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Fans of Harlan Ellison will be thrilled by this recent publication by Kicks Books. This collection of stories from the Fifties show the early Harlan Ellison, all energy and froth. I was married at the time and needed the money and did what everybody does. I pulled the plow.


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Worth a look for Ellison fans and pop culture archeologists. Probably only of interest to Harlan Ellison junkies, which I am. I'm a fan of pulp-style 'trash' list, but in limited doses.

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In the realm of 's juvenile delinquent fiction, it was Ellison who dragged the unnamed genre from the gentle hands of the social workers into a filthy basement, where he worked it over, with great satisfaction, into an alternate universe of hate and pain. Original Title Sex Gang. The Bohemia of Arthur Archer is a cute and clever story, too. His literary and television work has received many awards. For the uninitiated, we recommend consumption in very small doses. Harlan could always write and this is no exception. Rate this book.

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While realizing these were by a young writer honing his craft, I enjoyed them. With a taste for printers ink, he would soon be selling stories with a vengeance to crime digests like Guilty, Trapped, Terror, and Web Detective Stories, and men's magazines including Rogue, Caper, and Knave. What makes 'Pulling A Train' a worthy read is the other collection of short stories.

This is one of four such collections of Ellison's early work; Getting in the Wind is a companion book to this collection, and Ellison self-published two others, Honorable Whoredom at a Penny a Word and Again, Honorable Whoredom at a Penny a Word.

Known worldwide for his landmark speculative fiction, Cleveland-born ELLISON initially rumbled onto the newsstands hell-bent for leather-- jackets, that is, and zipguns, and shivs, and brass knuckles, and all the accoutrements necessary for basic teen gang violence circa Inspired as a teenager in seeing a familiar placement of consonants in the byline of author Hal Ellson's novel DUKE, young Ellison began pecking out his own gritty tales about street kids, the forgotten flotsam of society.

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His adult-audience material, however, has remained unavailable-- until now. More details.

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Unapologetically trashy, but embarrassingly entertaining. A quick read - perfect for a hour flight on an airplane.

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Steve Klemz. For the lively set, prepare to blast into orbit with blade-wielding ferocity as Ellison takes you into a cobblestone wilderness fraught with hate and violence, a street level cosmos where shadowy creatures are hard, and blunt, and malicious, and where hope hangs a shingle that re, "GET LOST". Published January 1, by Kicks Books. Sometimes he used his given name, but most often, he traveled incognito onto the newsstands, passing as Ellis Hart, Derry Tiger, Cordwainer Bird, Lee Archer, and many more.

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They are stories he wrote swiftly and pseudonymously to buy groceries and pay his rent for men's magazines and similar markets with a strong emphasis on sex and violence. Considered porno at the time, they are quite tame by most anything you read today. Nedra at f I chuckled through Both Ends of the Candle, a Mrs. Robinson kind of thing with a protagonist named Asimov, though I felt guilty about it. Short Stories. Pulling a Train Harlan Ellison.

David Allen.

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If you don't expect too much and don't take the stories too seriously there is a bit of fun to be had here. Ellison contributes a very entertaining introduction to the book explaining the provenance and almost apologizing for the contents. Several of his short fiction pieces have been made into movies, such as the classic "The Boy and His Dog".

Want to Read. The set of eleven stories was credited to "Paul Merchant", and went unclaimed by Ellison for decades. Not a 3-star review - more like a 3. Of this, there can be no debate. Hilariously badly written prose.

Product description

Search review text. Interesting time capsule of stories Ellison did in his early days for low rent men's magazines, mostly under pseudonyms. Displaying 1 - 10 of 10 reviews. Ellison is the king of JD fiction. Ellison wrote these stories in the 's, very early in his career, and they are for the most part not good ones. This is far from the best of Ellison, but it's entertaining both from an historical perspective to see an interesting view of gang life in the s, and to read the early works of one of the most celebrated writers of the last century.

Harlan Ellison books 1, followers. It is interesting to see what was titillating in the 50's.

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A damp towel and bed rest may be necessary. A couple of these early stories have appeared in Ellison's real collections, with one an homage to Fritz Leiber, but those are the outliers. And the whole introduction is like this.

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But he pulls it off. Author 32 books 32 followers.


Top genres for this book Pulp. Author 3 books 6 followers. the discussion. This edition Format s, Paperback.

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The 'main' story was actually the least interesting story in the bunch. The two Kicks Books books contain the more misogynistic of the stories; the original publication of the collection was titled Sex Gang as by Paul Merchant. One thing I thought was neat was both of the covers for the new books featured juvenile delinquent boys cowering on the ground before switchblade-bearing females, whereas the cover of Sex Gang featured the traditional gender roles of the s.

It's so bad. Quite entertaining bunch of stories friom Ellison's younger days mud-twenties. In the introduction, he quite freely admits they are not his best work.

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Luke Crawford. A collection of pulpy short stories that are very much a product of their time. Language English. I'm telling you; the introductions to his books are really fun by themselves. No great literature here, but one of the stories is intended as an homage to Fritz Lieber and another brings to mind Woody Allen. Even though it's a short book, I can't believe I actually finished it.

The rest star juvenile delinquents and men on the run who tangle with loose women with breasts "like the rubber bumpers on a Cadillac" to quote one typical description. I mean, the stories run from really quite horrifying to short and cute, and several are like "what would happen if you hired a really incredible writer to write 'penthouse letters'" which turns out exactly as fun as it sounds. Sex Gang is the longest story included, and actually is probably among the ten or twelve longest stories he ever published.

Over the years, all of Ellison's books have enjoyed reissue, over and over again, and numerous collections of his short fiction have continued to see print.

Pulling a train: violent stories of naked passions

Learning his craft, recently married, they were written to provide for family. Short stories of gangs in the late 50;s. Also ina brown-paper wrapper collection of his men's magazine stories turned up unannounced and under the counter as the paperback SEX GANG, the title of its novella-length lead story. Fun look at a great writer in his younger days. Chris Knight. Harlan Jay Ellison was a prolific American writer of short stories, novellas, teleplays, essays, and criticism.

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On October 13th, , I was walking home when I came across some train tracks.


Harlan Ellison did to popular American fiction what Elvis Presley did to popular American music- he knocked it upside the head, so hard that the old grey matter was never ever the same again.


Ladies who have had a train ran on them.