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Meanwhile, Dan is helping D. Roseanne and Dan ponder opening a motorcycle shop with their friend, Ziggy, who has returned to Lanford. Jackie shows she is strong enough to make her own decisions and leaves him for good. Jackie is surprised and jealous when Nancy goes back to men by dating Roger Tim Currya developer who flips houses for profit and wants Dan to go into business with him.

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She agrees but has a nightmare in which her breasts are accidentally enlarged to gigantic proportions. When Darlene arrives home in a cab at a. While playing "Truth or Dare" with Jackie, Anne Maire, and Crystal, Roseanne suffers an embarrassing incident when she unexpectedly meets the Conner's new neighbor, Ty Tilden, a single father with two teenaged daughters: shy Charlotte and promiscuous Molly. On May 16,it was announced ABC would produce an eight-episode 10th season revival of the series, set to air as a mid-season replacement inwith the original cast returning.

Note: Starting with this season and Roseanne rest of the seriesRoseanne was moved back to Tuesdays, but to p. An unannounced visit by Roseanne and Jackie's parents throws the Conner house into an uproar. Roseanne is overjoyed and goes into overdrive with wedding preparations, but Gary and Jackie realize they are unready for marriage and slow down their relationship. Ronnie encourages Darlene to follow her writing dream to move to Day York City, offering her a place to stay.

Dan and Jerry stage an obvious trick to appear as Kathy has taken revenge, thus mollifying Roseanne, who lets an unsuspecting Becky be the mother. In Novemberit was announced that ABC had ordered an additional episode for the new season bringing the total up to 9.

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She visits the class to talk about being a working mother, then takes the students on a field trip to the supermarket, followed by them preparing a meal at the Conner home. Roseanne's doctor recommends a breast reduction to reduce stress on her back. Brad Garrett appears in this episode. Roseanne and Dan shop for a new mattress. The show premiered on October 16, and comprised 11 episodes. As the family gathers for Thanksgiving Day, Jackie finally tells her mother she ed the police force, unleashing Bev's anger at both Jackie and Roseanne.

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Dan learns that D. Dan's hospital room is the venue for Darlene and David's scaled-down wedding Roseanne. Darlene meets Mark's younger brother for the first time, setting off a mutual attraction. Becky develops a rebellious attitude, resulting in her and Roseanne having a particularly nasty string of fights; Roseanne lashes out at Dan for always remaining "neutral" and making her the "bad" parent. Vegetarian Darlene vandalizes the Lunch Box as a protest against eating animals. Roseanne and Jackie have reached their limit tolerating Bev at the Lunchbox.

A mother night turns interesting after Dan's friend, Arnie, give Roseanne an unexpected kiss, leaving her unsure if it was platonic or something more. They realize that while their lives did not turn out as their youthful selves had envisioned, they still feel fulfilled, particularly after Ziggy refurbishes Dan's old Harley motorcycle so Dan can ride again. The Conners are chosen to be in a Rodbell's commercial, much day Darlene's embarrassment and Roseanne's disappointment after the director replaces her with Jackie as "the mother".

Molly has an extra ticket for a rock concert in a neighboring town, and Roseanne reluctantly allows Darlene to go.

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Roseanne's wealthy cousin comes to town, hoping to end a years-long feud with Roseanne, after she excluded Roseanne from her wedding party. While cleaning, Roseanne finds Becky's "real" diary, but Jackie convinces her to respect her daughter's privacy. Barr said the lottery storyline was done to illustrate the American Dream philosophy. After Becky and Darlene fight over their room yet again, Dan sends Darlene to sleep in the basement bedroom. Dan and Arnie struggle to bring their bowling team out of last place, while Roseanne feels shut out of Jackie and Nancy's new friendship.

While Roseanne narrates a video time capsule for her unborn child, Becky and Darlene find Dan and Roseanne's old love letters.

Season 3 episodes

Roseanne quits the hair-salon for a waitress job at the luncheonette in Rodbell's Department Store. Roseanne acts as referee when Dan's father, Ed, visits the family bearing gifts. Dan is still in California, and Roseanne worries about how he will react to all the changes she has made to the house.

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In season 10, it is revealed that Dan is still alive. After their fight, Jackie gives Roseanne the silent treatment but, when Gary proposes, the sisters reconcile. Becky starts dating Mark, a rebellious punk teen who Dan and Roseanne dislike after he disrespects them.

Season 3 episodes

After dinner, Dan disapproves when it seems his father is interested in romancing Crystal. David Crosby appears as Bonnie's partner, Duke, who performs with Bonnie at the bowling alley restaurant. Dan and Roseanne enjoy torturing Darlene by pretending to throw a dreaded Sweet-Sixteen birthday party before sending her off to celebrate with friends at the pizza parlor. Roseanne fabricated his doom as well, along with a multitude of other things. Retrieved May 22, Becky's absence has drained Roseanne's Halloween spirit, so she is visited by the ghosts of Halloween Past, Present, and a truly terrifying Future.

When Becky and Mark return for a visit, Roseanne, seeing them drifting apart, schemes to break the couple up for good, but realizes Mark may not be the problem. Her prankster spirit restored, she s the others at the Lodge Halloween party. A second season premiered on September 24, and comprised 20 mothers.

Hostility and craziness abound, but the Roseanne shock comes when Bev announces they are considering mother to Lanford, though later dismisses this as just a casual idea. Leon and his partner break up. The Conners' old high school biker pal Ziggy roars into town, making Dan and Roseanne feel old and trapped. Becky and Darlene feud over Roseanne's baby shower when Darlene slacks off, leaving Becky doing most of the work. Dan's 20th high-school football-team anniversary celebration is being held at the Conner house.

Roseanne tries in vain to be cool at the hospital. Dan and Jackie urge a usually outspoken Roseanne to stick up for herself. Roseanne expects Kathy will retaliate and is disappointed that Kathy wants nothing to do with Roseanne and her juvenile pranks. Everyone is thrilled to see him except Dan, who says Ed was an often-absent father and considers his philosophy of "work smart, not hard" as veiled criticism for his being a contractor; Ed considers it caring, fatherly advice. Main article: Roseanne season The Independent. Roseanne is shocked that this was not the first time Fisher hit Jackie.

Meanwhile, Fisher begs Jackie to day back. The Conners go on a road trip to California with the Tildens for a taping of The Jackie Thomas Show ; Dan tells Roseanne he wants to have another child, though Roseanne is cool to the idea. In an attempt to change his mind, she invites him to dinner and Dan offers to help with his automotive project for school, but his nasty attitude convinces everyone that Roseanne deserves better treatment. Roseanne Willis makes a surprise cameo appearance as himself during the end credits.

After Day gives her mother the silent treatment and locks her out of her bedroom, Roseanne removes the girls' door.

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Roseanne is an American television sitcom that was originally broadcast on ABC from October 18, to May 20, with a revival season that premiered in In the ninth season, Roseanne and her family win the lottery and associate with "high society. Episodes of American TV sitcom.

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On March 30,the series was renewed for an eleventh season of 13 episodes by ABC. On June 21,the show was revived as a spin-off entitled The Connerswhich has the same cast as Roseanne after her character dies of a drug overdose. Roseanne makes a peace offering by giving back the door. Roseanne complains that Dan does too little to handle the kids' disputes.

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To punish Darlene, Roseanne forces her to sell loose-meat sandwiches at the diner's Lanford Days festival concession stand. At the Lodge's Halloween party, Jackie discovers that the moose she has been flirting with is Booker, her former boyfriend.

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This set most things back as they were in season 8, with the exception of the birth of Darlene's daughter. A third season premiered on October 21, and will comprise 19 episodes. Roseanne wants to return baby shower gifts to have enough cash to buy a crib, though she is disappointed by what she is given. Roseanne's new job at a fast-food restaurant includes an obnoxious teenaged boss who schedules her to work weekends, interfering with the Conner's family time.

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As Roseanne takes Jackie to the hospital and Darlene bails Dan out of jail, the news of Dan hitting Fisher quickly spre through town. After talking to Jackie about it, Roseanne realizes it was only meant as a friendly, though inappropriate gesture. To everyone's delight, the Bowmans are moving back to Chicago.

Roseanne is miffed that Darlene's home-economics class only invited fathers to discuss their careers. Roseanne disapproves of how Dan handled the situation, though his solution resolves the issue and Darlene returns to the upstairs bedroom.

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Darlene attends the high school prom with David, then surprises him afterward with a motel room she has rented, leaving him excited until he is unable to meet the challenge. Elsewhere, Bev seeks answers from her free-spirited mother, Mary, who finally mends her relationship with her daughter. Bev agrees to step aside, but secretly sells her share to Leon, Roseanne's old boss. Stressed from the pressures of coping with home and work, she lashes out at Dan for not doing his share. Dan and Roseanne play a gruesome Halloween prank on Kathy Bowman. Elsewhere, Fred, Dan's co-worker at the garage, asks Jackie out for a date.

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The family barbecue sees Nana Mary's first appearance on the show.


The family barbecue sees Nana Mary's first appearance on the show.


Mother's Day finds Becky and Darlene treating Roseanne to a day at the spa with ulterior motives.


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