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Hot summer of was coming to an end. Laura was a girl that lived in a Southern town; town so small that only a few years ago everyone met at the same movie theater and the local ice cream place housed every teacher, classmate and neighbor in the city. Laura had always been a bit on the shy side. In school she mostly kept to herself. She did have friends but it was mostly girls, the quiet and studious kind.


Ah, I see you nodding.

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My eye is always drawn to the smaller picture. It's been four glorious years for us. She waited patiently for the car to arrive, deciding against ducking back into the building where it was definitely cooler.

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She hadn't had intercourse in three months and, while she knew about fellatio and cunnilingus, those experiences were really distant memories. Three glorious years -- that's how long we've been married. After the divorce she'd been left with the house and a reasonable income.

I called her on the intercom when I realized we were going to be closing the office together, working late as the only ones there again After everyone had left but us, at aboutwhen I had been done with my work for 15 minutes, but just waiting for her to come by as I had asked, she tapped on the door and walked in with those astounding blueish eyes that looked at me as a mentor, always waiting for me to take the lead on a project or with the next direction for her Hi, it's Julia.

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And that wasn't good. The text message positively saidit was now 10 minutes before 3pm, and the car was still nowhere to be seen. I still blink when I look at her.

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We'll be back in touch with you. She was glad to be at the end of these last three weeks, working from whenever she started until whenever she quit, but at the same time she was worried.

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I particularly didn't care for the travel part. s: 1 2 3 ». You may remember me Sheri, Julia?


With it came another promotion, more money, and more travel. And in about five minutes, the interview was over! I'd spent half the morning getting ready to meet the manager of Dustee's, the little clothing boutique at the mall where I'd put in my application.

How had it happened? It seemed like a cool idea when my mother's friend offered it: A nice luxury apartment off campus, mine for a quarter while she was away on sabbatical.

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Summoning the Demon Category: Lesbian Sex. Total 0 votes. It still brought a smile to my face when I thought of my wife and her job. It is the little things that capture the imagination.

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Secret, strange, miraculous. Me, the Cougar taken and turned. I had my doubts in any case. Category: Lesbian Sex. I was on a business trip to Pittsburgh. Sarah wiped her forehead. From young trophy wife to discard in two short years, but she guessed she'd come out okay.

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Almost done, she thought. She's just a wonder Me: winking Yeah, the jokes are still lame and the sex is still fabulous. Just because her husband decided, at 35, that the priesthood was his real calling in life, why should her life be over?

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Either way it was amazing. Grad school was in the rear view mirror.

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Actually, it wasn't so new, and it wasn't really mine, but whatever. The devil - the horny little devil - is in the detail. Category: Group SexLesbian Sex. Sarah, getting dressed for work in her lawyer blues, decided life was not over. It meant time away from Julia, who, God knows, is busy enough with her own work.

She was going to be late for yet another meeting.

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This didn't surprise her anymore, being all too familiar with the horrible city traffic. You can keep your supermodel looks and your Harvard MBAs, I'm far more likely to be drawn to a nicely turned ankle, the shape of a bra through a top, or a skirt curving neatly and snugly around an ass. Anne couldn't decide how it had happened, whether she'd seduced the girl or the girl had seduced her. Josie Helling stood on the sidewalk in the sweltering heat of an extreme Manila summer.

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Just these three more outfits to be marked and logged into the store's computer and she would be finished. And it was great in many ways - lots of room, a great pool and workout center, and all the privacy I wanted.

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As I awoke it felt as if a freight train was actually traveling through my head.


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