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You're getting out of the shower early in the morning when the door opens. Standing there, staring blankly back at you, is your. He or she has just caught a glimpse of your naked adult body. You spring into action, help your kid out of the bathroom and then return to drying off and redressing. But should it be?


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Fact Check. Keeping my body away from them is one way of protecting them from wrong illusions and perceptions," she says.

Is it ok to be naked around your kids?

These are private activities which I expect never to be breached. Allowing nakedness between parents and children is playing Russian roulette. TV Stations. By Vincent Kejitan and Kelley Boss.

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When children are growing up their curiosity grows, argues Wandia Maina, a psychologist. During such moments, she grabs the chance "to educate her about the body of a woman: what it is like to be a woman and why she shouldn't expose her body to certain people". with facebook with Google. The Mathenges are sticking to the rule of discretion, and that they say, is not likely to change any time soon.

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He still recalls one occurrence when the young girl wriggled between his feet while he was letting off a steady stream of urine in the bathroom, oblivious of her presence. I was also taught to dress in privacy. They may easily fall prey [to paedophiles]. That includes how they look and how their parents look," she says. And Susan Wanjiku, also a mother of two — a boy and a girl — has let culture influence how she relates with her children. Artistes association denies accusations they irregularly withdrew Sh44 million The claim was made by the Kenya Copyright Board Kecobo in a statement sent to media houses on Wednesday, July 28, alleging that d collective.

Everything stopped.

What age should a dad stop seeing his daughters naked?

I was terrified to imagine how much she saw and what questions she had afterwards. Which, he says, "catches me off-guard and I have to react quickly". Perpetual admits to being constantly aware of the media's portrayal of male and female bodies. This is what I want to give to my own children," she says.

Businessman David Langat sued in Sh Cartoon comedian apologizes for making fun of Kenyans in the gulf By Davis Muli. The rule is not full proof. So delightful that he says he wouldn't change a thing — the good and the bad.

And the bad? They know that no one gets close to daddy in the bathroom or when he needs his privacy," Perpetual says. Eve Woman. The world easily fills in with the wrong perspective," she says. KTN Home.

Does your child ever see you naked? here are some of the long term effects

Arts and Culture. It left him ashen-faced. When the children are grown they won't expose their nakedness to their parents either. In so doing, I am teaching them what privacy is and how to go about it," she says. I also want them to know that it is not normal for naked human bodies to be close to each other," she says. The girls know that when daddy is alone in the bedroom, nobody goes in. And I didn't know what to do. There are times, she confesses, when her daughters have caught her dressing up. According to Edith, at 2, her daughter is not able to comprehend the form of an adult body.

Parenting Showering with your. Moi Cabinets. But still, why is she strongly against being naked before her daughters? I think children need to know that privacy, for every human being, is paramount. Radio Maisha.

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Off course, in reality, changing diapers is no trouble to a doting father like John. Prof Ndambuki says: "As Africans we have certain levels of privacy around the human body. But his mind was racing. Digital News. According to her, it would be foolhardy to ignore tradition; to adopt the laissez faire style of handling nakedness.

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Being seen naked by her daughters was horrifying enough but bringing the girls' father into the picture was worse. As the girl's father, and a member of the opposite sex, Timothy reinforced in his daughter the notion of privacy. The Standard Group. But there is a new aspect to it: Culture. Parenting Showering with your kids Share this story Artistes association denies accusations they irregularly withdrew Sh44 million The claim was made by the Kenya Copyright Board Kecobo in a statement sent to media houses on Wednesday, July 28, alleging that d collective.

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Never having a daughter

The good would be like when his three year old daughter clings onto him in a tight hug when he comes home from work. Susan's view is greatly informed by her own upbringing. KTN News. She will want to know why I look different from her," Perpetual recalls. Aside from offering age-appropriate counsel the parent needs to make an effort to protect their child's innocence," she says.

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Corporate. .

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Not long ago, John added something else onto the 'bad' list: when his daughter catches glimpses of his naked body. Their daughter's inquisitive mind, they realised, was in need of constant discovery: to know her environment and everything in it.

Well, for her, there is only one way to go about it.

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Share this story. Digger Classified. She has a radical formula to prevent such nude mishaps from happening. Allow cookies. Your experience on this site will be improved by allowing cookies. It is also important that they don't get confused with the weight of what they are faced with.

Ndambuki admonishes: "Parents need to be keen; they ought to tell when their children are finding it difficult to comprehend their naked bodies. Radio Stations. Rate Card. Spice FM. Vybez Radio. Being a father has thus far been delightful for John. Edith and Timothy Mathenge, parents to a 2 year old, arrived at the decision to be discreet with their daughter when she started 'looking' and 'touching'.

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At some point, you needed to get out of the shower in front of your young child — or get dressed or use the toilet — and you either decided to bare it all or cover up.


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