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Home About Wiki Tools Contacts. Yet greater. Wonder Woman nuzzled her face into his red-blond spiky hair.


Once his identity was revealed to the public, Dick went undercover as an Agent of Spyral.

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Once there, Dick did several missions for the agency before returning to the mantle of Nightwing over a year later. Unfortunately, Tarantula definitely took things too far when she had sex with Nightwing in a weakened state, effectively raping the hero.

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Few are likely to have heard of Deborah Poulos, even though things actually got pretty serious between her and Dick. Despite a few small appearances, Cheyenne Freemont actually showed a lot of potential as a character.

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In actuality, the two never did more than share a kiss. However, aside from his relation to Batman, Dick is also known for being about as much of a playboy as his mentor.

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Unfortunately, Liu was revealed to have ulterior motives and was basically using Dick for his connections to Bruce Wayne. Marvel: 10 Comic Characters What If? Ultron Could Defeat.

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When he was a teenager, the two became closely involved, and Dick even lost his virginity to her. Furthermore, considering how long they were together, it is truly surprising that so few people have actually heard of her. Though Sonia had done a lot over the years to distinguish herself from her father, her relationship with Dick never really took off given the situation.

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Richland Anderson Articles Published J. Marvel: Captain America's 10 Greatest Accomplishments. For years, this moment has been an infamous chapter in the history of the character, and for a pretty good reason. The two met on campus and were actually romantically involved for several years within the comics.

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While she may have caused some emotional damage, the former Boy Wonder has definitely had some much stronger relationships since. In the end, the two decided that they were much better as teammates and no more.

Though she disappeared shortly afterward, she showed a lot more promise than many others that Dick was romantically involved with.

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With the two spending so much time together, Tarantula eventually developed feelings for him, though Nightwing never really reciprocated them. Looking at some of those more obscure women, here is our list of 10 Nightwing romances that only true DC fans know of. Though the two are typically associated as teammates, there was a brief time when Nightwing and Raven actually had a romantic connection. Even after it was revealed that she was a former masked criminal, her relationship with Dick continued to be one of the highlights of the series.

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For those who are unfamiliar, Shawn Tsang is from the first few arcs of the Nightwing Rebirth series. Though she has barely been seen since the series concluded, she still proved to be an intriguing character in her own way, even apart from Grayson. Most notably, the character is often associated romantically with characters like Starfire, Batgirl, or even Huntress.

While more could have been done with her, there is a reason that so many people have forgotten about her.

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Despite things currently being very serious between her and Batman, Catwoman has actually been involved with Dick Grayson from time to time. During this time, Dick also explored his feelings for Huntress, but Agent 8 still got some pretty good moments in. For those who are unfamiliar, Liu was actually one of the first women Dick Grayson ever truly loved. Debuting a sleek, feminine spin on the Nightwing costume, Cheyenne actually made for a pretty interesting hero, especially with her telekinetic abilities.

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Even though she had metahuman abilities of her own, Cheyenne chose to keep them a secret, not even using them under the guise of an alter-ego. Eventually, Lori started dating a villain known as The Raven and, though she tried to reconcile with Dick after the fact, essentially ended their relationship right then.

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Towards the end of their relationship, Deborah actually asked Dick to move to California with her, showing just how much faith she had in her relationship with him. Acting as more of an anti-hero, Nightwing paired up with Tarantula with the hopes of getting her to act more heroic.

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As someone who considers himself to be incredibly nerdy, J. Richland Anderson Published Apr 03, Share Share Tweet 0. Especially as Raven grew more in touch with her emotions, her relationship with Nightwing became increasingly complicated. Over the years, the character has been in all sorts of different relationships, all of which seemed doomed to never last.

When Dick Grayson first started college, Lori Elton was one of the first women to catch his eye.

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Cheetah started summoning her army through different parts of the world.


However, aside from his relation to Batman, Dick is also known for being about as much of a playboy as his mentor.


Thanks to my beta Hepburn, this chapter is so much better because of her input.