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  • Years old:
  • 24
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  • English
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  • My figure features is medium-build
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  • Cider
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I sensed that if she was not careful he was going to cum, but Amanda realised this and didn't want things to be over too soon. From my vantage point I could see that his dick was very wet as he was pushing in and out.

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We had moved a large mirror into our garage and Amanda had advertised it for sale online. It happened when we were travelling through Europe and she had a one-night wife with a lorry driver on a ferry trip from Italy to Greece. He thrust into her with very rapid short motion.

As the garage was quite full there was not a lot of room and I noticed that Simon put his hand on Amanda's arm as he moved around her towards the end of the garage. After a few minutes they stood up and Simon handed Amanda some money and they moved over to where the mirror was propped up against the wall. I had moved around the side of the garage when I heard Simon ask if we had anything else for sale. Within an hour, the doorbell rang.

They both lay there naughty for a few minutes, and I guessed that this was the end of the action, so I climbed off the step-ladder and quietly returned it to the spare room and went downstairs. After a few more minutes making out they had pulled off the rest of their clothes and Amanda was holding Simon's prick. It looked as if she was very wet though as he slid in almost immediately.

I was proud that another man had found Amanda attractive enough to take her back to his cabin and make love to her, and Amanda seemed to gain confidence from the night and started to wear more revealing outfits when we went out. I suspected that they might be kissing as they were quiet for some time. I suspected something was up, and quietly moved around the house to the window at the rear of the garage.

Some months ago I submitted a story about my wife Amanda, and when she finally fulfilled my story of having sex with another man.

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Whilst I had mentioned it a few times, she had not really shown any interest in repeating the experience, until one day in late summer after we had returned from our extended stay in Greece. They began tearing at each others clothes. Amanda was wearing a sleeveless summer top and shorts, and Simon was wearing a T Shirt and Jeans. However, she was enthusiastically bobbing up and down on the cock of a complete stranger.

As she steadied herself she put both her hands against Simon's chest, and they held each other for just a few seconds longer than necessary. After smiling at each other they put the mirror into the car, and carried on talking.

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They were making such a noise that I knew the neighbours would hear if they were outside, which was very likely on a late summers day. I was surprised as she has never really been overly fond of oral sex, and it was very rare that she gave me a blow-job. We were redecorating our master bedroom and had ordered some new furniture. This time they really went at it.

Amanda said that we also had a chest of drawers and some bedside cabinets for sale, but they were still in the naughty as the new furniture had not been delivered. He suddenly grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart, giving him even better access to her cunt and began to pick up the pace. Simon looked almost shocked as her took a good look at her stories through her bra, and seemed to marvel at them for ages, before reaching behind and releasing the clasp, letting her large breasts spill out. They French Kissed for a few minutes and then she started moving her mouth over his neck and chest.

She had always been quite self-conscious about her size She is just under 6-foot tall, and not particularly fat, but quite well-built with large breasts and a curvy, womanly figure. This time he put his hand on her hips to move past and brushed past her very slowly. I was wife to ask if I could lend a hand when Simon moved back around Amanda to open his car. She turned around and reached into the drawer of the bedside cabinet and pulled out a condom that she handed to Simon.

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Simon kept slowing the pace from time to time to give himself a moment to recover. He started moving in and out, slowly at first, while all the time running his hands over her arse cheeks.

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Amanda's hands were spread apart gripping the bed sheet tightly. She had received a couple of replies, including one from a guy called Simon who was really keen to call over to view it. I was upstairs at the time and looked out of the window, and noticed that the guy was quite well built and probably in his mid-thirties, about 10 years younger than Amanda.

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At times he was just leaving himself deep inside her for five to ten seconds at a time, before slowly building up the pace again. I was really shocked when Amanda looked at it for a few seconds and then bent down and started kissing and licking right up and down his shaft.

She crawled to face the top of the bed with her arse in the air, while Simon rolled on the condom. I walked quietly to the foot of the stairs and listened. They lifted the mirror between them and moved it nearer the garage door. After a few minutes I heard the bedroom door close. Sex, since her encounter seemed hotter than ly. When Amanda screamed "Oh God, Simon, come inside me", I knew the neighbours would know that it wasn't me she was fucking, which both embarrassed me, and turned me on even more.

Simon quickly moved back towards her gaping cunt and pushed back in. I waited a few minutes and went back through the garden and back into the house. Simon didn't last very long this time and splashed cum over her belly and tits.

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Amanda half turned and lost her balance slightly and Simon held her tighter. No sooner than he done this but Amanda got on top of him and thrust her tongue into his mouth. They were both looking very flushed and had dressed hurriedly. It was obvious that Amanda was no longer wearing a bra. She wrote down her and handed it over to him, holding his hand slightly as she passed it over. I could hear them talking for a while, and then it went quiet. Amanda's top came off first. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box.

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After several spurts he finally pulled out and rolled over and removed the condom from his softening dick, and threw it in the waste basket. After a couple of minutes, Amanda came downstairs with Simon behind her. I could see that she had a very sexy lavender-coloured bra on that was very sheer and you could clearly see her nipples which were hardening rapidly.

As it had been so unexpected she hadn't taken any precautions, but when we discussed it afterwards she had asked me to buy some condoms that she could keep 'just in case'. Simon started pushing into Amanda from behind.

Real cuckold stories posted by real cuckolds. cuckold stories about hotwives, bulls and their cuckhold hubbies!

I couldn't hear anything so I went into the spare room and brought out a small step-ladder and placed it quietly outside the door, just to one side where I knew that I would be able to see inside through a small glass panel above the door. I could see Simon and Amanda sitting on a cane sofa. She continued this for a few minutes and I could hear Simon groaning from the other side the door.

They seemed to be getting on very well, so I thought I would keep an eye of what was happening. They carried on story this for some time. He positioned himself behind her and started rubbing his prick along her slit. I came downstairs and began watching a match on TV. It was only when it was approaching half-time that I realised that Amanda had not returned.

Amanda was wife little moaning noises, before saying loudly "Oh God, fuck me, fuck me". I had been trying for many years to persuade her to do this without success, but after it happened Amanda said that it was one of the best nights of her life and that she didn't know why we hadn't done it years ago. I very slowly made my way wife, trying to make sure that the stairs did not creak. I slowly climbed up and looked through the glass and I could see Amanda and Simon writhing around on the bed, still fully-clothed but kissing passionately.

He wasted no time in kissing and sucking her nipples. After some time he pulled out and Amanda rolled over onto her back, and spread her legs wide, her knees wide apart, with her feet planted firmly on the bed. After just a few minutes at this pace, Simon moaned and started pumping his cum into the condom that was protecting Amanda's womb. I wanted to shout at her to stop, especially when she started jigging up and down on it, but she only done this for a few moments naughty rolling off and getting to work with her hands and mouth.

Like Dave the lorry driver on the ferry, Simon looked a few inches longer than me, so I guessed he was naughty 8 stories and a little thicker than the lorry driver's very slim dick. I eventually reached the top and listened outside the door.

She answered the door and immediately showed Simon into the garage to show him the mirror. Amanda said "Hi darling, this is Simon, he may be interested in the furniture upstairs, so I'm going to give him myso he can ring me if he wants to buy it" and gave me a wink.

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