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  • Age:
  • 22
  • Ethnicity:
  • Swedish
  • My body features:
  • I'm quite plump


Here you will discover our current masturbation stories AKA Cliterature. Amelia laid on the cool leather sofa as the warm air blew over her bare arms and legs.


I am masturbating in public. He turns to look at me and smiles. He grabs my breasts and has me grinding against him to get more. I smile at him.

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I start fantasising about taking lots of guys like him, one after another. Just as I slip out of my briefs, he turns to face me, working hard on more push-ups. His muscles rippled as he moved. That can make it more arousing; make it more impersonal.

Grab that firm, muscular ass.

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My breasts ache now, and they need attention. So good and forbidden. Wide hips and big breasts.

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Then he flips me over and sticks it in from behind. Raise my knees up to my breasts. Drag my fingernails down his back as he penetrated me. I massage my breasts until I can stand it no longer. The idea of total strangers watching me caress myself is totally exciting.

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I have a quick shower and wash my hair to freshen myself up. I close my eyes tightly and I know my teeth are bared. Does this sort of thing happen all the time here or is he the coolest guy on the planet? There can be no doubt in his mind. Whisper the filthiest things to him. I must be crazy.

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With one hand I work my breasts and use the other to finger-fuck myself. Taking one guy in my mouth while another does me from behind. He just sticks it in. He knows exactly what has happened. Can he hear the noise this is making?

up Here Lost Password. Adjust my position to get it deeper.

I imagine him spreading my legs. I push my ass back to get more. But he has to have a big cock. I look at my body in the full length mirror as I put my bikini on. Perhaps he needs to cool off in more ways than one. I rub myself harder now, my fingers slick with my juice. I squeeze my breast, pinching the nipple; sharp fingernails in the soft flesh. I feel myself blushing. I feel so fucking good.

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I dig my fingernails into my breast, give my nipple a vicious pinch and cum hard, my pussy jerking and thrusting like the most blatant of invitations. I feel so powerful and sexy.

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I tighten myself so he grunts with pleasure, my breasts swaying as he slams into me. And then I look down.


The nipple is painfully stiff. I tug my bikini top down so my breasts and nipples are fully exposed. Savour that first brutal, deep thrust. Watch his face as he felt how tight I was. I still feel a little ashamed doing this, which is part of the reason it turns me on so much.

The idea of walking towards him with my swollen pussy on display is intoxicating. I watched him work out and was shocked to discover that I was soaking wet. He stands up and removes his track bottoms. In fact, a part of me wants it. As my fingers rub faster, I think of him grabbing me, stripping me.

Fuck, it felt good. That would feel so good.

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I rub fast. I leave the room and head down to the pool. I feel so wicked. I gasp when I see the size of it. I feel like a whore. I saw him yesterday by the pool. I had a really quick, hard orgasm. I pull my bikini briefs to the side and open myself up. I take my drink over to a lounger and watch him.

I gasp as I think about how that would feel. Like some total stranger fucking me at a wild party.

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I steal sly glances as he does crunches and press-ups. I watch his back muscles flex as I continue to pleasure myself. The juice is dripping out of me. He can hear me panting. I know men like to see that.

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I like the pain. I went back to my room to masturbate. I feel humiliated and excited at the same time. I can hardly believe this. I use my thumb against my clit, which is very swollen.

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It makes me feel bad. Maybe another guy taking me in the ass. He was really built. I gently run a hand over my breast. Now my breathing is ragged and I speed things up. I can feel my nipples hardening and my breasts beginning to swell.

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Anne knew she was in a fight for her life, betrayed by her three trusted informants, she now found herself in a fight to the death with a huge Russian spy called Olga.


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