My hand darts to her front and as soon as I touch her, she fills the booth with a cry of release.

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Sitting causes the sparks to re-erupt before my eyes as the plug plunges deeper up my anal canal. A movement of your arm draws my attention away from her fingers. A man's face there, watching intently.

Tales from adult stores

And I can see in the intensity in your face that Tara will get it, regardless of whether she desires it. My head rests on your shoulder and I let out little gasps with each step and the plug makes its presence known with that oh so full feeling. I watch your fingers release, and Tara's willing mouth claim, the cock. She turns towards me and our lips meet, softly kissing. You don't stroke him, only hold the cock as if a necessary part of your evaluation.

Instead, she kneels before your knees; her arms upon your thighs as she brings her face to your hand and his cock. Our he turn and I wonder what direction you might take with this sudden, but no doubt expected, offering. Tara steps out of it, covered now by just a tiny white lacy thong. Tara's eyes bright as she watches the men leave, facing us once they disappear back inside the store proper, "I think he just got his dick sucked!

Glancing in its direction, your eyes note it but don't linger; instead your arm remains around my back and your attention goes to Tara.

Jft tales - adult store ch. 02

I hold her, now with my hands on her ass, pulling them open and almost lifting her off the ground; realizing now how tiny she is in comparison to you or I. A noise to the side and I look back to the wall. The seconds no doubt passing like minutes to him, I count to five when it disappears. Her hips shake and the skirt drifts down to the floor.

Even before she tells me, I know what is expected and I lean forward, spreading Tara's cheeks and tonguing her rosebud.

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That action, and my reaction, does not go unnoticed by those nearby. Tara's eyelids flutter, ally her willingness.

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I work in an adult store.


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I worked at one for about a year and a half, but mine closed at 3am due to county regulations.