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Tragus piercings are a type of ear piercing that has grown in popularity in the body jewelry world over the last few decades. Tragus piercings look amazing alongside other ear piercings and are perfect for creating your own constellation piercing with other types of jewelry. For an anti-tragus piercing, your piercer will disinfect the area before inserting a sterilized piercing needle through the anti-tragus. Recommended Jewelry: Stud earringscurved barbellscaptive bead rings. The double tragus piercing is located in the same spot as a standard single tragus piercing on the flap of cartilage that covers up the ear canal. The process for getting a double tragus piercing is very similar to a standard tragus piercing.


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Quite a sight: Ladies are taking the ugly Christmas sweater trend to new heights with these reindeer costumes. Happy holidays: The brave costumes have proved to be the hit of any Christmas party.

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Tinsel is used around the edge of the cut-outs to give the appearance of a curious deer poking its head out. Ladies participating in the trend have been posting the proudly to Instagram, tagging it with the hashtag rudolphboob.

Googly eyes, felt antlers and a big, sparkly red pom-pom ball are used to complete the look.

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Some of the costumes feature a perfect breast-sized hole snipped out of the front of the sweater, while others just pull down a stretchy top on one side to leave the breast exposed. at DailyMail.

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Each one of the costumes comes with an up-cycled sweater with eyes and nose prepared with a one-time wear adhesive. In it together: Googly eyes, felt antlers and tinsel are the most common things used in making the so-called RudolphBoob.

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Out there: The Etsy retailer YourSassyGrandma specializes in saucy Christmas accessories such as this pasty, eyes and antlers combo. Ugly Christmas sweaters might be considered one of the tackiest trends of the holiday season, but this twist on the classic is sure to take the crown.

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Share this Tags. Pre-made versions are sold on Etsy by Salt Lake-based retailer YourSassyGrandma, including a red sweater with a green tinsel-surrounded cut-out.

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Because we live in the internet age, someone decided to level up the traditional ugly Christmas sweater by cutting a hole in it and letting just a single boob hang out.


If you're racking your brain on how to stand out with your Ugly Christmas Sweater this holiday season, consider going down a bold path and rocking the reindeer boob trend.


Because the look involves taking your favorite—or actually probably least favorite—holiday sweater, cutting a hole in it, pulling your exposed breast through the hole, and then decorating your boob to like a reindeer.