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A prime example of her typical foe around this time is Decay. By Jason Struss Published Aug 04, Share Share Tweet 0. The s version of Reactron sported a horrendous yellow-and-purple costume with stars and a red apparatus that made him look silly. In the DC Universe, heroes are only as interesting as the villains that fight them. The execution, however, leaves a lot to be desired.

An embarrassing amalgamation of Bigfoot and the Abdominal Snowman, the Sinister Snowman is so corny and derivative that he never returned to haunt Supergirl again.

Supergirl stories

One look at the green-skinned, white-horned Eek is enough to elicit laughter from the most cynical fan. Among the lesser-known DC heroes, Supergirl has encountered her fair share of antagonists since her debut in Action Comics in Although her foes may not be as familiar to fans as her more popular DC brethren, Kara Zor-El has amassed an impressive rogues gallery that ranges from the silly to the sublimely cool.

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Making his first and only appearance in Adventure ComicsEek came to Earth with only one objective: to win a date with Supergirl. Reactron is the rare villain who started out as a joke but became more dynamic and interesting as time went on. Yet what makes Eek so silly are his simple-minded motives Instead of wanting to conquer the Earth like other s science-fiction monsters, all Eek wants is an All-American date night with Supergirl.

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Silver Banshee possesses a winning combination of striking aesthetics and compelling personality that strongly supports the argument that she is the coolest Supergirl villain of all time. Birthed at the dawn of time, the Anti-Monitor is a cosmic force that consumed multiple planets in his quest to destroy all of existence.

Supergirl: spellbound, chapter 1: convincing defeat

Infamous for destroying nearly the entire DC Universe, the Anti-Monitor first appeared in the second issue of the cataclysmic event mini-series Crisis on Infinite Earths. First appearing in The Daring Adventures of Supergirl 8, Reactron was one of many nuclear-powered baddies that populated the comics industry in the s.

Superman flexes his super strength and blasts his heat vision against nefarious foes such as Brainiac and Mongul while Batman matches wits and trades blows with some of his best villains like the Riddler and Bane.

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His power is intimidating, and he is shown to murder any innocent that is in his path. The Anti-Monitor also holds the dubious distinction of being the only villain to successfully kill Supergirl.

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With the help of the villain Psi, Supergirl managed to defeat Decay without exposing herself to his toxic touch. After wreaking havoc in Metropolis, the alien Bizarro-Girl battles her human counterpart to a standstill before realizing the error of her ways and promptly retreats to Bizarro World.

If he did, Supergirl would probably die of laughter.

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First appearing in The Daring Adventures of Supergirl 3, Decay feeds off his victims to sustain his power. Drake successfully creates six clones of the DC heroine for the shadowy Chairman.

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The surreal sight of the mighty Supergirl being overwhelmed by one clone pulling her hair while the two other lift her up by her cape was enough for DC to never use these villains again. Although he was eventually defeated, the cost of success was too great; the DC Universe effectively ended and was reborn as a single multiverse with dramatically different versions of familiar characters.

With his faced etched in a permanent scream and awesome power, the Anti-Monitor is a villain that inspires both fear and respect among longtime comic readers. Reign can fight toe-to-toe with Supergirl, delivering punches with as much force as the Maid of Might.

‘supergirl’ stories

Related Topics Lists supergirl. With her scarred grey skin and menacing red eyes, Bizarro-Girl looks genuinely terrifying. Bizarro-Girl also has a cool subset of powers, including arctic vision and flame breath, that is unique to her and sets her apart from other foes.

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The clones put up a decent fight and almost kill her before she fatally exposes them to gold kryptonite. His look and motivations got an upgrade in the Superman: New Krypton storyline inwhich transformed Reactron from an irritating yet relatively harmless nuisance to a deadly global threat. A recurring motif throughout her history, Supergirl first faces her doppelganger in The Daring Adventures of Supergirl In the story, the nebbish Prof.

After she easily defeats Supergirl, she almost destroys New York City before retreating to outer space. The result is both bizarre and hysterical as Supergirl is forced to fight six miniature versions of herself. The Silver Age of comics is known for its far-fetched stories and silly villains.

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In addition to monsters from space, the Silver Age was also populated with mythical monsters that stalked the Earth. What makes Reign so cool is how dangerous and powerful she is. With her superhuman strength and ear-splitting sonic screams, the Silver Banshee has bedeviled Supergirl in countless battles for nearly two decades.

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In concept, Decay is a villain that holds promise. After years of neglect as a B-grade Superman villain, Silver Banshee finally came into her own when she encountered Supergirl.

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After decades of popularity on his own, Superman was given a female counterpart in with Supergirl.


The Man of Steel is generally considered to be one of the most overpowered characters in comic book history, with Superman capable of moving planets, shooting lasers from his eyes, and even beating the Flash in a footrace in certain continuities.