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Online sales of Grants 2 qt. Enema Bag is made of rubber latex After this she took the big black curved nozzle out of the enema bag and I


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He told me this morning he had cramps all night but they have finally subsided. Although it was a woman dominating a woman, I loved the way she went about it.

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I informed him he would not get release from the enema until after he brought me to two orgasms. Usually when we do enema play like this, I will have James roll over on his back and I will engage in tease and denial as well as some age play. But he had to work hard to give me the second one. I closed off the water flow, removed the tubing and put in place the cap which keeps the water trapped inside the patient.

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Finally I gave him permission to eat my pussy. I could tell James was becoming very uncomfortable.

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It was pure bliss. I gained possession of more of his coins last night as hubby is learning how to suffer for my pleasure. Then I ordered my hubby to get down on his knees and worship my body from boot to breasts.

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The poor dear had to walk to the other bathroom in the house. I held back as long as I could on purpose.

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As the Dom, I have to create the sessions and that takes thought, time and effort. I asked him on a scale of 1 to 10, how uncomfortable was he by the time I had my second orgasm? I eventually came and it was more intense than my first orgasm. The poor baby was really struggling.

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I put a waist harness around him, running the leather strap through the crack of his ass to make sure the enema plug could in no way escape. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. He has a safe word so he could have used it but he pleased me by suffering for my pleasure.

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I was going to have a session with James tonight Saturday but last night I was on the internet reading some of my favorite femdom blogs and sites and I came across a video clip of two women engaging in enema play. She administered a large enema in a very sensual way and then she made the woman worship her body while she held in the enema. Saturday, January 26, The reemergence of the dreaded black pumpkin enema bag.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. No comments:. In my toy chest I have a 4 quart black pumpkin enema bag and a butt-plug shaped aluminum enema nozzle.

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One of the reasons I have this blog is to get ideas from others, and I am thankful for all the wonderful ideas people have shared with me. I also made him take the enema equipment with him to clean it up and put it away when he was done.

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I was very aroused so the first orgasm came rather quickly. I mimicked the woman in the video with how I teased him and tormented him as he worshipped my body with licks and kisses of adoration.

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Post a Comment. I relaxed on the bed and fell asleep while hubby suffered some more in the other bathroom. He likes that but last night I had a different plan. He said 8 or 9 and that he came very close to using his safe word at several times during his ordeal.

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Here's one for the record books.


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