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  • Years old:
  • 35
  • What is my nationaly:
  • Indonesian
  • Color of my hair:
  • Luxuriant brunet hair
  • My favourite drink:
  • Liqueur
  • Smoker:
  • No


This is it, the final chapter.


The rest of us need some food too! You think your office job is so much harder than being a cashier at WalMart or an associate at Sears? Robin: Then cried when she said no. Thank you so much!!

A clarity. This is exactly how their married life would be like. Robin: I did not! Just watching him right now reminded me of how beautiful he was. Identities Fanfiction. A check that just covers bills.

My Dad had left when I was two, and my Mom seemed to blame me for it. Cyborg: So? Robin: You asked her if she was single. This is either true love or the best damn dream ever. Summary: He never should have agreed to go on the date, even if it was for Charity.

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It just meant that I could do whatever the hell I wanted -which is pretty good, all things considered. Robin: Our 3 year-old told her ken doll to eat a dick Red X: She probably learned it from sesame street.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Apparently he considered the mission a mistake, and I was a walking reminder of it. I needed him, and he needed me too. I had my own and while I usually teleported, sometimes I just used it for a midnight ride.

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We both helped the other through our demons. Of course, this also had a good chance of being forever too. Damn you, cupid! Yeah, I thought that sort of thing was just bullcrap that the movies made up, too. But then he slowly started to see me as more than that. Robin: So the two of you had a thing? That the other people in the world had feelings too. I was originally going to draw an extra panel where she said that Red X was also her boyfriend, but decided against it. We spent all our time together. He helped me see the world in a different light, one I never could without him.

Cyborg: I was not that drunk last night! Synthesis: After Red X gets a call from his estranged Mother, Robin and Starfire take it upon themselves to make him feel better. But he seemed to.

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Slade: My ex-wife. That he could relax from time to time. If it ends like my parents, then well… unlike with them it all will have been worth it. Keep reading.

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I love it!!! Robin: Watch your language! Pets On Fanfiction. But the fact that I did all that for a boy, terrifies me.

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On Fanfiction. Kind of scared me, in fact. And god, I hoped my slight fears were unfounded and we would end up living happily ever after together. And that not everyone was out to destroy his precious city. I could steal all the shit I wanted. Worried me too. The two started to calm down, and agree to create their own food. As everyone started to settle down, they also started to realize some people were missing.

Slade: Slade: I just said that she used to be my wife. And I guess we both slowly developed feelings for each other.

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Bonus: Beast Boy: Well, Robin got pretty drunk too. Cyborg and Beast Boy were arguing about what to have for breakfast, Terra was watching the chaos unfold, and Starfire had just forced Robin out of his study. He never should have let it bloom into a serious relationship. Red X: I do!

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It was more like she provided me with the necessities -Food, shelter, and education- but ignored me besides that. The three were now in a happy polyamous relationship, and the others had been nothing but supportive.

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Never really gave me any parental super vision. To some extent… we completed each other. Mostly from the fact that I constantly ended up finding myself in situations where I had to team up with him to uphold the morals I did have.

The amount of work involved. Look at the job descriptions for some minimum wage, part time jobs. Posts Ask me shit Archive. I had to rede the flow of an entire department in a clothing store before. He confused me.

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See this in the app Show more. Side notes: Red X maybe a little OOC since I had to give him off-screen development in order to make the established relationship work. Robin: You flirted with Star. Inspired by these prompts by write-it-motherfuckers. Actually this entire thing confused me.

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