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If you have any information please tell me. Spells R Us is a Fiction meme revolving around a store that sells magical artifacts that end up transforming the customer into… well, whatever the writer wants, be it the Opposite Gender, An Animal, a Non-living Object, Age Modification, anything!


Many fans have now written their own stories involving the shop and the Old Man, though they tend to focus less on the events with Terry and Chris, and more on the other vic- er, customers of the Old Man while ignoring Bill Hart's saga.

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A small collection can be found at this Angelfire and this archive of TF stories. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this.

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Show Spoilers. The story was written by Bill Hart, and establishes the universe in which many of his subsequent stories take place.

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It has accumulated a fairly decent fan base, and many stories have been authored for it though not all of them by Bill Hart. How well does it match the trope?

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Naturally, they botch the spell; now, anyone in the house after 7 a. The story follows two college students, Chris and Terry, who need to find girls for the frat party or they will be kicked out of the fraternity. While "Crissy" and "Terri" retain their male memories, anyone else acts, thinks, and looks as if they were always female until 2 a.

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Desperate, the boys go to Spells R Us. The Old Man gives them the spell, and "forgets" to tell the boys that for one night, they and the other frat house students will become girls in body and mind. The typical story starts with The Old Man selling some sort of magical product to a disbelieving customer; as the story progresses, the item will be used by somebody either deliberately or inadvertentlyand the intended target will undergo a transformation of some sort — typically a Gender Benderbut Animorphismage progressionage regressionand other sorts of transformations have also occurred.

Community Showcase More. Most stories focus on the ramifications of using the magic item; many end with the transformee stuck that way for the rest of their life.

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Get Known if you don't have an. This unofficial canon led to many sub-universes; the most popular of these is Bikini Beachwhich revolves around a magic women only, gender-bending water park somewhere in the U. Stories can be found all over the web.

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Story 8 in the Passing Fad universe.