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Fiona and Tim had both been looking forward to the Celwood School open day. The school only took students aged sixteen years or older. Tim had gone there to study for his university entrance exams when he was eighteen.


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The burning in his bottom was too much. But better late than never. However, he was not inclined to indulge the interest. I adjusted it much earlier. Archie was unimpressed. Archie understood.

Spanking life

The spanking picked up pace. After all, Archie reasoned, Mark was not a young elementary school student still learning right from wrong. Thanks, Mr. Mark, standing in the corner with his freshly spanked bare bottom on ignominious display, did his best to stifle any remaining sniffles.

He was determined to teach a lesson that would not be soon forgotten. Better late than never, Archie thought as he raised the brush again.

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Two quick smacks: Right cheek, left cheek. His behind was still burning but he dared not rub. Your days of ruling the roost are over, young man! The spanking continued. Water filled his eyes. Mark gasped and Tina winced. How could anything hurt so much?? His butt was no longer just burning, it was scalding.

Spanking stories

His body squirmed. Archie landed four hairbrush spanks in quick succession. Archie now felt a degree of sympathy for his son but this spanking was far from over. He somehow always forgot just how much a spanking hurt until the first smack.

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It was clear to both that Archie meant business. However, the shamed teen had little time to contemplate embarrassment because his exasperated father wasted no time in raising up the hairbrush and briskly smacking it down on his upturned bottom.

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The young teen immediately realized he was utterly helpless to prevent the onslaught of spanks. The crying escalated to bawling. However, his distress failed to yield any sympathy from his determined father. He sternly explained to Mark that he was only getting what he deserved.

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He wondered how long he had already been standing in the corner. Yea, Sir! Please Sir! Not there, Sir! The spanking continued unabated. Rather, he felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction that his new style of parenting was sure to make an impression on his once-rebellious son. Archie may have ly been a push-over parent but those days were over.

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He was desperate not to draw any additional attention to himself. Right cheek, left cheek, both cheeks, Mark stopped being able to distinguish where the brush was landing on the blazing inferno that was once his behind. Yes Sir, Mark whispered softly, his heart beating so loudly he was sure his dad could hear it. He was a high school teen who consciously chose to disobey his parents. Today you are going to learn when an adult tells you to do something, you do it.

His brain was still processing its sting when the second spank landed. Archie asked the paperboy in a polite but impatient tone. This is the consequence of your decision. I hope so, answered his father, but if not, you can expect to be right back over my knee. Please tell us if any story tags are missing or incorrect. Help the archive! Go to the contents for this series.

A good old fashioned spanking

Quickly and respectfully. Quite the contrary. The boy was clearly stalling. Oh how he regretted not hanging up that damn, er, darn towel. Mark yelped. You chose to be spanked when you chose to disrespect your stepmother, he lectured.

Mark now realized he was crying.

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The brush-turned-red-hot-poker lit another miniature blaze. You better make me believe this is not going to happen again. His father would have none of it. I want you to spend that time doing some careful thinking about minding adults and the consequences of a fresh mouth. His bottom bounced. Probably only ten minutes but it felt like hours. An audience, he ruefully thought.

Spanking life

He kicked, he screamed, he sobbed, but it was to no avail. A few more crisp hairbrush spanks and the fire turned became an inferno. His legs fluttered. Mark squeezed himself further into the corner, hoping it might make him invisible.

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He had no intention of ending this spanking until Mark was truly regretful and would think twice before being willfully disobedient. It was bad enough their 9 year old neighbor now knew old-fashioned spankings were still administered in their home and 14 year old Mark was still a recipient of the old-fashioned discipline.

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Mark had needed this for years. I am tired of your attitude, said Archie as he lifted up the brush. Turning his head, he saw that Tina had come into the room. Mark screeched and impulsively reached back with his left hand to protect his bottom. He yelped again. He would surely never survive his punishment.

A new old-fashioned home

His reaction illustrated to Archie that spanking had been the correct decision. The only reward for trouble were two especially painful smacks to the back of his thighs.

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Yes Sir, Mark sighed. Anything else?

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Mark pleaded.

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