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Which is pretty weird because she has identical stats to Gwyneth Paltrow which was our last female celeb. It may seem like Milla Jovovich has always had an amazingly slim physique, but she has yo-yo-ed a bit just like the rest of us. And that was just breakfast! The second time around, she vowed to do things differently. But she suffered so much from morning sickness and was bed-ridden for the first two tri-mesters. When she recovered she tried to make up for it.


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The dedication of Jovovich to maintain that figure is commendable to date. Log in to leave a comment. This time the stakes were a little higher for her, Milla Jovovich had 3 hours per day fighting training for all the fight scenes she would perform on her own alongside with that she started a 3 months prior training schedule of gun training and martial arts before the film started.

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Share on Facebook. Victor Miller - August 12, 0. And even today at the age of 44 Milla Jovovich is still the sizzling hot and supermodel even after being a mom of three .

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During the pregnancy in the yearJovovich gained a lot of weight to which in an interview she revealed that she gained a lot of weight and found herself at 30lb maximum around the time of New Years and that she still had 3 more months to go before the baby was born. Jovovich performed most of her stunts and fights scenes on her own except for a scene where jumping to a cement platform was involved.

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The then 38 years old star effectively lost her weight on a very brief period of time and now the superhot model was also a mother and with all the ups and downs in her weight she still managed to keep that luminous glow and a physique that was a dream of every woman. The badass American actress, model and musician Milla Jovovich started her career in acting in a very young age. Jovovich always had an amazingly slim physique and with the slim and sleek physique thanks to which she got herself a fair share of modelling projects and not to forget her height which complements her looks. Five blunders that you are performing during training.

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She bounced back to her svelte sleek figure through a fairly high intense workout regime and a strict healthy diet, which included 3 meals per day while focusing on protein, complex carbs, dietary fibres, fats and fluids. Tips to achieve a sixpack abs, which will assist you with fostering a sixpack rapidly.

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Milla Jovovich has a great physique as we all know she is very punctual towards her workout her diet and exercises she gives her best in movies and real-life to she is a badass.


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