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By Chris Gardner January 8, pm. The Psychic Twins are perhaps best known for their prediction in that there would be terrorist attacks on federal buildings and the World Trade Center by the year Sadly, they were right. I asked them to explain their powers, share their predictions for the year ahead and dish on which celebs are their favorites. I even polled them for their prognosis for me personally.


I just asked if you had. Wellcome Library, London. One of her most recent readings was with a woman who was about to get married. I point out to Sandra that, since this is an EU directive, it could theoretically become invalid if Britain does indeed leave the EU on 31 October or Halloween. Two hundred and fifty years ago, I would have been burned at the stake and now I have half my working life stalking people like you on Twitter?

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This is the only point at which she gets defensive. Katy Ward 12th September But to those who know her best, she confesses much of her art is a mixture of social media research, clever decoration, and sizing people up.

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Does she have a typical client? Maybe the spirits have more power than my meeting with Sandra would have us believe. I could find your age, profession and personality within five minutes. I really wanted to tell this beautiful young woman to run and never look back. When you went round to visit her as a kid, you never expected her to fuck you over. My dad did indeed die when I was 18, with this funeral three days before my Oxbridge interview.

She looks vacant.

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Does that mean I have extrasensory perception? According to Sandra, most of her business comes from women in their mid-thirties seeking reassurance about a major life decision.

Linda and terry jamison

Once her laughter subsides, she turns sombre. The modern-day crystal ball. This article circa ? Yet, despite the apparent mess, every item has its place. At this, I have far more sympathy for her than I imagined I would in the first few minutes of our interview. Her fiance had ly cheated and she was desperate to know if he could be trusted. The setting is far more low-key than I expected.

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Even her choice of outfit is surprisingly everyday. Who is to say? This cuts. Sandra answers almost immediately.

Inside the secret sting operations to expose celebrity psychics

Or, what harsher critics would deem, a scam. Also true and also information I gave away easily on Twitter — this time, by announcing a wish list of presents. You never expected her to fuck you over The setting is far more low-key than I expected. As a friend-of-a-friend, Sandra has agreed to chat about the most sinister of her dark arts and even perform a reading — promising to reveal any tricks she employs along the way. If a psychic makes some vague comment about getting hurt in a relationship, they make the connection to an evil ex.

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How would she predict my future if this were a genuine reading? Standing on the porch, I think I smell incense coming from the house and wonder if this is one of the tools she uses to contact the spirits, but soon recognise it as the stench of weed emanating from God-knows-where.

What the psychic twins think is in store for this year

I ask Sandra whether she believes these technicalities make a difference. Was this a message from the spirit world? Now, the pleasantries are over, Sandra gets down to business. What I found most interesting when researching psychics is that the earliest legislation relating to mediums in the UK can be found in the Witchcraft Act of Sandra, perhaps appropriately, cackles when I tell her this.

Who are the psychic twins linda and terry jamison and did they correctly predict harry and meghan’s pregnancy?

Wankers never change. Friends often rebuke me for oversharing and making virtual strangers uncomfortable in cyberspace. Besides, I never told you had lost a parent or that this information came from the spirits. Perhaps in an attempt to lighten the mood, her next revelation is that my birthday is coming up.

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THE Psychic Twins have been dubbed "Nostradamus in stilettos", thanks to their purported ability to predict momentous worldwide events.


The Jamisons' predictions have been featured in tabloid newspapers , and they have appeared in various media.


On November 2, , they claimed that through an automatic writing process there would be a terrorist attack on the federal government and the World Trade Center in


Are some celebrity mediums fooling their audience members by reading social media s in advance?