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The spanking boss

Tragedy happens, and now, Shogo must decide who is more important to him, Neo or Kanata. Will fate bring them together once again at their secret location?

Will she win over him like all the other guys she had ruined? QQU17Kuaikan Manhua.

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But another man has been sent to teach at this high school and that man's name is Xu Luoxi loves his half-brother Song Xichen. Finally, Mishio meets an old friend in the twilight hours of the day, but is Makoto here to stay?

As spring gradually turns to summer, Yuuchi enjoys long days lounging in the sun, catching up with close friends, and meeting Nayuki at the running circuit to train for an upcoming meet. However, after her parents died, she was ruthlessly kicked out of the house.

Today he begins working as a teacher at Kyokuran High School in the city of Tachibana. Mahiro Sendo blames herself for Yusuke's death and decides to star in a role in an upcoming movie named Hikari no Kaidan, which is being produced by the cinema club.

And where does his and her future go? Xiang Jun, a nurse of plastic surgery holding a secret, finally gets reborn with another woman's face and identity. After the death of Yusuke Hina, the cinema club's morale plummets.

Sorry, no reviews have been added yet. During the busy hours of the festival, his job keeps him at the Narazu-ya Cafe.

For : boss spanking

When endeavoring to conceal her troubled past and face-changing experience, Xiang Jun still strives to pursue the plastic surgery career she loves and finds ways to "get real rebirth" for those who come for plastic surgery. If you like this manga, you might like There are no custom lists yet for this series. Sorry, no characters have been added yet.

She was so tired of being heartbroken, over and over again, that she set the main goal in her life: to teach a lesson to each of those two-faced men who promised to give her the skies and earth under her. Sorry, no staff have been added yet.

Through investigation, she found there was a secret behind the car accident… How exactly will they solve the romantic entanglement between the two generations? After being dumped by his former girlfriend Neo, Shogo lives together with a new girl named Kanata. Sorry, no one has started a discussion yet.

Boss abusing power with demands for erotic spanking: ethically speaking

Meanwhile, Ayu has been looking forward to meeting with Yuuichi for the first time in a while, but her new hair style is an embarrassing disaster! Six months from this incident, a new story in the same town with a few familiar faces occurs.

With her diligence and optimism, she attracts two excellent men around, but she must face up to her past to achieve "new life" and love. But although their budding relationship does nothing but flourish, chaos is thrown into the mix when Ken is acquainted by chance with Hotaru's best friend Tobise.

His hobbies are fitness and clipping pictures from adult magazines. She was so carried away by her so-called 'deed' that she, herself, did not notice how the role has become her second nature. This man's name is Gota Araki.

For : boss spank

While hanging out with his friends in Cubic Cafe, he found out that Neo is a very popular model in a commercial; and unexpectedly, Neo shows up at the front down with nothing to say to him. Inori is a high school girl who is looking forward to a promise she made with her boyfriend a year ago — to attend the Ashikajima fireworks display during the summer. However, Mahiro is unable to continue, thus leaving the club suddenly and disappearing; but Kawai Haruto, the editor for the club, feels that if he can finish editing the movie and screen it on time, his feelings for Mahiro will reach her.

With temptation to bear and duties to fulfill, will Ken have the strength to stay faithful?

Alt titles: boss, i'll kick your ass, boss, you need a spanking

But what happens when the sudden appearance of an innocent-looking 'cat' changed her determination? Will Kawai's feelings bring Mahiro back to his side? It was snowing that night: the night that Inami Ken's life changed for the better, the night that a shy girl named Hotaru confessed her love.

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