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  • My age:
  • 47
  • Where am I from:
  • Australian
  • Color of my iris:
  • Clear dark eyes
  • What I prefer to drink:
  • Tequila
  • Favourite music:
  • Electronic


I am honestly in shock right now. My younger half-sister we share a mother told me she woukd give me a blowjob if I wanted it. I just called her a slut jokingly not in a serious tone and she agreed that she was. So now, is it fucked up if I let her do it? I would advise you not to do it, but more for her sake than yours. For you to let her do this is to take advantage of that and engrain more deeply in her psyche her unhealthy notions of the nature of relationships with men.


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A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you. If you do not receive your shortly, please check your spam folder. The second that I said it her hands left the armrests and she was undoing my belt, then had my slacks opened up and she was staring down at my boxers. I watched her fingers going down the front searching out the hole, she was moving slowly and I figured that anytime now she was going to stop and tell me she was just joking around. My sister tied me up and put peanut butter all over my penis and testicles then brought the dog over and watched me squirm while he cleaned me off.

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Want to read posts and comments uncensored? She jacked me until I came then put more peanut butter on me so the dog would lick me more. Most Comments. How would you make NaughtyPosts better? She finally got back on her feet after about a year and half of living with me and I could not tell you how many times she gave me head but it was far more than I have ever received from any other woman.

She swallowed me down and kept up the sucking motions giving me a real great orgasm.

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Don't you ever want your cock sucked or want to have sex with someone? Cancel Post. She had her hands on either side of my shaft bracing herself as she kept up the best blow job I had ever felt. She kept talking and asked when the last time was that I had one or even sex, I was still amazed that she told me she wanted to give me one and figured she was joking around.

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Sort Newest. I made no attempt to collect rent nor did I tell her when she moved in that I would charge her rent. I was sitting in one of my lounge chairs still wearing my clothes from work, feet up, sipping on a drink when she suddenly got up off the chair she was sitting in and came over to mine. I was 22 when I shared the rent of a I came to confess that my son and i So this happened a few weeks ago.

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optional - for password recovery. I do not orgasm quickly and for about ten minutes she never stopped and soon that great feeling was welling up inside my balls and I began to orgasm. She then blew my mind with a question.

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. Wish I could post a pic of the feet Growing up one of my closest friends Someone left a note on my car window a I have always had a fetish of a Nurse I squirted for the first time the other Iwas 16 my sister was 18! She put both of her hands on each arm rest and asked me again when was the last time I had a blow job. Delete this post?

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All Posts. I never complained to her about staying at my house and never asked her for any rent. I told her that I just have not been putting any time towards a relationship. She moved in and promised that she would get back on her feet soon, eight months later she was still jobless and was really trying from what I could see.

She did this whenever she felt like it because I never asked for one and sometimes it was daily for a week or so. Most Popular. I told her well of course but I was not about to pay for it and very few women want to just come back to my place for a one night deal.

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Yes No. Report this comment. Her head never stopped moving, she was twisting it sideways, going in arcs, bobbing up and down, it felt like there were two or three women sucking on it with all the motions she was making.

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I told her that I have had girlfriends but they always tell me I work way to much and do not have time for them. I arrived home one night after work and she starts asking me a hundred questions and why I never date anyone, do I even date, do I have a girlfriend. Post Something.


Stay logged in. Is this post inapropriate? Password Forgot? I've posted two stories on here now as My sister gave me head About ten years ago my sister was down and out on her luck with work, I had two spare rooms so I offered my house to her. I then felt her finger tips on my skin and in an instant she pulled it thru the hole and her head went down quickly, her lips pulled up my cock and she sucked me into her mouth.

Screen Name shown to the public. She stood up and asked me how that felt, I told her that it was the best I had ever received. I told her that I honestly could not remember but that she was not going to give me one. By Anonymous 4. Random Post. She then looked right at me and told me she would give me a blow job for letting her stay here. About ten years ago my sister was down and out on her luck with work, I had two spare rooms so I offered my house to her.

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About ten years ago my sister was down and out on her luck with work, I had two spare rooms so I offered my house to her.