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  • Kazakh
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  • Clear gray eyes
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  • Leo
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  • Fishing
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in. My story took place about 10 grannies ago while still in college near the final exams, during those days I decided to wake up early morning and go to the library to study around 5 or 6 hours in order to get good grades and enjoy the summer. On the last day of classes I went out from the libra r y naughty A:M, pick up my bike and took my way home and then shit happens, just one block away from home one stupid asshole decided to pass with the red light and Bam the next thing notice was the sound of sirens, people screaming and me lay down on the floor. Once the ambulance arrive to the hospital the battery of tests started, some of them were more unpleasant than other. But to be honest the only thing I feel at the moment was a small abdominal story.


My cock was at boiling point. Me being in the state I was, I thought I would just go and say hi to them.

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She was still stiff, her hips in the air, she lifted my head off her, and started to shake as she came down from her orgasm and slowly rested her body back onto the bed. Please, can you now. Jean was fair looking, had a nice smile and was very petite.

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Jean saw me to the door. We both kissed very passionately, both our tongues darting in and out. And was hoping and wishing you would play along. I moved up and lay on my side facing Jean, looking up and down her body.

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I was a bit taken aback and was unsure what to say or do. There were soft moans and loud cries from Jean. After a few minutes, Jean brought my head up to hers and kissed me passionately. In fact she put her hand on my growing bulge and stroked it softly.

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Naughty Neighbour "Two lonely people change each other's lives. Jean came round one evening and asked if I could take her to the hospital the next day. She does not look after herself at all, no exercise to speak of.

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She did not seem to complain. Score 4. Published 7 years ago. We were enjoying this like we were long lost lovers who had just met and not had sex for quite some time. I sucked Jean's tongue and she in turn sucked on mine.

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They are just a few of the reasons I let this happen. Our new immediate next granny neighbours were both older than me. Jean turned to face me, placed a hand on top of my naughty, and moved it slowly, down my thigh and back up, continuing doing this as we both looked at each other. I was on my own as my wife and kids were story her mother back in London for a few days. To see and talk to Jean in everyday circumstances, you would never in a million years guess this was Jean in her night life.

I was still just managing to move my tongue across her clit. We, as neighbours, got on fairly well. I do like a drink like most people on occasions, and this was an occasion Christmas. Next day I took Jean to the hospital and we both sat and chatted with Ron for a couple of hours. Jean closed the first door so not to let the heat out, not completely but just ajar.

I would like to have kissed you even if I were not drunk.

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Both her hands were on the back of my head. I was not complaining, in fact it was a big turn on. I was not sure why she was mentioning this. Jean led me by the hand upstairs and into their bedroom where she started to take off her clothes. A little more on my wife; she is fat and uninterested in sex.

After a few minutes her breathing become sort of normal, less heavy, less panting. I got to her right tit first; it was amazingly firm.

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Jean was on her back. Jean, moaned. Ron by ten years, and Jean by twelve years. Jean didn't drive, so to visit Ron in hospital, she would need to take a bus or cab. She seemed so frail in that very tiny frame.

My naughty confession 1 (my grandmother)

As I mentioned Ron was in hospital. My wife does not drink much and I was a bit merry but not as I did not know what I was doing. Ron, on the other hand, was quite a big fella, almost a total mismatch to Jean, but not in the best of health. Jean said that Ron really had not been too well for a of years now, something like four. I sucked on her nipple while my right hand squeezed her left tit.

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Then she slowly moved it down towards my cock, traced out my cock through the fabric of my boxers, and then started squeezing my cock through the boxers. I could not remember. I pushed the hood back and suck her clit.

I am married and have two kids, and my wife is four years younger than me. Famous Story. I offered to take Jean in my car whenever she needed to go. We were like this for what seemed like ages; our kiss was very wet, almost dripping as we both sucked each other.

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I worked on her clit for a little while, then ever so slowly moved up, licking and kissing her stomach. My job relocated about fifteen years ago, about fifty miles from London, so I thought it better to relocate my family instead of commuting.

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Let me fill you in on something that happened about three years ago around Christmas time. I took that as a for me to do the same. They have a small hallway so there are two doors, an inner door, and then a main door. My wife said she was tired and going home, so I went on my own, up to the front door and rang the bell. Her nipples like the tip of a little finger, thick and stuck out half an inch at least. Hi, my name is Bob. I am in my early fifties. I was unsure, so just ended up as a peck.

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Then the biggest surprise, as she said Ron was unable to make her happy as a woman because of his illness, she took my hand which she was already holding, and slowly placed it onto her thigh. Then with some reluctance on my part, Jean broke off our passionate kiss, at which point I thought, oh well, that was nice.

She also mentioned that they had not been intimate for just as long. Her hips were bucking up and down, slow at first then faster and faster. Then licked and kissed my way back down to her pussy lips; she was very wet. My wife and I had been out at another neighbour's place for a few drinks. I wet my tongue and placed it at the bottom of her slit. The talk got round to Ron and his health.

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Greetings between Jean and I are usually a kiss on the lips just a quick peckbut this time I wanted it to last a bit longer. She sat to my left, sitting fairly close but not too close. I tried to remember the last time I had sex. Ron answered the door and asked me to come in. for Free!

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Her tits, not big, for me just right, perky, a nice hand full. She was wearing a skirt but no stockings.

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I moved back to her tits for a little while.

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My grandfather died when I was teen, and my grandmother never remarried.


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It was a few years back now.


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