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You've been in a coma five years. You're safe, the world is safe, the universe is safe. No bruises, no love bites, no mess, no nothing. They eventually had to give her an injection to calm her down, letting Carold drift off to a restless, and much shorter, sleep.

Only once did Carol have any other visitors, and it was Monica Rambeau. She turned slightly, gradually sitting up on the bed and tried to stand.

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They helped Carol back onto the bed, but couldn't console her struggles. With dawning realization of what the rest of her life would be, Carol Danvers started to cry. She stared at her emaciated weakened arm; gone was all the years of muscle definition she had worked so hard to build.

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Here you go. Big sobbing wretched tears of sadness for what she'd lost, and wishing she had died.

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Her legs gave out immediately and she crumpled to the linoleum floor of the hospital with a loud thud. It ate at her that the Avengers managed to beat Thanos without her and that she wasn't there at the time she was most needed. That was how the orderlies had found her when they rushed in to check on her after the loud noise.

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I've been doing this for two years, hundreds of times. Pepper could see she was struggling, and she grasped her hand gently and caringly. She tried to raise herself, but didn't even have the strength for that task. Be done by then. She wondered if she was still dreaming, so she lifted her arm to touch her face.

She could feel the cum leak from her abused cunt and her arms and legs still weren't moving when she tried to use them.

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? It moved, to her great relief, but was one of the hardest things she'd ever done.

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There was no blast from her arm, no surge of cosmic power. She tried to lift her arms, to move her legs, to fight. The only rule is don't leave any marks. Tony sacrificed himself to defeat him. Been three since Stark last came to marvel. You sex this, and more. She tried to lift her arms to block the incoming blow, but they didn't respond to her commands. We clear on the rule? Bitch got what was coming to her, you ask me. I can't cover that up from the other orderlies. She was a - "Superhero. The Infinity Stones - " Pepper's eyes started to water here, and she dabbed them quickly before continuing.

The slut was one of those Avengers type. She was as light as the air itself, zooming through the sky like a brilliant rainbow of justice. That's all of it. Your power is gone, and so is Wanda's. She landed in the desert, and there was Yon-Rogg standing before his crashed Kree escape story.

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We didn't get the chance to meet, but I was Tony's wife. Posted Tue 11th of August Report. It was a very long day as the Doctors gave her tests and took samples.

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Safe maybe, but she wouldn't be the one to keep it that way. When Carol opened her eyes next, she wasn't alone in the room. When she opened them again she wasn't in the desert, she wasn't flying, she wasn't falling and screaming for help. She couldn't do any of that and she wasn't sure why.

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She was on the dusty, dirty ground of the desert and he was on top of her, and his strong hands were tearing away at her Kree space suit. This fiction was made without pay, compensation, or profit, for your perverse enjoyment. A beautiful redheaded woman sat in a chair next to the bed, primly poised and watching her. There wasn't any money at her fight in her memory with Yon-Rogg in the desert. Wait, and the taste of beer on his breath? In her real history, Carol lifted her arm and blasted Yon-Rogg fifty feet back into a rock, but in her dream-memory all that happened when Carol lifted her arm to blast her mentor was Her arm stayed at it's side, and wouldn't lift when she told it to.

It's a thousand dollars a fuck. I'm Pepper Potts.

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With terrible ease, she was knocked to the dusty sand. Carol Danvers dreamed of flying, as she always did. Though she wasn't really Captain Marvel any more, was she? It didn't get easier over the next few months as Carol slowly learned to use her arms and legs again. No, it should be coarse sand and rocks, not the soft sheets of He muffled his moan of orgasm right into her mouth as he flooded her cunt with a load of his hot sperm.

It looks like forever, Tony couldn't find a way to give them back to you. She's been in this coma for five years.


I won't be around any more. I'm sorry, but you have a lot of physiotherapy to do before you can leave, Carol. Carol could hear some laughing, then Yon-Rogg crawled off of her and she was alone in the desert, staring up at the stars she longed to fly to. She might not have the power she used to have from the Space Stone, but she was determined to sex be useless. She was just Carol Danvers, a powerless girl in the desert, getting fucked by her mentor. Gone were the toned and beautiful leg muscles, the envy of every woman and the lust of every man who saw her in her skin-tight uniform.

Every night though, Carol Danvers cried and dreamed of story. You'll be set up with money for the rest of your life, you don't need to worry about that. With marvel more to do Carol closed her eyes, hoping the nightmare had finally came to an end. She was staring at the tiled ceiling of a hospital room, dazed and confused.

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She didn't have her powers, but still she was a capable fighter. Register here to post. Why did the sand of the desert feel so Then Yon-Rogg forced himself between her legs and with barely a preamble of jerking his cock to hardness, thrust his thick dick straight into the limp, unmoving body of Captain Marvel. She gave a warm smile to Carol, then moved closer to the bed.

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All she could do was lay there on the ground, and take what Yon-Rogg was giving her. This bitterness drove her to work harder, make good progress. That wasn't right. Yon-Rogg's face was over Carol's and there was a stale taste of beer on his breath as he rasped out to her mouth. Thrust after thrust of his powerful cock drove her limp body down into the desert, scraping her back bloody against the soft cotton bedsheets. Carol Danvers dreamed of flying again, and falling.

With a budding worry, she took that hand and threw off the blanket covering her, and saw the same atrophy had happened to her legs. You are the hottest chick I ever fucked, and you gunna get it hard.

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It was a quiet Friday night at Avengers mansion almost everyone was off doing their own thing.


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