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  • What is my age:
  • I'm 43 years old
  • Sexual orientation:
  • Male
  • Eyes:
  • Enormous green eyes
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  • My body type is quite skinny
  • In my spare time I love:
  • Roller-skating
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  • No


April Fools' Dayonce a time to pull a prank on both friends and enemies, has turned into a day for corporations to try and fool customers with predictable internet hoaxes. Come April 1, we can all count on an announcement about a fake new show, feature or a tinkered application. After Partridge predicted in his almanac that a fever would sweep London in early April, Swift published an almanac under a fake name predicting that on March 29 at 11 p. The whole escapade helped to discredit Partridge, who eventually stopped publishing almanacs. In January ofLondon newspapers advertised that in an upcoming show, a man would squeeze his entire body into a wine bottle and then sing while inside of it.


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Your cat, random internet cats, these cats wearing shower caps — whatever feels right. Gosh, men are so lucky I grace them with my presence and wit, don't you think? If you're looking to be just as silly and not at all sensual this April Fool's Day, here are 16 hilarious sexts to send your partner if and when they ask you to send nudes.

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As mentioned, steamy pictures aren't my area of expertise — but that's not because no one's ever asked. I can definitely assist you in crafting those.

sweet woman Royalty

Search Close. Do this. For example, in high school, a guy friend I'd had a semi-fling with asked for nudes and I just sent various pictures of my ts: elbows, knee caps, wrists. Use what I like to describe as "the Michael Cera technique," wherein you just send pictures of Michael Cera.

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Send these steamy old centerfold photos of Burt Reynolds. Just send this gif and call it a day.

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Once, in elementary school, I wore a cast to school and concocted an intricate story about being attacked by a rabid, one-eyed dog named Comet a story I insisted was true for the entire first week of April. Must be you service.

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By Genevieve Wheeler. Steal this genius idea and send a picture of the loading .

A modest prank-posal

If you've got Barbies handy, strip a few of those down and throw them in the tub. I mean, half of my job involves asking strangers to send me gifts on dating apps I just send really ridiculous, goofy pictures instead.

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You can even throw in a few thigh pics, if you're feeling generous. Glad we agree. I'm not really proud or ashamed of that fact more power to you ladies snapping spicy shots!

Prankster in a bottle

Send photos of literally any piece of Renaissance art. Just send them endless photos or gifs, your call!

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Alternatively, send them an image of your favorite member of the Pussycat Dolls. Just say "nudes. Fun fact: I've never sent nudes. Years later, I sent my then-boyfriend pictures of a bucket of fried chicken after I'd peeled their crispy coating off.

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So I can't help you master sexy angles, but silly April Fools' Day sexts? Mmm, so sensual! So weird.

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Exactly this. April Fool's Day pranks, on the other hand? Oh, and once after that, I sent shots of my nude-colored Essie nail polish.

Take someone by surprise with this april fools' day gag.

It'll be like a boudoir photo shoot — but, you know, with plastic dolls in your bathroom. Those are definitely up my alley.

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Mine is Nicole Scherzinger, in case you were wondering.

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Including on Heart where Amanda Holden was pranked by her co-workers when she was led to believe she was responsible for a marriage proposal gone wrong live on the air.


By tradition, in some countries, April 1 or April Fools' Day is marked by practical jokes.


Your chinchilla died of smoke inhalation after the burning curtains fell over its cage, and the curtains only caught fire after you kicked the cherry bombs into them while trying to stomp out the fire they set on the carpet.


Docuseries chronicles Bay Area athletes' college recruiting journey.