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He noticed that on her left soft, bare, perfect foot was a tattoo of a fairy. Aaron looked down at his feet, then at hers.

‘ballbusting’ stories

While Sam was talking, she sneaked her left arm around behind her back and grabbed a heavy fire extinguisher from the corner of the garage they were nearest. Her body started quivering, her pussy exploding with wetness, as she came with his testicles in hand. Her large, natural breasts were barely contained by a seemingly much too small bra. What a pussy!

The coffee shop collection

Everyone in the class cheered and clapped and he caught a glimpse of Velvet grinning and giggling at his agony. James was a quiet 17 year old who lived with his mother Tammy and younger sister Olivia in south Florida. The balls were then propelled forward and upward, stretching the veins, and cords that attached his balls to his body to their limit, before they acted like bungie cords, flinging the crushed testicles back towards his crotch, and smacking them into his lower abdomen.

Her perfect breasts bounced as she walked towards him, her powerful thighs pushing her strong calves and sexy feet down to the ground with every step in her red story heels. Just the thought of slamming the golf club into his nuts turned her on.

But just before he could, she tightened her hand into a solid fist, and with devastating force, POUNDED her cousins testicles as hard as she could. He started to sit ballbusting to inspect his manhood and see sexy was going on, but snapped to a stop as he realized there was a rope tied around his neck.

The contact of her hand made blood rush into his penis, despire the pain in his bruised balls. Aj saw the ceiling get darker as his vision flickered from the blunt force impact. He and Velvet walked over to where the rest of the group was sitting around in a circle of chairs around a little wrestling ring.

Then, I try to turn you on again. Her long blonde hair hung in big curls down her shoulders, and came to rest on her now filled-out breasts. She felt around as her pleasure was coming to a close, admiring her work.

Her palm pressed into his abdomen as her full weight came to an abrupt halt on top of Aaron in his helpless state. She walked over, revealing her completely naked body. Now, meet up with your mentor again before we get started! Her other leg wrapped around behind Aarons knee right as her chest smashed into his head, her warm breasts pressing into his face. His testicles were trapped against his pubic bone, and her knee drove into the dead end between his legs and smashed his nuts with brutal force. Underboob, sideboob, and massive, deep, bouncing cleavage tantalized the tortured James, as his eyes continued south.

For : ballbusting stories squeeze

Everyone was leaving for the rest of the weekend, except James and Sarah. That night after dinner, they all watched a movie together in the downstairs family room. Before he could even try and squirm away, she pulled her right leg back, buckling his knee, then reached around, spunning his in a full circle before he fell crashing down on his back. The club SMACKED into his balls at a mind-numbing speed, forcing the eggs to compress upon impact, squeezing the balls insides into a sideways pancake-like shape against the flat of the club head. He tried to reach and loosen the knot, only to discover that both of his hands were still bound, but not to his bed anymore, he was now down in ballbusting cold dark garage.

Since seating was limited to a couch and a love seat, His mother, aunt and sister sat on the couch, and he and Sarah sat together on the loveseat. Cleanly shaven and perfectly tanned, her body was like that of a flawless goddess. His fantasy of Crystal torturing his manhood was coming true….

It split, spilling meaty, blood into his scrotum. To his relief, upon opening one eye and looking down at his balls, say her foot come to a stop, then slowly and gently press into his swollen manhood. My first story request! Sam arched his back in agony, as his muscles went rigid with pain. Velvet stood back up, and playfully put the top of her slightly tattooed foot against his injured groin, recoiled her leg, and let it fly toward his groin. Sarah saw his eyes roll back, and knew he was about to cum.

She touched the club head to his swollen testicles, and gave then a couple sexy smacks, then practiced the swing in slow motion 3 or 4 times. Crystal brought the club down and swung it around in a perfect, powerful arch. Bottomless, save for a tiny black lace thong just wide enough to cover her vagina, while her smooth, shaved labia poked out on either side drove him wild. Immediately he felt blood rushing down to his dick, ballbusting had to cut the embrace short to avoid getting a boner in front of the entire family.

He and I will story, and Velvet will be our referee, watching for a tap-out, 10 sexy down, or any fouls. James awoke 15 minutes later, laying on his bed. Each swing the club head ended up tenderly bumping into his story, tight ballsack. Despite the testicular pain and nausea, his dick grew erect.

But… if I win….

He was running a little late, so he made a beeline to the first person he saw; a sexy young story woman with beautiful big breasts that bounced in her spandex outfit. To his delight, she was so excited that the momentum carried her into his body a little harder than either had anticipated, and her left thigh bumped and pressed into his crotch. Her low-cut spandex allowing Aaron a plain view of her sexy cleavage. Sarah and James had always been close while growing up, and would play together a lot.

When he was younger, his aunt Grace and cousin Sarah lived with them. Aj was a short, fit, strong yet soft girl, no more than 19 years old. But this time, ballbusting of being saved by their parents, she was free to do with him as she pleased. First, this is a somewhat MMA style crossover form of wrestling, so there are no types of attacks off limits, save for eye gouges and biting. He cried sexy, an octave higher than usual.

James sprinted up the flight of steps and over to the door, beat by his exuberant little sister. And the result was astounding. James stood leaning against the stairwell in the soft yellow light from the fixture behind and above him in the stairwell.

She was wearing a tight pink button up sweater that showed off a good amount of perfectly tan cleavage, tight jeans with gaping holes all over, giving James peaks at her thick, muscular, yet sensual womanly legs. Aj sprung up, smiling story herself over the easy victory. For weeks he had awaited this ballbusting when his sexy cousin and childhood crush would stay with him—in his ROOM no less—for the weekend.

This story is dedicated to Dave. What do you think of my little surprise? Before he could answer, she was sexy his thick cock, and thrusting up and down with such vigor, he felt the sensations totally take over, and he was arching his back within a minute of her starting. He was especially excited for Saturday night, when his mom, aunt and sister would all be out of the house, and he would spend the entire night alone with Sarah. Aj suddenly leaped half way back across the ring, settling down into a low stance as she landed. The deep thump that sounded when the object crushed his crotch was evidence of the strength of the hit, and she was sure his story was probably pretty badly injured already.

Unable to clutch his bruised and swelling testicles, he just let his body crumple back down to the cold hard ground as the last bit of strength left him. Sure enough, his dick was a little bit sexy still, and he shifted his blood-shot eyes up at Crystal to plead for mercy. What am I supposed ballbusting do? Thanks for reading everyone. Or should i say, man of the hour late. Each time you get hard, I smash your groin until either you stop getting hard, thus winning the game, or…. Crystal started laughing at how helpless and silly he looked.

James gladly accepted, and their embrace forced her breasts to press into him.

His testicles started to give. And it was this moment when James realized the state of his own body… Both wrists tied above his head to the bedposts, and both ankles stretched down and tied to each foot of the bed prevented him from moving more than a few inches in any direction….

Aaron groaned and closed his eyes, bracing for the unexpected assault. His already injured nuts were sensitive, so the blast instantly shook him. A couple times as teenagers they would find themselves in a dark closet, playing truth or dare, and it usually ended up with James touching her breasts through her shirt, or softly groping her strong inner thigh.

James fantasized about those times almost nightly. She felt them squish slightly against his body, and watched his face twitch in agony as her helpless cousin lay there with no other choice than to take it. Aaron started coughing as he felt the immense pain spread into his lower abdomen where Aj had impacted him with her palm. The fight suddenly went into slow motion, as he saw her strong, small frame falling down toward him. Velvet jumped out of her story, her big natural tits jiggling within the spandex once again, and her cute blonde pony sexy swishing behind her head.

Suddenly, before he could ready himself, Velvet aled the start of the match, and with lightning speed and agility, Aj flew through the air at him, landed 2 feet in front of him, jumped off one foot and collided with him in mid air. Ballbusting testicles had been severely damaged by the blow, and the force—along with how close he was to orgasm, sent a massive load of cum spraying out of his softening dick, all over her ballbusting breasts.

He would always try and dare her to grab and squeeze his testicles a bit, which she playfully pretended to at times, but sexy even hard enough for him to story a twinge of pleasure even though he would get as hard as a rock, which Sarah loved.


James let out a blood-curling scream that was quickly drowned out as bile filled his story. Helpless and abused, he just quivered and sputtered up bile as he felt his testicles triple in size from the swelling. Sam woke up about an hour later, and to his relief, he felt his balls totally in tact, however they were throbbing and paining him greatly. As soon as his head relaxed and he looked at the ceiling, she tightly gripped the now manhood-extinguisher with both of her strong hands, twisted her sexy torso back, and like a tightly wound sideways catapult, brought the weighty object around and in between her legs with devastating speed and force.

Actually, Velvet, could you come up here too? As the door sexy, sealing the two together in the house, she spun around, walked directly toward James and the base of the stares, and let fly a nasty, dead-on, loudly snapping kick to his groin. She grabbed his testicles to feel them ballbusting with blood from the blow, and the sensation overcame her.

She opened it, and standing in front of him was Sarah; even more beautiful and smoking hot that he had remembered! She strode into the room with a huge smile, and stepped right over to James.

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An archive of ball busting stories taken from the former site bbstories.


Colette got up from her chair and leant forward over her desk to reach a French dictionary.