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  • Age:
  • I'm 29 years old
  • What is my nationaly:
  • I'm from Switzerland
  • Color of my hair:
  • Long silky gray hair
  • Other hobbies:
  • Marital arts


Our lovers are from different worlds — one wealthy, one not. The poor girl has fallen in love with the Gentleman Snarkeror the stable boy secretly courts the princess. And she loves him too. Maybe it was Love at First Sight. Maybe she has a habit of slipping out to the seedier side of town for a night of fun. Maybe they've been friends their whole lives and the difference in status never really mattered.


Khun Chai Pawornruj Thai Drama -13 episodes. Sunshine Korean Drama -24 episodes. History of the Salaryman Korean Drama -22 episodes. FL is rich chaebol ML is a guy who takes care of a bunch of kids while working odd jobs. FL is a daughter of a small company owner ML is a book loving mechanic who lives in the slums.

The Innocent Man Korean Drama -20 episodes.

MDL v6 en. Game Sanaeha Thai Drama -14 episodes. The Crown Princess Thai Drama -12 episodes.

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FL is an blind orphaned heiress ML is a con-artist who pretends to be her oppa. FL's family is upper middle class that owns a business ML is from the poor area with dad working in selling vegetables on the road. FL is a heiress ML is a son of a poor single mom, he is a new regular employee of the FL's owned company. Last Minute Romance Korean Drama -10 episodes.

damsel miss Maia

That Fool Korean Drama -16 episodes. Golden Time Korean Drama -23 episodes. Takane no Hana Japanese Drama -10 episodes. Beyond the Clouds Korean Drama -16 episodes. Last updated Dec 6, Czakhareina's Lists View all.

Terminal illness Drama 42 titles. FL is a daughter of a chief surgeon ML is the son of a poor single mom whodies ML comes back as a in-demand doctor. Yong Pal Korean Drama -18 episodes. FL is a daughter of a rich family who owns a business ML trying to salvage a debt ridden company of his father.

The Final Match Korean Drama -16 episodes. FL is the daughter of the richest man in town Male le is the sonsof the painter for cinema that is owned by FL's family. My Story for You Chinese Drama -48 episodes. The Snow Queen Korean Drama -16 episodes.

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On Air Korean Drama -21 episodes. Princess LuLu Korean Drama -20 episodes.

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High School: Korea Drama 84 titles. Tatta Hitotsu no Koi Japanese Drama -10 episodes.

East of Eden Korean Drama -56 episodes. Star's Lover Korean Drama -20 episodes. Romance: Noona Romance Drama 76 titles 4 loves. Prosecutor Princess Korean Drama -16 episodes. Sandglass Korean Drama -24 episodes.

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Czakhareina May 27, Sort By: Author's Order. I am Your Teacher Korean Drama -16 episodes. Green Rose Korean Drama -22 episodes. TV Shows. Inspiring Generation Korean Drama -24 episodes. FL is a doctor who is the granddaughter of a doctor of owns chains of hospital ML is a new doctor in the ER Not much romance, just a slight hint of it. FL is a daughter of a rich family ML is from a lower middle class family who is unemployed.

FL is a heiress ML is a 14 year old student who magically turns older physically. Feeds Calendar Articles Trailers.

Top rich girl poor guy korean dramas

Kahogo no Kahoko Japanese Drama -10 episodes. First Love Korean Drama -66 episodes. High Society Korean Drama -16 episodes. The K2 Korean Drama -16 episodes. Duke Korean Drama -16 episodes.

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Boku to Star no 99 Nichi Japanese Drama -10 episodes. FL is a heiress to the artist flower arranger clan ML isa quirky nerdy bike shop owner. Becoming a Billionaire Korean Drama -20 episodes.

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Breathless Korean Drama -16 episodes. Lovers in Prague Korean Drama -18 episodes.

1. the snow queen ()

FL is the youngest daughter of a conglomerate family ML is a smart young able employee who quickly rises through the ranks of the company. My Fair Lady Korean Drama -16 episodes. Here's why! Cheer Up, Mr. Korean Drama -episodes. Introducing urban fantasies with supernaturally gifted protagonists helping ordinary people by running a seemingly mundane business. Ugly Alert Korean Drama -episodes.

damsel babe Lola

Couple or Trouble Korean Drama -16 episodes. Encounter Korean Drama -16 episodes.

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FL is a heiress who hides her identity while working for a 'store' in Namdaemun ML is an ex-convict who works on odd jobs. Padam Padam Korean Drama -20 episodes. Hayate the Combat Butler Taiwanese Drama -13 episodes. Uncanny Business — A New Sub-Genre of K-dramas Introducing urban fantasies with supernaturally gifted protagonists helping ordinary people by running a seemingly mundane business.

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Cloud Stairs Korean Drama -16 episodes. Kimi Wa Petto Japanese Drama -16 episodes. FL is an overprotected and sheltered daughter of a middle class family ML is a struggling and getting-by orphaned art student. Happiness Korean Drama -58 episodes.

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Angel Eyes Korean Drama -20 episodes.

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PG min Drama, Romance.


Here, the women have the stacked bank s and financial security.


Synopsis : Han Tae-Woong was a mathematics genius and interested in boxing when he was in high school.