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Alternate Ending: Oola Obeys Her Master As the alien beat of the Max Rebo Band rocked the throne room of Jabba the Hutt, the twi'lek slave Oola danced before the dais of her master; the unbreakable leash around her neck followed her sensual movements around the dance floor.


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Jabba spoke, and Boba understood him, having learned some huttese during his lifetime. His slimy hand lifted into the air and slammed down on a button to the side of him. Slave, droid, or sentient being.

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The bounty had been put up, and Boba had been sent, soon after returning from his dealings with the Empire. He shoved another creature into his maw, slurping and crunching loudly. The jovial mood returned, and Max Rebo and his band began playing some background music.

Star wars oola fanfiction

A blaster fired. Everyone watched the scene with bated breath, waiting to see what the bounty hunter would do. Two gamorreans guard came forward, but almost immediately backtracked when they realized who he was. the community. None of this is canon, but it will be fitting in with canon content. He walked to the edge of the grate, knowing what would happen next.

Boba Fett, was, without a doubt, the most infamous bounty hunter roaming the galaxy. As she shouted and tugged on her chain, Jabba became agitated, as he always did when such things occured. They would never get away with it, not with him in the palace. He made to move away, Rystall partially blocked him and he put a fist under her chin and tilted her head up as he walked away, knowing it would satisfy her for the time being. Well, at least for a moment.

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He again clasped his hands in front of him as the Max Rebo Band got a little louder. He was enveloped by the crowd, but soon found a clear space to stand.

Slave oola fanfiction

Jabba waved his hand impatiently. Like Such a good read what a treat!!!! They let him pass without so much as a grumble. This is a fanfic sequel to a canon novel, and by no means is an official sequel. Jabba seemed to be fine with this outrage, that meant Boba had to be as well. She did not speak, or move. Get App.

More from Kaida Boradin Wikia Famfic.

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He had returned from some trivial bounty pursuit Jabba had sent him on. Boba and quite literally every being in the dais room, turned toward the staircase that led into it.

Slave oola fanfiction

Flicking the mini-cape over his shoulder, the bounty hunter sauntered in, carrying his EE-3 Blaster rifle across his plated chest. Very good!! The Twi-lek stepped out of sight behind the dais momentarily, before returning with a Dewback leather pouch clinking loudly with credits. Boba did not watch the Twi-lek being eaten alive, however. Beings ducked for cover and Boba whipped out his blaster rifle, aiming it at the bold but foolish bounty hunter.

The beings around him gave him a wide berth, crowding together elsewhere then where he stood. Slowly, he lowered his blaster, albeit reluctantly.

Oola and leia submit to jabba

Boba grimaced under his helmet, gave Jabba a nod, and walked away. I'm glad you liked it! Glad you liked it. Although the thought of this up and coming bounty hunter taking away a hefty bounty, Boba had to admit it showed s of this no-name becoming something. His Kowakian monkey-lizard cackled up in a perch in the ceiling. But Boba was looking at the cluster of dancers just beside it. He knew most all of the dancers; Yarna, the Askajian, was dancing currently with the green Twi-lek girl, Oola.

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Bib Fortuna, Boba knew. That thing drove Boba crazy. Again, the bounty hunter spoke in that familiar language and produced something from within the folds of their clothing…. Kreata merely leveled him with an icy glare. They spoke in a language Boba did not know, but it sounded familiar. Nothing like being employed by the Empire to hunt down Solo and his friends.

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Featured post Request. His hand groped for another creature, and he shoved it in his mouth. The newcomer spoke again and the droid translated that as well. Oola screamed once and that was the last they would hear of her. Bib walked over and said something to the bounty hunter.

There was sounds of fighting, a guard was shoved down the stairs and a figure sauntered into the room, holding by a collar, a very enraged, and very familiar, Wookiee. Rystall Sant and her dance partner, Lyn Me, gathered around him as Boba leaned his arm against a wall, looking this newcomer over, frowning slightly under his helmet.

Likes Comments 7. Boba was quite fine with that. A gleaming gold protocol droid Boba had not seen before came waddling up beside the Hutt. Whereas everyone was panicking, Jabba merely chuckled at the bounty hunter, unperturbed by the threat. Thank you!

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Soon as I found her, she surrendered. Into Star Wars? The Hutt turned his head, clearly wishing to speak with the bounty hunter. Just like every time terrible things occured within the palace, things returned to normal. Only Yarna looked to be enjoying herself, Oola looked miserable.

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I really appreciate your reading it :. Kaida Boradin Wikia Famfic Author.

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Boba took it and faded into the crowd, tucking the credits in a specific pouch on his belt. The enormous metalloid door rose up into the ceiling, bathing the otherwise dank corridor in the golden light of the twin suns. Sonic the Werehog 1 day ago. This project is fan made. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Enjoyable read. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

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Sure the place was built like one even though apparently it was originally a monastery when Jabba took over it as his palace.


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