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As a writing exercise, and for my own amusement, after a game of scrabble I sometimes list all the words on the board and make a short story out of them. This time I decided I wanted to write a fanfic for Rose and Rosie which, if they see it, is intended to make them laugh and likely a little disturbed.


Monthly plan

Um, yes. Hey, Rosie.

sluts asian Avah

Fanfic is on the internet but only read by those interested and involved. I hope you understand where I'm coming from. I also said why waste talent and that some of those fanfic writers could write a book.

talent miss Maliyah

Can live on in libraries forever. See roxeterawr's whole Tumblr.

cute cunt Marianna

And Rose finds it inappropriate. Which I am entitled to! Can win you awards.

foxy female Elisa

I completely stand by what I say. I understand you're annoyed by fanfic writers.

passionate ladies Melody

I don't write it, nor ship you or Rose with anybody. But fanfic written about Rose and Grace personally offends me.

slut lady Alexandria

Lots of love xoxo. In my original post the only fanfic I slagged off was about fictional relationships.

21 random words into fanfiction: rose and rosie

People are right, I cannot talk on their behalf. I said it was weird and Pervy because I think imagining my partner with someone else, no matter WHO they are, is fucking awful and horrible.

married babe Fallon

Books are published, marketed and can make you established. SORRY to upset you on that. And it IS pervy to imagine my gf having sex with Grace.

ebony milf Saoirse

The only thing I see that I said that May be offensive is about the holy trinity. Can make you rich. And I have good reason to say that and stand by what I said because it hurts peoples feelings. Do I feel a book would be more worthwhile?

gorgeous babe Ellianna

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Six friends -two divorce lawyers, two relationship therapists, one wedding planner and one wedding dress deer- work to solve Seoul's romantic problems, and find themselves with plenty of their own.


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Ever wanted to see Rose and Rosie re-enact your freaky fanfiction?