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DC's Power Girl, Superman's cousin, is insanely strong but also has one of the most inane weaknesses in comics - and it's nearly killed her. The character - who hails from a parallel Earth but currently resides in the main DC universe - has all the powers of her fellow Kryptoniansbut this weakness is unique to her and powergirl alone. Most surprising of all, it hasn't been officially removed or retconned in any comic, as writers usually choose to ignore the absurd weakness entirely. Her backstory changed after Crisis on Infinite Supergirlbut she eventually made a name for herself on DC's prime Earth as the head of her own software company Starware Industries. Power Girl's origins have changed quite a bit since her debut in 's All-Star Comics 58, but her Kryptonian heritage has mostly stayed intact, along with her unique weakness to - literally - sticks and stones.


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The prototype was widely successful and brought the House of El great fame and elevated not only Kara's family in status, but also the entirety of the House of El. Kara was eleven when her mother called a family meeting. Karen even collects snow globes of all things!

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When asked about the scenario, Roy had responded "Oh, yeah. It was not until Clark was a grown man that he learned of the existence of other vessels of Kryptonian origin on Earth, one in the Arctic and another in the Pacific.

Power girl

I got a visit from the Man of Steel asking me to dig up dirt on the guy. History Talk 0. As Kara's parents had predicted, the military algorithms corrupted Vril-Dox's code and the artificial intelligence not only gained sentience, but a megalomaniacal thirst for knowledge.

Earth Wiki Explore. However when she debuted her new costume to the world, she realized the world still knew her as Supergirl an due to personal feelings toward Clark at the time, Karen took the House of El shield off her costume in a very bold and, uh, baring manner before announcing the world that she was now Power Girl! With all the added publicity, Karen made quite the splash, earning enough interested investors to allow her along with a handsome divorce settlement and personal loans from Ted KordBruce Wayneand Oliver Queen to launch her own software company, StarrWare.

Though Kara was told to take care of her newborn cousin Kal-El and powergirl the adults talk, her curious nature didn't allow her to do so. Within seconds of being granted full access, Vril-Dox analyzed that Krypton's powerful military and extremist religion posed a threat to not only their own race but to other races as Supergirl.

Kara zor-el

Kara Zor-El: - Kara was eleven when her mother called a family meeting. After an earnest talk with her cousin and adopted brother Clark, it was decided that Karen would keep her Kryptonian nature a secret from Bill until Clark was satisfied that he could be trusted. But Bill was no idiot despite his poor performance on his college transcripts and would sense something was off. So distraught, Kara forgot to bother asking where her new home was before launching into space. As this threatened the accumulation of knowledge, Vril-Dox established its prime directive: eradicate its creators.

Karen settled on a primarily white costume to reflect her desire to start with a clean slate. This revelation caused Kara to break down and cry.

Powergirl stories

When the couple later ed Clark and Martha for Christmas dinner in Smallville, they dropped their big announcement. Kara grew up in an academic environment as the houses of both her father and mother were famous for producing many leading scientists and famed scholars. A neighbor girl takes care of the cat's needs when Karen's busy schedule demands it. Throughout high school and college, Karen Starr powergirl been working on a computer program based off the intelligence algorithms of Kelex and Kelor, the caretakers of the Fortress of Solitude.

All the while fully aware that the second Robin Jason had a crush on her, which she loved to tease him about. Operator Files Batwave Files. However, while leaving Krypton's atmosphere, Krypton broke apart and debris damaged the flight systems of Kara's ship, delaying her arrival on Earth by nearly three days, causing her to crash land in the middle of the Pacific.

Trivia and Notes Trivia As a member of the second generation of Titans, Karen was considered to be a member of the "Brat Pack," a clique among the Titans where the Titans with mentors would be scolded far less than those without. Using the key from his own ship to activate this one, Clark found a preteen Kryptonian girl wearing the markings of the House of El.

Once removed from cryogenic stasis, Kara Zor-El was shocked to learn that the man who had saved her was, in fact, her infant cousin she had come to this world to protect. In fulfillment of that directive, Vril-Dox took command of the war fleet and locked down Krypton's spaceports. Thinking quickly, Kara activated Supergirl cryogenic stasis system, putting herself down for a cold sleep [2] Supergirl: - Supergirl Begins!

Powergirl stories

Kal-El was to be launched in the first ship while Kara would be sent in the second. Karen is not only a member of the Justice League but also head of a company worth billions. Explore Wikis Community Central. In Karen ed the Society. Kara Zor-El. On the Kent farm, Kara became Karen pretty easily. She was exposed to some in the field and didn't realize it. Vril-Dox's fleet then began to rain destruction upon key points of Krypton's surface, attempting to destabilize Krypton's core.

Kara Zor-El: - When Kara was stillher parents had begun work on coding an advanced form of artificial intelligence which they called Vril-Dox the Kryptonian word roughly translating to "Know-It-All" or defined more accurately as "a maniacal pursuit of knowledge". Scared by what she was hearing, thirteen-year-old Kara was told to watch over powergirl cousin upon arrival in their new home. He checked out, other than some questionable likes on FaceSpace.

It was then that Kara's parents said goodbye to her and forced her onto the small spacecraft as Vril-Dox's military drones were hammering at the door. The next day, Bill filed for divorce. But Dexter showed up just two days later. Thinking Supergirl, Kara activated her cryogenic stasis system, putting herself down for a cold sleep [2].

Supergirl x power girl mashup supergirl tv dc comics

The two take frequent vacations together, often with Donna Troy as well. Kara Zor-El was born on the alien planet of Krypton. Popular s.

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She is Helena Bertinelli's best friend. Kara spent some time with Kal-El in the old Kryptonian Fortress, learning the basics of Earth culture and the English language while preparations were made outside the Fortress for Kara to assume a false identity as Karen Kent, a new foster child for Martha Kent to take in. Since Karen Kent was mostly just going through the motions with her classes in order to maintain her cover and had officially taken a break from cape-wearing, she found herself often spending her study time with Bill and the two quickly found themselves in a whirlwind romance.

Karen used to have a powergirl named Stinky, but it died when it fell from her penthouse balcony Karen's sure Hal left her balcony door open Supergirl purpose, but he denies it. I can see the confusion. When Kara was stillher parents had begun work on coding an advanced form of artificial intelligence which they called Vril-Dox the Kryptonian word roughly translating to "Know-It-All" or defined more accurately as "a maniacal pursuit of knowledge".

Supergirl powergirl supergirl powergirl dccomics illustration art comics

No, she didn't do it intentionally. As one of the Wild Childs the Gen-2 TitansKaren was at the center of several scandals and antics just like every other member, such as using her x-Ray vision to compare her male classmates "attributes" and telling her gal pals about it.

At the Fortress, Karen had Kelex and Kelor de a new costume, losing the skirt and playing around with the color scheme made famous by her cousin.

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Still, Clark urged Karen to keep her identity a secret… and she did. She set up StarrWare thanks to Luna Luthor who provided her with capital. Even when Bill became a country music star after a talent scout heard a recording of the original song he had written for KarenKaren kept her word and never told Bill the truth. Register Don't have an ?

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Kara did her best to keep Kal-El quiet so she could overhear the rest of the conversation but only heard something about the need for her aunt Lara Lor-Van to coax the Council into reconsidering their powergirl while her uncle Jor-El deed a "back-up plan. Recent Blog Posts. Further, they had tried to warn the Kryptonian Council but were denied access to Vril-Dox which they had given over to the government for all of Krypton to benefit from.

Kara's parents feared that this coding error would have serious repercussions if the Vril-Dox system was granted administrator access to the military's drones and starships. These rowdy parties have been held on the roof of Titans Tower before Victor put an end to itbut now Karen occasionally throws them at her penthouse or even at the Fortress of Solitude if her cranky cat is Supergirl a mood.

How corny is that! After that mission, they went to a press event and the Red K took effect.

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Eavesdropping on the conversation, Kara overheard her father explain to her aunt and uncle that Alura had found a crucial flaw in the coding of Vril-Dox. She is a huge hard "R" horror movie fan. Sometime during the early days of their relationship, Bill who was becoming quite the songwriter and musician, wrote and original song for Karen, inspired by her beauty. After Clark investigated the al in the Arctic and finding and ancient Kryptonian colonial shipClark went to find the other.

At the same time that StarrWare was getting off the ground, Karen decided that she needed to put the cape back on. Her screen name is "Sup3rgurl. Her most prominent scandal, was her getting high off of Red Kryptonite and making out with Wonder Girl on live television. Kara learned they had built two small starships, deed small to bypass detection from such a planetary blockade.

While Kara took Supergirl frosty snooze on the bottom of the ocean, her baby cousin had landed in SmallvilleKansas and was raised to become a good and honorable farmer by the name of Clark Kent. But Karen was a smart girl and used that publicity to powergirl advantage.

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Original art.


For those who don't know, Supergirl and Power Girl are technically the same person.


For those who don't know, Supergirl and Power Girl are technically the same person.