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Freebies Get the Book Learn Rope. Coming up with submissive rules for your sub to follow is a really fun part of a dom sub relationship. They are set by the dominant in the relationship, creating a somewhat of a structure to the dom sub relationship. However, if you find yourself wanting your sub to cook for you often, then you can make this command into a formal rule such as.


When a submissive presents their daily honest thoughts to the Dominant partner, the Dom is able to get insights to tweaking rules to suit the dynamic. Examples and Ideas.

34 rules for submissives to make your dom sub relationship intense

BDSM Rules refers to any agreed-upon regulation, which governs conduct or protocol how a party must behave or respond in a particular circumstance. The only way to know is to implement the rule and see how it feels.

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For example, rituals for Master coming home, morning coffee, dinner, inspections or preparations for outings. Rituals — within a power exchange dynamic, you can set up rituals for special repeat events and stipulate what protocols are to apply before, during and after the ritual. BDSM Rules.

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Rewards can be anything enjoyed by the s-type such as gifts, massages or even just time with the Dominant partner. In general, there are three ways to inspire observance: warning, punishment and incentives.

Submissive rules: a complete guide to setting rules for subs (with examples)

Then, discuss all the possibilities with your proposed partner. What aspects are you willing to give control over?

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Having the ability to communicate and adapt is what will keep your relationship strong and meaningful. If a rule is broken and goes unnoticed or unpunished, this will ultimately lead to the demise of the power exchange. Scene Specific — rules and limits which apply during a specific play scenario or scene involving any kink such as bondage, impact play, sensation play and role play.

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In a very general sense, these are some common types of rules you can create: Protocols — these are rules that govern how the slave is to behave or react in a given situation. It will help you get into the mindset and step into your roles.

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You can set yourself a time perhaps once a week? Even though to the outside eye, it appears the D-type the person in charge is making all the rules in a healthy dynamic or scene, all rules have been pre-negotiated, even if via blanket consent not recommended for beginners.

How to be a dom: orders and rules

This is different from keeping a diary. Do you enjoy it?

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Rewards are a great way of offering an incentive for compliance and balancing the negative emotional effects which may be associated with punishment. Consent is a huge part of developing and enforcing rules in BDSM dynamics, even in Master slave relationships. For example, if the sub is approached by another person in a flirtatious way, what are the steps they must take if any? Fantasy can be deceiving and can end up being very different from reality.

Does it help you follow through with your goals?

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In addition to check-ins, daily journaling is also highly recommended. It happens all the time.

Bdsm rules

Rules may be written or verbal. Does it deepen your power exchange? Protocols — these are rules that govern how the slave is to behave or react in a given situation.

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The first step to instituting rules within your power exchange relationship is to first think about what you would each like from the arrangement. Chores — routine tasks ased to the submissive such as house cleaning, cooking dinner, running errands.

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A repeat offence may warrant compelling observance using agreed methods of punishment such as spanking, corner time or denial of privileges. Neutral Time Rule by Ms. How to Incorporate Rules into your Dynamic The first step to instituting rules within your power exchange relationship is to first think about what you would each like from the arrangement.

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When will the power imbalance apply? This is where check-ins are important. For a beginner sub, a newly introduced requirement or a minor infraction you may consider simply correcting the sub or giving a warning.

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BDSM is a form of erotic role play that often involves domination and submission and specific acts of pain and punishment.


Without rules, order and structure a slave will likely become lost or confused and can not serve their Master as completely and efficiently as they would with rules.


Unfortunately, even these days, people tend to think that BDSM relationships revolve around being abused with only sociopaths and victims of childhood abuse partaking in this lifestyle.