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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Your children will not be plain. Wynne must marry an elf, preferably King Thranduil or Legolas.


Orlandobloom stories

Poison by Snoewhite Rated: Teenage Audience [ Reviews - 1 ] Summary: Lando and Vig have a parting of the ways once Lando realizes that Viggo is a slut and sleeps around on him after promising that it wouldn't happen again. Could Viggo be Orli's only hope?

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What a nice, pleasant way to spend a day off from work! Other : 2 Series. Here is one way they could have passed, unnoticed, through the generations to our present-day world. Viggo reminds him the hard way just who exactly he belongs to. Shelter by Juniper Rated: Restricted Audience [ Reviews - 0 ] Summary: Orlando and Viggo both have feelings for each other, but they manage to get confused surprise surprise along the way.

I really suck at summaries. American Woman by Mysse Rated: Restricted Audience [ Reviews - 1 ] Summary: The door slammed with such force that it shook the entire house and caused Viggo's hand to slip. Many thanks to our donors!

Lucid dreamer's fanfiction

A streak of sea-green struck the canvas and broke his concentration. In the Glowing by Moggie Rated: Restricted Audience [ Reviews - 0 ] Summary: In pursuit of a gorgeous shot, Viggo convinces the cast and crew to spend the night out under the stars.

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If something were to happen, how would the one left behind cope? Donate Help us keep one of the oldest running LotR archives available to all. Cheatin' Heart by Caranfiniel Rated: Teenage Audience [ Reviews - 1 ] Summary: Orlando is stuck in an unhappy relationship with a volatile Sean, but Viggo makes things bearable for him, until one tragic night Misconceptions and confusion abound.

Destiny's Hands by Lostiawen Rated: Restricted Audience [ Reviews - 1 ] Summary: An encounter with the supernatural changes a bitter drama student's life forever in a tale of love beyond death.

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Karl asks for their help to get hooked up with Craig. I should have chosen another CD - something happier. Sometimes even elves have to work out pain and frustration in a physical manner. There's nothing scary about an abandoned house. Orlando and Viggo are faced with this situation.

Man in the mirror

Bittersweet by Moggie Rated: Mature Audience [ Reviews - 0 ] Summary: This song by Crowded House makes me melancholy at the best of times -hearing it now is truly the last thing that I need. Better Than Percoset by Jenn Rated: Restricted Audience [ Reviews - 0 ] Summary: Orlando goes through the ordeal of having his wisdom teeth removed, but the recovery process turns out to be less horrible than he imagined.

Rather silly overall. The other half is fine; it's just been abandoned for a while.

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The normally traditional Viggo's obsessive love drives him to find his long-lost young lover. Love among the stars by bobel Rated: Restricted Audience [ Reviews - 0 ] Summary: As he is dealing with a terrible loss, Viggo's ship crash-lands on a distant planet where he encounters a peculiar humanoid race that gives him a strange welcome.

But it does and forgiveness is not coming for a while. He's falling and there's no one there to catch him, he's breaking and there's no one to put him back together; or is there?

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Need I say more? So corny. He hadn't expected to find love among the stars. Flame us! Only half of it is twisted and gutted.

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Femslash [82]. Meanwhile, Viggo feels like getting revenge on a certain elf. The Staff Disclaimer: We do not own this; it owns us.

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Orlando and Viggo grow close — but Viggo is confused by what he feels. My Only Hope by Rutaari Rated: Mature Audience [ Reviews - 2 ] Summary: Orlando's life is terrible, but someone comes along who could change everything for better or for worse. Little does he know what's in store for him.

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It speaks to me of pain, and the knowledge that something meaningful is about to be lost, perhaps never to be regained. A special welcome to our newest member, mlc FPS []. There have been reviews written about our stories consisting of chapters and words. Site Info We are the home of authors from among our members.

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Even the smallest donation helps! All right, Bloom, just grit your teeth. The future is set for one of them and is uncertain for the other. Less angsty. But the story is better, promise.

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One of the most ificant romantic relationships in my life started when I was


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