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  • Age:
  • 38
  • Where am I from:
  • I was born in Japan
  • What is my hair:
  • I've crisp hair
  • What I prefer to drink:
  • I like to drink red wine
  • My favourite music:
  • Rap
  • I like:
  • Hunting


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You were the captain of your team, and ultimately your strategy ended up winning you guys the game D. And best, your an intelligent gamer who knows how to kick ass! Anonymous asked: Hello! Tracer had to go fanfiction five different people to get their inputs before figuring out what she wanted to do for the date Finally, the best kind of date seemed like the simplest The two of you went out for icecream, and tracer she took you to the amusement park nearby The ice cream? Though they never fully approved of your sexuality, they loved you very much And Lena did too, forever.

He took the crossbow from his back and began to disassemble it, cleaning the parts on a very dusty and tattered undershirt. Very few ordered many more drinks, most coming to settle their tab with you and then stumbling out of the bar, tripping overwatch the two small steps and landing flat on their faces in the dirt.

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What if she creeped you out and you left too? Sorry I don't want to overwhelm you but can I get hcs of moira, zarya and tracer separately please! More conscious of his worries, you were much more careful in the future, and took your time enjoying the next couple weeks with him that you got off due to your injury.

Blinking, you stared at her for a moment before a goofy grin crossed your face.

Tracer stories

You must be pretty damn special, or seriously infuriating to get half a million dollars for a bounty. Nvm there are three things she lives for The two of you are often on high-energy missions together And honestly? You like her a lot. She was so scared that she might lose you…. Snorting, Tracer looked doubtful. Lol thank you. His face was most obscured by a large black cowboy hat, and you could just barely see the butt of a cigar hanging from his mouth.

Be right there with it. Headcannons or drabble, whatever suits you! Where the fuck did your arm go? You glanced at the clock, noting the time.

Just in time|overwatch tracer x male!reader fanfic *hiatus*

Jesse McCree shrugged, and you saw his eyes flick down to your waist as well when your hand moved. Anonymous asked: oooh!

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So just bear with me. A stubborn gal? Or say she looked as tasty as a sugar cube? But I spent the day with you. Tracer: For one, danger is all she lives for Well, other then you. You paused, not turning around to face him. Not only did it hurt but you could have sworn he was ready to murder you.

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Welcome to the ranks, Nurse Jesse. You made your way back around the counter, wiping up spilled alcohol, vomit and other excrement you decided you would rather not know the name of. Growling, McCree managed to get you out of the fight.

Winston now remembers how important background checks are and trial periods. Jeez, Moira, get a hint! Anonymous asked: Heyo!

Tracerxreader stories

You wanna talk about being careful? Keep up the great work! The roller coaster was almost another hour long wait to get on because of how many people thought it was the perfect time to go on a roller coaster A kid ended up vomiting on her shorts on that ride The other rides were all extremely hot from the Overwatch, and every time fanfiction two of you touched the metals they would burn Lunch was a disaster.

The two of you played tracer, and she found herself more and more looking for you whenever she was on. The man paused, the glass against his lips. Va The first time she met you was online The two of you were playing a shooter game and were on opposite teams. Nothing to serious but enough to keep them out of action for a while Like a non-lethal poison or some awkwardly situated stitches? Although I love her, she kind of treated it like a phase.

You let out a muffled yell as he pulled you against him, his arm around your neck in a chokehold.

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When the last few customers stumbled their way out of your bar, you followed them to the door and locked it, turning your Open s to Closed. Well…a seagull stole the ice cream right out of her cone. It hurts to just think of it. I get it, I fucked up. Everything from his posture down to the clothing he wore screamed secrets.

Overwatch fanfic writer: requests/asks open — tracer, winston and mei finding out that the newly

Lifting his chin, you made him look at you, struggling to smile through the pain. You turned your attention back to your closing duties, though you kept an eye on the stranger. When my grandmother found out, she treated it like a joke. Ever heard of me? You clawed furiously at his arm, unable to reach your gun with his other hand. She has been your rock ever since. You two ended up becoming official a lot sooner then anyone else.

Yes you can!

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Today was such a disaster…. He held his own fears, and in a way you understood. You could see the glass fog slightly as he let out a small, breathy chuckle.

Tracer stories

Not because your body was most important to her: because she was afraid of how you might react when you woke up It was a few days before you woke up at all When you did, you were really groggy. You watched as the cowboy downed the rest of his drink, the crossbow assembled once again and sitting next to him on the bar counter. These deep brown eyes locked with yours, the scent of copper and his cigar wafted over you. You knew you had him. With each hit against his arm, you were met with only a metallic bang.

Its just a bullet…or two.

Overwatch (tracer) - some fanfic recommendations - chapter 1 by _6_6_6_ full book limited free

And speed. Can I get Tracer, D. Love the blog! When the bomb had gone off, your first thought had been was what if she walked in and another went off too? You tried to yell again for one of your employees, but your mind grew too fuzzy to make a sound. She was also there to support you when you finally came out to your family. She stumbled over her words and at first you thought she was trying to arrest you but hey, it happens. You may be packin, cowboy, but so am I.

Again, you got a small chuckle in response.

Such a cute couple

You poured his drink and slid it down the bar to him, which he caught quite delicately, despite holding a crossbow bolt between his fingers. He had barely sipped his drink, you noticed. Sorry if you don't. He was dressed in almost all black, apart from the red bandanna and glowing orange arm, with many gun holsters and a crossbow strapped to his back.

So for awhile, she crushed on you from the other side of a computer It took a little but at one point she hinted about having a crush on someone Eagerly you asked who it could be, and if it was someone she knew It was then she spilled the news that it was you. Your hand instinctively flicked to your waist where your gun was.

Some fanfic recommendations

Was it flirting to call her buttercup or sweetie? Everything was a blur, but slowly the world came into focus And the first thing your eyes locked on was Pharah Instantly relief filled you. It felt like it was…. Your eyes wandered over to the man once again, who was still cleaning what seemed to be the same bolt. Anonymous asked: Tracer, Winston and Mei finding out that the newly ed team-member is actually the embodiment of Sloth?

She was okay. You wiped your forehead with your sleeve, eyes scanning over the patrons of your bar. The man raised his head to look at you fully, an amused and almost bored smile on his face. This stuns you. Brown hair mostly obscured by his hat, as well as a matching beard to go with his hair.

It was a nightmare!

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Tracer jolted awake and immediately fought against her restraints.


It was raining today.