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It is set a few years after the seriesafter Kim and Ron have separately gone to college. Kim has put the heroic lifestyle behind her, leaving that role to a family of heroes called "The Acceptables".


A pair of figures cloaked in shadow huddled on the roof of the main building in front of a small black box in the process of being dissected by a set of deft fingers. Again his eyes grew wider than dinner plates. Back to you, Jack. Kim gasped, but the situation was familiar enough to Shego that she just let out a frustrated sigh. After everything you two have been through, you deserve this. No sense leaving a mess for the cops to find.

Why are you trying to break us apart now?

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A single claw clinked gently against the skylight, then etched a circle. Fog began to rise in the hallway, revealing one of the oldest traps in the book. The Middleton Space Center was a bit of an oddity when it came to government funded research centers. Shego nodded and grinned, fishing out another small contraption as well as a remote control. The redhead stepped forward and put her hand on the scanner, which hummed a few times and then beeped in affirmative, opening the door.

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There was a moment where they hovered close to each other, and then their lips united in a display even more passionate than the late night movies usually shown by the network. This was where the mission got tricky. You want me to infiltrate a secure building in my prom dress? Drakken cringed nervously. Kim deserves a higher class of place now that you want to show her how much you care about her.

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Pressing another button on the remote caused the vehicle to split open and reveal a specially cut diamond, which rose in the air until it reached the lasers, refracting them into a different pattern. She stayed silent for the moment. No offense, Jack. She nodded and began creeping through the door into a slightly better lit hallway.

No, I was definitely me. Once they were past the lasers, Shego retracted the diamond and drove the car to their position, then stopped to scoop up the canister she had rolled originally. A few more taps initiated a process that easily overpowered the firewalls and gave her access to the files within.

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Kim shot to her feet as well. They dropped into the hallway silently and began skulking.

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Drakken might have infiltrators in our midst? The teen hero nodded. Traffic should be just terrific now.

Monique remained unconvinced. Drakken pulls out a last-ditch effort to salvage his plans, and Kim finds herself radically reconsidering her worldview, among many other things. And make no mistake, it will change. Or have they?

But I think we can make this work. Kim rolled her eyes. Though it did produce many experimental rockets, a great of the projects conducted here were a bit broader in their application than simple space travel, though they had to be at least tangentially related to the exploration of the final frontier. He already told you it was Erik that made him reconsider how he felt about you. Officials say they would have been done sooner, but somebody threw a ball of yarn out their window.

I think they were always there. Clearly whoever deed this set was saving most of their budget for the primetime programs. Ron stood nearby, smiling nervously.

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Summary: Team Possible has saved the day. Music could be heard in the background, and everyone in the room seemed to focus on them. His objection was cut off and the screen was overtaken by a surprisingly high quality video recording of the two of them dancing at the prom. And I never really noticed them until you started spending all your time with Erik.

She rolled her eyes. He electrocuted me and shoved me in a storeroom after I totally stomped the floor with Shego. The camera switched to a view of a set utterly dominated by beige, with pastel-colored furniture scattered at random. Her eyes went wide as dinner plates and she jerked her finger out of the server just as the files finished downloading.

The camera transitioned back to the studio where Kim sat slack-jawed on the couch. She set what looked like an old model car on the floor, then drove it so that it rested beneath the focal point of the lasers.

Kim hung her head and sighed.

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The camera panned over to where Summer was seated in a large green chair next to a cream-colored couch that held Kim and Ron. Summer smiled pleasantly, as did Kim, while Ron wore a look of apprehension that he was desperately trying to hold back. This is gonna mean more than just adding physical activities to your normal routine.

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He scratched his head, not sure where she was going with this but trying to remember it all the same. Reaching into a bag slung over her shoulder, Shego produced a small canister that she then rolled down the hallway after twisting off the top. The data transfer began within seconds. The other thief provided a smirk of her own. Now he lives in Ohio and I only get to see him a few times a year. Before long they arrived at their first obstacle: a locked door with a palm scanner to the right. And it seems like I owe Ron here an apology.

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There was another reason Kim had worn that suit, after all. I think I missed it the first time. Kim, I… I have feelings for you. Now that the lasers were pointing at the ceiling instead of the floor, the two of them were able to walk calmly down the hallway to the next door. It was on the cutting edge of all sorts of technology despite being located in an otherwise average city, which made it a very popular location for people in Washington to send projects that would be too public if NASA developed them.

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It just… pushed them up to the surface. Miss Possible has agreed to an interview to dispel any rumors regarding said incident. In the darkness, a single thumb reached down and depressed a button on a remote, shutting off the television.

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Monique shook her head and leaned back further in the chair. But it felt like you were finally leaving me behind. I was out for a few hours after that, and by the time I woke up, it was morning and the day had already been saved.

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And do you know what happened? Not anymore, at least. Kim gasped and stood ramrod straight while her cheeks turned even redder than her hair. She sidled closer to him.

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Possible responded from the screen, though the stern glare never left his face. She nodded and pressed a couple buttons on the suit, which morphed her finger into a port which she used to connect to the server.

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The interview will be conducted by Summer Gale. She hooked her arm inside and undid the latch, then smirked at her partner.

This series provides examples of:

She blinked as the full impact of those words hit her. Monique sat on a chair across from them with her arms crossed and her features set in a disapproving glare. They started dating in high school and they got married right out of college. Shego decided to change the subject before Kim started questioning why she had gotten involved this life.

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He kept his job, reputation and half their savings, while she got the car and the rest.


Thick fingers gingerly touched the bandage around his midsection, checking to see if it was still in place.


Rongo was my favorite ship years ago :D on my favorite list on FFN I still have: new beginning, ron stoppable ultimate monkey master, your loss is my gain, a sitch in our lives, broken, magical night in the museum, shattered souls, shop smart, alone and lonely, that new zorpox smell, partners in crime batman crossover.


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