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I definitely felt sick about it, but it definitely felt like something sexual was happening to me and my body was responding. Ever since Joy was a little girl, someone or something has stalked her bedroom late at night. At first, this specter inexplicably terrified her.


She drugs Sam out of love or at least a desire for love.

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This is rape. It ly appeared in Tall Tales, when a douchey frat boy was abducted and probed i. This reinforces that attitude. That whole episode was incredibly offensive, because it relied on the premise that Becky gave Sam a love potion and forced him to marry her, and that this was hilarious. And none of these occasions are called out. This is an attitude that should be challenged by the media, not perpetuated by it.

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As this is part of a montage of Andy using his mind control to get things from people, it is strongly implied that he used his mind control to persuade this woman to have sex with him. For much of season 3, Bela is an unlikable character. Except comedy. Yet Andy is clearly supposed to be liked by the audience. However, the narrative never seems to acknowledge this.

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Source: ihavealittlefeminism. Did you service Oberon, King of the Fairies? He is introduced by leaving a block of flats and looking up, where an attractive in fact, out of his leaguescantily-clad woman leans out and waves. I know this, because they make rape jokes on a regular basis.

Rape that is unacknowledged as such by the narrative There are a of cases where someone - usually male - does something that is rape to another person, but without any other characters acknowledging any issues with this behaviour.

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Yet this is barely acknowledged by the narrative. The dental hygienist in here? Sex with a demon when they are possessing a live person is rape. The audience is not supposed to see an issue in this.

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But they are references to his raping his vessel. All of these are offensive and perpetuate harmful ideas about rape and rape survivors. You gave him some outstanding material to work with.

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A chance, perhaps, to portray rape sensitively? Yet no one mentions this! Frequently although not alwaysthe rapist is a likable and sympathetic character. See orangemeta's whole Tumblr. Andy is presented as a quirky, likable if strange character.

The Supernatural writers are fairly inconsistent with their attitude to rape. The impersonated men divorce their wives for infidelity, but no one seems to think about the consent issues and that these women have been raped.

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There has been no comment from Castiel or anyone else that he is dead. These examples are worse than the occasional rape joke. And I got rich. Later, in All Hell Breaks Loose, he tells Sam that he used his powers on someone he disliked to make them have gay porn playing in their head constantly.

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Overall, it is possible to divide their depictions into 3 : rape as drama, rape as comedy, and rape that is unacknowledged as such by the narrative. Like Sam and meta! The revelation also parallels Dean, who was also abused by his father, albeit in a very different way. This is better than using rape for comedy, but it is still problematic.

And I killed them. It was presented as a zany, fun episode, which makes it even worse. But we did know that Sam having sex with a demon would be provocative.

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Furthermore, this was portrayed as something that he deserved, which reinforces victim-blaming narratives that some people deserve to be raped which of course are harmful to rape survivors. I would love it if Sam had been raped and the show actually dealt with it. At the very least, this is sexual harassment; I would classify this as sexual assault. However, no one on the story mentions any consent issues with this, and the supernatural in question is Sam, who is generally the sensitive and moral character on the show. There are a of cases where someone - usually male - does something that is rape to another person, but without any other characters acknowledging any issues with this behaviour.

Here, Becky is seen as desperate and pathetic. If Supernatural wants to deal with rape and with murky consent in general i. The two best examples of this are Bela Talbot and Sam Winchester. But men are raped too, sometimes by women, but they are rarely believed because rape think a woman raping a man is ridiculous and funny.

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Time For A Wedding, for example, features Becky drugging him with a love potion and marrying him. This is both damaging and offensive, and can be triggering to rape survivors. And ultimately took the supernatural way around so I could get her into a vaguely more morally acceptable body. The Supernatural writers are presenting sexual assault and rape of men as inherently funny. This is terrible. In her final episode, Bela is made memorable because of bad things that happened to her, not anything she herself did. Even in story life, some rape survivors experience physiological reactions to their attack.

Just never, ever make rape jokes or puns or comics or anything that uses rape around words or anything that are supposed to be rape. No one points out to him that his behaviour in using his powers for sex is wrong. This is really problematic, because although a rapist can be witty and charming, portraying a rapist who raped a main character as likable and wanting the audience to like him is awful. Of course not. Yet this is all passed off as a joke. We started work on the episode before any debate began that I know of, so none of it was a reaction.

Out of all your scripts, that so far is my favorite. Balthazar is portrayed as a charming and likable character and his sexual escapades are a running joke. The first example of this is in Simon Says, when the audience is introduced to the character of Andy. This is still rape, but people are less likely to believe these survivors.

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Consent issues were seen as a joke. Actually, I was very excited to work on the episode. Male rape survivors are often forgotten, because people see rape as something that only affects women. Even aside from Lucifer, Sam seems to be the target of a lot of consent-related humour this season. This is awful. However, this revelation was only a few scenes before she died. What, Daddy not give you enough hugs or something? Andy says he never used his powers on his ex girlfriend, but she is clearly the exception.

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Yet this is seen as a funny, cool thing that Andy did. The Supernatural writers disagree with me. She le him upstairs seductively and he follows. Sam finds it funny, and the audience is clearly supposed to as well. This is appalling. Seriously, rape should never be used in clever wordplay or any sort of humour. Just no.

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Making Lucifer a likable character reinforces these views, which is harmful for rape survivors. Gen, this is rape. I expect this is partly because Jimmy is male and most people associate rape with women, but this is still terrible. No one ever points out that an angel having sex is raping their vessel.

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Rape as drama Occasionally, the Supernatural writers will have a sudden realisation that rape is a nasty experience to go through and a character might be affected by it. The only reason why this revelation happened was to shock the audience and make her death sad. These narratives hurt rape survivors. Occasionally, the Supernatural writers will have a sudden realisation that rape is a nasty experience to go through and a character might be affected by it.

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At their best, novels and stories of this sort send that delightful, disconcerting tingle down your backbone.


NC 85 min Horror.


Mysteries, unexplainable phenomena and spooky events never fail to catch the attention of people.


Such tales are of ancient origin and form a substantial part of the body of folk literature.