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Telefon Numaram: 92 Making my Husband a Cocksucker? I am married to a wonderful man and we have a great sex life.


My second wife still married to today I told I was Bi curious and like wearing panties.

So you see there is no way I could ever satisfy a woman. I got a small cock so I couldn't pleasure a woman anyways. So throughout our entire marriage I've allowed my wife to fuck whoever she wants too, and I have my gay friends. I'm a 28 yr old marred female. Threaten to tell my wife and family, maybe blackmail me. Force me to go from bi to gay while laughing and making fun of me for it. Tell him to go ahead and suck the dick it will be erotic, I did Been married to my wife for 32 years, she knew I was gay even before we were married.

However I would wager to say she has had more sex with men during our marriage, then most women have had with there husband's. She really enjoys watching me suck the guy cock and get it nice and hard before he fucks her. Make me grow breasts and get implants. But never to suck a man's cock even to the point she wants a squirting strap on now to see it ooze out my ass.

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Well my wife has asked me to suck her strap on. Pimp me out. I get SO hard when a woman forces me to homosexual things. Next day I sucked and swallowed as my wife recorded it and watched. I'd be better off as a chastity belted or castrated sissy all small penis white men should have this done to them. She wanted to see him suck my dick.

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The way he sucks on them, and the way he works my nipples with his tongue, drives me over the edge with an awesome orgasim. We have been friends since kindergarden. What turned me on was how excited she got!!! I have just recently given birth to our third. Just to give you an idea how small. Then he fucked me as she recorded. We had fun for a few weeks and then he moved so I have had no fun from that time and I miss it.

I love the feeling, and watching my husband nurse on my breasts.

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When my wife and I are having passionate sex our talking to each other gets pretty descriptive! My wife told me one of her fantasies is to watch another man suck my cock. Expecially since my breast are now full of milk all the time, our baby isn't consuming as much as I'm producing. Make me help raise their black babies you birth, i'll claim they're mine when asked.

Yes I know there not biologically mine, but I love them just the same. Then he told us he used to have sex with a family member and his wife and would let me suck him and have sex with him while my wife watched. I really want to be slapped, punched, and spat on by a woman as she puts me through all of this. I've been wondered how he would be at sucking a mans cock.

Because it's still to soon to have sex since giving birth, my pussy is off limits for another 4 weeks. I have ten different men experiences the last three after I got married.

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His wife had an orgasm just watching me enjoy his mouth. Same here. I think she would disown me but I am down to suck a tranny cock. We are proof that two people can truly love each other, and never reallyhad actual intercourse.

Just out of highschool and 18 I accidentally started dating a married girl 8 years older than me and her hubby was 15 years older than me. Then I usually will suck him hard again, and let him fuck my ass, but I always take is second load of cum in my mouth.

Anyway I am very super tiny in the cock area. Or do everything you can to the my life and publically shame me. She made me watch him fuck her while I jacked off in my panties. Yes plenty have I'm one who husbands cock for my wife to enjoy and I love sucking cocksucker cock in front of her it has made our sex life so great as many many women enjoy watching their husband swallow another man's cock and cum.

It started one night with a friend of mine. Yes I perform oral sex on her, and use strapons on her, but my cock has never been in her pussy. I want my woman to openly cuckold me. It's just not as fun without a woman dominating me along the way, getting off on abusing me every step of the way.

My husband can't keep his hands off me. I made him choke on it. I have made my husband Bryan suck cocks for years but he is not a man but a nasty cuckold he is so pathetic. Tell me what cocksucker you'd to a pervert like me.

However my poor husband has to rely on me giving him a blow job or jacking husband. The next night she taught me to suck his cock together. Smkiii live. She's aware of my love for cock sucking! Over a year she would call me a cocksucker and tell me she wanted to see me do it and get fucked. I get off a few times a day when my husband finishes off what our baby leaves behind in my boobs. I love cock in my mouth. Married white male, 35 yo. I am a older white guy with a nice sized cock i wish my cock was fatter but i am glad that there are women out here that like to see a guy wearing panties and sucking another guys the we need more of you out here.

Think it so exciting to have my wife watch me suck cock. I've had the pleasure of having six different women watch me give a blow job. Give me creampies to lick up, force me to put out for your bulls. I Love Sucking Cock.


I guess we'd always secretly cared for each other, but never said anything. She ended up getting pregnant at 19 by another man, who dumped her, so I asked her to marry me and she said yes. So what I'm asking is Are there any other ladies out there that have the same fantasy or have witnessed this? She tossed my briefs out nd bought me all panties right away. I fantasize alot about watching my husband doing 69 with another man.

me. He didn't want to do it but she threatened him with no more sex if he didn't.

So what our baby doesn't drink my husband finishes. I've always taken great care of my body, so with just having a baby, I still look good. So you see you can have the perfect marriage. Sex is just that, Sex, so why not do what you enjoy, don't get hung up on titles. Make fun of me, insult me. Every one of them enjoyed it, and asked me to let them know when I was going to give a blow job next time.

I'd love to have an online female friend equally perverted pressuring me to do things, but no real life interaction. Of course I get to clean them both up afterwards.

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