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  • Years old:
  • 32
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  • Ecuadorian
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  • French
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  • Yes


His normal al to be sucked is to tickle me in the center of my palm. I get the message and always oblige. I am an ardent cock sucker and would not deny him.


10 people share their hilarious first blowjob stories

He pretty much let me go at it my own way, sometimes he'd say stuff like, "you could play with the balls if you want," so I did lol. I gave my first blowjob tonight, and I wanted to hear other peoples stories as well as share mine. Xper 5. Share Facebook. I asked him if I could, because I guess I'm really bad at giving hand jobs, I'm not surprised tbh. I've never ate his cum lol.

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Up Now! Related Questions. It was the most awkward experience of my life.

passionate girl Luciana

I actually gave my first one this years, about 6 months ago to my current boyfriend. Also my first time blowing a guy was not very successful either, but it's one of those things that you practice at and get way better. Opinions on my first blowjob outcome?

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RuthAnn opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Show All. Giving Head? It went pretty well, he didn't complain and he kept asking me if it was really my first time doing it because I was good, but I think he might have just been humoring me lol.

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Oh and also, I never really thought about what a penis felt like. He wasn't a dick like some guys, and still kissed me after that.

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At first I didn't taste it, but then I just tasted salt and it was weird. Why would a guy go down on a girl the first time they sleep together? Suck on lollipops not on penises!

My first time giving head

Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. It's the right time not when you're turning a certain age but when you feel ready to do it. That's like the softest skin I've ever felt, and I didn't know if it was weird to think about that, but we're being real here, clearly. First time giving head stories?

‘giving head’ stories

He obviously realized because he just started kissing me and jacking himself off, and when he came I just licked it up and swallowed to make up for it. Then I don't know, something just kinda turned me on, and I slipped my hand in his pants and started playing with him. Sort Girls First Guys First. If you want, I'd recommend practicing a little with a dildo a hard one, not a soft, gummy one, as you want to practice so you can be good with an erect penis since that seemed to be what made the difference second time around. I snuck the guy into my bedroom and I was so nervous, he kept asking if I was okay.

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God posts like these make me feel like such a dad. It was just all new and I was really nervous, my leg was trembling. He said "More tongue" about 3 times and I would use more but it takes so much effort and I was already tired and bored.

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My second time was great, as I had him breathing hard, flexing his hands uncontrollably, and coming. If I say "no" or "stop" or something, he doesn't try anymore.

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Then he kinda went "Can you suck on it? Yes No. It was so weird, like I'd never really done anything before, but we were just kind of watching tv. Learn more. Uhhhhh whyyyyyy, be a fetus a little longer. He got hard pretty fast, so I was feeling pretty proud.

First time giving head stories?

When I was on my knees in front of him I was like shaking as I was taking his dick out. It was an interesting time lol. MsLoli opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

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The only bad thing is my sister got home before I thought she would so I had to hide him in the closet and ask my sister to sit in her room with the door closed, which she did, no questions asked, so I could get him out of the apartment. Drunk Sex jokes that is I visited my family again.

8 guys describe in detail the best blow job they've ever had

Super soft, and when erect, kind of like a flexing muscle. But We had fooled around before, just kinda touched each other, so I decided to take the extra step and sucked on him. By the way, I'm 17 turning 18 in a month so I thought it was the right time to go there. I don't think I even used tongue, but I stroked him while I did that typical "idk what I'm doing" head bob on it.

Giving head for the first time

He took off his shirt and everything then just came in a wash cloth. Related myTakes. It was awkward as fuck, lol.

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Blowjob stories that will make you want to flood your mouth with delicious cum.


All my friends had gotten head already and I was really anxious and extremely wasted, so I panicked and solicited a questionably very old streetwalker.


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I met a guy Dylan he was a year older than me and we were soon dating.