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The Nairaland user, with the username lawman88 came on Nairaland seeking for help over what he described as a total neglect of his wife for not cautioning her Sister because of the way she dresses in the house. I really need help and strategies to handle this matter. My wife sister came three weeks ago to live with us. She is 22 yrs. My problems now is her dressing mode which my wife is not careful about. This lady always wear see-through singlets and night gowns.


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My wife doesn’t want to have sex and says i should sleep with her sister

I don't think my wife thought about this because her sister and I started fucking the next week. I gave him on hell of a BJ and he filled my mouth with his cum and I showed him it laying on my toung and I swallowed it all he pulled me up gave me one hell of a kiss and told me no gal has ever deep throated him before I started to gag once but managed to push the feeling aside and I went down on him again taking all 8 inches of him ball deep in me and held him there till I was about to pass out from lac of oxygen. My wife said I could be the sperm donor. Now Tim and I get togethe5r every three days or so, we get high together and fuck the time away.

How would you make NaughtyPosts better? My story had a sad ending,but even those with happy endings, scars one's soul and taints future relationships for a lifetime. optional - for password recovery. Random Post.

Sort Newest. Get your wife to be in bed with you when you do it so she can't say she didn't know about it. She feels really sorry for her and she thinks it would be good for her to get laid.

'my girlfriend asked me to sleep with her twin sister and i don't know what to do'

I said ok and she let me have sex with her that same week. Yes No. My man did left me for another lady.

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Anyway my sister-in-law gave birth my kid, I'm still sleeping with my sister-in-law. Your wife is considerate to her sister so why not go for it, but get your wife to watch while you are fuck her sister this will be a really big turn on for all three of you, its more exciting being watched, go for it. I went through the tragedy of an affair and felt my heart raped, and the process was not so smooth or tidy.

Little splits

This way the relationship is managed, and the responsibility to keep it in check is shared with your wife. After an endless cycle of pain and depression, suddenly the crisis ended, and we didn't have to go through much fight, It was an understandable ending by all s,but throughout the divorce process he denied never to cheat on me while we were together. Most Popular. Wish I could post a pic of the feet Growing up one of my closest friends Someone left a note on my car window a I recently found a purse like thing in Will somebody let my wife give them a I am devoted to my very attractive My post got a lot of comments I came to confess that my son and i So this happened a few weeks ago.

“seems my wife wants me to sleep with her sister” a man cries out

Have your wife clarify with your sister that you'll have sex with her when YOU feel its OK for you, and when your wife and sister agree its OK for her, and your wife will always be present, or at least know beforehand, and when it id complete.

Go for it!! Make a family thing of it! My wife left me shortly after her sister's pregnancy test came back positive.

“seems my wife wants me to sleep with her sister” a man cries out

Post Something. She told me she wouldn't mind if I did it with her once or twice if I wanted to as long as I let her know. Pussy is pussy, man!

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My wife's sister wanted to have a baby and her husband was sterile. My wife has an younger sister who isn't very pretty and she's never had sex with a man. It was amazing and weve been living together for more than 10 years now. Go ahead and do it, man! Yes Tim and I fucked that morning several times and man does he cum a lot.

We finished the t and went back in and still couldn't find my husband. Go ahaead And who cares if she isn't very pretty? When Tim and I got home three hours later he was out like a light and wouldn't even wake up to kiss me goodnight. Cancel Post. I've posted two stories on here now as My wife wants me to do her sister My wife has an younger sister who isn't very pretty and she's never had sex with a man.

‘i think my wife wants me to have sex with her sister’ – man cries out

My husband asked me to fuck his younger brother several times. Want to read posts and comments uncensored? I'm worried about it being just once or twice and I don't know what to do. IF you sis in law is 'crazy in the head', fuggedaboutit. After a month of this my wife told me that in her culture it was ok to take a sister as a second wife if I wanted to. Password Forgot? All Posts.

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A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you. I couldnt believe it but she was really serious, and it didnt have to be anything formal, just between the three of us.

‘i think my wife wants me to have sex with her sister’ – man cries out

We divorced, but I carried the pain and the torch. I knew she could hear us whenever we had sex and both her and my wife would walk around in just panties and t-shirts, which often gave me obvious erections. By Anonymous 7. My wife thought I was donating sperm, I only figured this out after she asked me how the visits to the doctor were going. Another reason I let Tim fuck me is my husband only cums in me once and he's thru for two days or more, Tim cums in me at least four times every time we get together.

It happened with the consent of my wife, that I could fuck her sister on two conditions, she watched all the action and we were not allowed to kiss, it was only sex, well guys what would do I know what I did. Found out later he said he couldn't find me and went home to go to bed.

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Fucking my wife and her sister keeps me smiling, foreplay is great! Screen Name shown to the public. My wifes younger sister moved in with us when her mom passed away. Screen Name or. Is this post inapropriate? And don't stop after two or three times. Never fuck crazy.

My wife wants me to sleep with her sisteris that wrong?

As the evening wore on I went outside to have a smoke and Tim was there and he lit my cigarette for me and asked if I ever smoked pot before and I answered him yes back in college and he handed me his smoke and then I smelled it I took a big drag held it and he kissed me as I exhaled into his mouth and we passed the smoke back and forth three times before I had to break away, my head was spinning and this time he took a big drag and again we passed it back and forth between us and I started in getting horney as hell.

I'm not going to stop any time soon for sure. Then one night at a party he asked me again and he was there so I started in talking with him for my hubby seem to be avoiding him so I kept him company even kissed him on his cheek a few times trying to break the ice so to speak. You and wife do her first. Just don't let your sister-in-law tell your wife about it in a moment of guilt.

Delete this post? Though life goes on, but once we go through that despair, we carry the scars forever. Get them both in a 3-sum. That's how pot effects me and I was ok being with Tim but when he started in kissing my neck going lower and lower and I didn't stop him. Then wife gets the same. But All thanks to 'hackingloop6 gm ail. We lived in a small place and there wasnt a lot of privacy.

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According to the man, it looks like his wife wants him to sleep with her sister as she never complains about the sister walking around the house in a see-through nightgown.


My wife has an younger sister who isn't very pretty and she's never had sex with a man.


Dear Cupid, I have a good relationship with my wife even though there was some infidelity on my wife's part a few years ago.


I am 50 and my wife is