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  • 21
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  • Romanian
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I want a boyfriend that is always super attracted to me. I want him to share me with his friends. Basically I want to be there to sexually please any one of them at any time they want. I want my boyfriend to invite them around to dinner and for me to make food for them and for them to fuck me in the kitchen leaning against the counter or have me sit under the table and suck their cocks while they eat. Later I would be eating on the couch with them as we watched something and they would be touching and groping me on the couch.


If i stood my ground and continued to say no that would have been the end of it. Idk I just don't know how to feel I guess. I didn't know if I was really supposed to or what. He pushed you to do it. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated and I cant say anything about this to any of my friends as I dont want their girlfriends to find out about this and i wouldnt want to tell them and have them look at me different like i feel my bf now does.

Want more and more?? Long story short my team won the next game and he asked what I wanted him the team we beat to take off so I said their shirts. It's not like they raped me or forced me and I know this is bad but the sex was actually really good and my bf will say things like oh I know u like it I never saw you orgasm so much as you have those nights etc.

This is not the House that Love Builds. Hes also much more sexual now he always wants to have sex with me. Dump him, get out of there. Continue this thread. I understand where your coming from. Get out now.

My boyfriend shared a private photo of me with his friends

I asked if he really wanted me to do this and he said yes they won fair and square and a bets a bet and his friends all started saying yup hes right and all this stuff. Idk what to think or do from here. I know I should but dont think I could ever tell them. This is sexual abuse. Even when we go somewhere he wants me to dress super revealing like idk wear a skirt with no panties on.

That's only the beginning. I lost and he said I had to jerk them off him and his friend on the team I was playing against. Plus I'm friends with 1 of his friends girlfriends so feel horrible about letting him have sex with me and it's happened twice now.

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My bf didnt say anytjing and asked what I was waiting for!?! Once I saw he actually wanted me to do it though, I did it on my own. I mean again last night 1 of those same friends came over and him and my bf took turns having sex with me and then his friend left and we had a great night watching movies and cuddling. Hello, I'm kind of embarrassed to talk to anybody I actually know about this so figured I'd post anonymously here.

Get out and tell the girls before the guys will, one will crack sooner or later and you will be the one who fucked their boyfriends and kept it from them of course the guys are all total scumbags too.

My BF basically 'shared' me with his friends. I knew if i did this it probably wouldnt stop with just jerking them off plus his other 2 friends were staring at me and already saying no fair they want a turn to play against me next round of beer pong! It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges. I love my bf and want to make it work. He said no you cant do that you lost fair and square and all this stuff.

I do respect myself though.

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I figured that would be the end of it but we started playing again. I dont know how to feel or what to even say to this and I'm worried that now he will want to or think he can have sex with other girls. They didnt MAKE me is the thing Coercion and intimidation are generally not factors in willing behavior. No exceptions. Now everytime his friends come over they make comments like oh how good I am with my mouth or say their gf isnt as good as me in bed and all kinds of stuff.

Sort by: best. This lady knows. Wow you doing this even though they have girlfriends is very low, imagine your boyfriend doing that. Anytime his friends come over now if I'm not already wearing something sexy or revealing he asks me to put something revealing on. He wasnt ever like that until this all happened. There's a right way and a wrong way to do this. My bf I have been with about 4 months now recently went to his friends house last month to hang out for the evening.

Reply Share. Just leave. It's one thing to do this together where you're into it without being actually forced, and it's another to have what happened. I figured wth were all drinking just having fun and even by some chance if it went so far as me getting naked in front of them that would be that and would then get dressed and that would be that.

I understand why someone might think that ans I know it's bad but I willingly went along with all of this. Found the internet!

I want to move past this, but is it a giant red flag?

We havent really talked about it and idk I just feel like he looks at me different now. I think it was more the heat of the moment maybe?

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Your friend has a right to know that her boyfriend is cheating on her with you I hope one day you love yourself enough to walk away from such a nasty situation. Again I was hesitant but they were all staring at me like they were waiting so started unbuttoning them slowly seeing if my bf was going to stop me.

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If you and he had discussed something that ahead, and you said maybe that might be fun. Why do you feel ashamed of your actions? Sorry I didn't mean to drag this on forever so long story short I did jerk them off and ended up giving all 4 of them oral sex and they all touched me and fingered me and I had sex with my bf and 2 of his 3 friends there.

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We had a few drinks and started playing beer pong and were all talking a little trash while we played. My bf said we should make things more interesting if I was so confident and said anytime I lost I'd have to take off clothing of his choice. Posted by 2 years ago. I'm a decent looking girl and been told I have a nice body which I think contributed to all his friends having boners at this point. Or have any guys had their gf do something like this? Respect yourself and you will find others who respect you. Created Jan 25, Top posts august 10th Top posts of august, Top posts Has anybody been in a similar situation as me OR my BF?!?!?

I said I'm not doing that and started to grab my clothes to get dressed as I was completely naked now. He may have a cuck fetish. And you had a safeword so he'd know you actually really didn't want it, and he'd hold to it, that could be a lot of fun.

PS - Based on the comments I've received so far I do wsnt to make it clear I was NOT raped i could have stood my ground but i did go on with what was suggested. He started calling me a chicken amongst other things and his friends laughed which made me a little mad so I went ahead and took my shirt off. But your BF abused you. Wow you should talk to a professional. It was the wrong way. You were violated and abused because you were pushed into it and didn't consent. If yes, why do you feel the need to be around them? I love him I cant help it.

Dear fuck-up,

Do you feel like you were mistreated by your bf and his friends? Shirts that show alot of my boobs and no bra. Now even if you liked how it went after that, it's still wrong. All his friends turned and were staring at me.

Accept your partner's friends

He's gonna want more and more. Well long story short I did end up naked and he said if I lost again I'd have to jerk off the winners. I lost again and he asked his friends what I should take off next! My bf doesnt stop them. No they didnt mistreat me they were actually really nice about it. Something similar happened the following weekend.

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I honestly didnt think he was serious and still talking trash until I lost and he said to take off my shirt. I know this probably sounds bad but once it started I didn't mind. He hasnt set that expectation yes it's happened more since then bit I wouldnt say it's the expectation. Now I was really confused why he would want to even risk that happening.

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More posts from the sex community. He isn't the lest bit upset with me or anything I just dont understand how he would be ok with all of this. Has anybody else or any girls ever had something like this happen to them? You said no, you didn't want to.

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What changed you mind to want to do this.

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The truth is out: You don't like some of your partner's friends.


We spent all night drinking and playing games and the other couple were very open sexually.


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We saw a movie about the Vietnam War and went back to his rented house for a beer.